Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WANTABLE: January 2014 [Accessories Box]

awwww i just finished series 2 of Doctor Who - i already expected that to happen because years ago i was curious what Doctor Who was all about so that season finale clip just happened to be the only thing i saw...
blergh. Rose!


January Accessories Box featuring Nikki Minton
i have to admit that i forget to skip my monthly subscription ... and i forget often ($46.57! i really need to stop!). which also means i don't update my preferences on time.
 three items in the January box:

1) O'Keeffe Ring in 'Size 6'
retail value: $15.00

meh - this silver ring does not impress me much. the size and shape looks slightly awkward on my hand - like it's missing something.

2) Dulce Bracelet
retail value: $28.00

wow this is heavy! this chunky multi-gold toned bracelet is a bit too big for my taste but if you are channeling Cleopatra, you can probably slide it up and wear it as an armband... it is elastic.

3) Matilda Necklace
retail value: $34.00

yes! finally a hit. this gold chained necklace with stones is definitely a statement necklace. it definitely has some weight to it. i really like the colors here - gray, onyx and crimson.
here are some shots to show you the colors in different lighting.

so that's the box! i like 1 out of 3 items. that's not the best ratio... i'm going to stick around for one more box - just because it's my birthday month next so... but from then on, i will probably start cutting back!
going to open my Fancy box next to cheer me up after watching Doctor Who... :(


  1. I am always scared I will forget to skip as well so I write it down in my calendar! I actually just cancelled Wantable because it's just too expensive. I like my vegan boxes for now so I'll stick with those!

    1. hahah if only i was as organized as you jayne!
      i need to read up on ALL your new subs!!


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