Thursday, May 31, 2012

LUXE BOX: May 2012

luckily, i received my Luxe Box yesterday, just in time for me to put this up on the last day of May! strangely, i did not receive a tracking number for this either so i had no idea it was coming. what is up with that this month?
AND my dad found it on the front porch. it never arrives that way... like i said, strange!
hooray for the little bonuses from Loose Button! this month was "Thank You, Mom" Month so they included a complimentary Bath and Body Box like they did in January.

onto May's sample list:

1) Essie Nail Polish in "785 Navigate Her" - this is a very interesting green - i would describe it as a mossy green. it's not like anything i already own so i am happy to add this to my collection. this color is also part of Essie's Spring 2012 collection. i like how Loose Button includes colors that are in new collections like last month's "793 Pink-a-Boo".
note: mine has little cracks the inside of the polish. does that happen to anyone else?

oh oh oh i figured out why i like this color so much!!! i was applying it wen i noticed one of the snacks my sister brought back from her trip to Vancouver... this color reminds me of my favorite tea --> Matcha Green Tea!!! my fingernails look delicious! haha
sadly, i seem to have a bit of trouble with the formula. it won't apply evenly so i tried shaking it up a bit. now i have some little bubbles on my nails. i am wearing 2 coats (some fingers needed 3 since i could still see parts of my nail bed). 
left to right: natural light; artificial light

-- update June 7/12 -- as much as i love the color, it does not hold up very well - it honestly began chipping the day after i applied it (chipped on June 1). by June 2, my nails were quite gross. i did not use a top coat in this case since my previous Essie nail polish did not require it at all. Pink-a-Boo lasted a good week before i experienced the same kind of chipping i had with Navigate Her the day after. -- 
size: 13.5 mL (full size!)
retail value: $8

2) Orlane Active Active Hydration Body Care - another Orlane product?? they must have started hitting the Canadian markets recently because this is my third sample from them. the other two were a foundation from Loose Button and an eye cream from Topbox (both from April). again, similar packaging as the rest - it comes in a box but the sample is very tiny and there is a rather large pamphlet inside. since this particular sample is intended for the body, i would think a larger sized sample is needed. the other two were intended for the face and already the sample did not contain enough product in order to fully test it out. i didn't feel like this cream was anything special either. my hands did not feel very moisturized 5 minutes after i applied it. also, it felt like i used up like 75% of the sample when i was trying to get this picture!
size: 7 mL
retail value: $105 (250 mL) ... jeeeeeeebus. that is out of my price range! 

3) Paco Rabanne Black XS L'Exces for Her & Black XS for Him - i have received the Black XS for Him before in December's Luxe Box. i haven't tried to L'Exces for Her version but thank goodness it wasn't another normal Black XS for Her because i've received that twice from Loose Button. 
size: 1.2 mL each x 2 = 2.4 mL
retail value: for Her $74 (50 mL); for Him $56 (50 mL)

4) Goldwell Dual Senses Color Shampoo and Conditioner -  another shampoo/conditioner combo directed at colored hair and in this terrible packaging... why why why! i do not have colored hair!! i saw some people receive the Moroccan Oil and i am quite jealous :X i've wanted to try that for a while now. on the plus side, i like pomegranate (it has pomegranate extract).

-- update June 7/12 -- i loveeeee the scent. the shampoo lathers up quite well and i could get almost 3 uses out of it. however, the conditioner is a different story. i hardly feel like i have any product at all in my hair which makes me use more of it, so in the end, the conditioner portion did not last me 2 uses --
size: 10 mL each x 4 = 40 mL
retail value: shampoo $28 (750 mL); conditioner $32 (750 mL)

the complimentary Bath and Body Box contained: 

5) Gillette Venus & Olay Razor - i actually like receiving razors. especially now that it's summer time, i will be using them more often! 
size: 1 razor & 1 cartridge
retail value: $14.99 (according to but that one includes a shower hook)

6) Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex - received before in the January's Luxe Box. i haven't used that one yet so this one will go in the stash as well. 
size: 7 mL
retail value: $37.99 (50 mL) ... according to

the box also came with a post card you can send from P&G and a Goldwell advertisement card. there's also a $20 off a subscription promo code from Panty by Post (which was part of last month's First in Line program). i didn't choose it but the panties are pretty. still it is quite costly - with the code, it will still be $40 for 3 panties. one of the brands they carry is Blush which i've seen at The Bay and Winners. i'm pretty sure the panties were like $6.99 or something around that range at Winners. 

this box is just alright to me. i like the complimentary box and the Essie nail polish but it seems that all of these samples were just variations of some sample i have received before. as you can see from all my links above, i reference to another box quite frequently (usually from Loose Button again).
what did you receive this month? (if you are not subscribed and interested in doing so, click here!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


first of all, i apologize for the slight neglect of my blog lately. i blame the nerdy gamer inside of me because i got caught up in the Diablo III craziness. my sister got it for her birthday (which was on the 22nd, happy birthday mui!) and then somehow i have invested over 15 hours in it.
still i was super excited when my Glossybox showed up in my mailbox yesterday without any notice! according to the company, Canada Post did not send out shipping notifications this month so a lot of people were confused. anyway, it's funny how Glossybox and Loose Button always comes soooo near the end of the month but just makes it right in time before the 1st.
the packaging of Glossybox still makes me happy. i love the sturdy box and untying the pretty pink bow. i also love how Glossybox is always so heavy! right away, i'm pretty sure there's a large bottle in there somewhere.

May's Glossybox items:

1) Curel Foot Therapy - fantastic! just in time for summer! i wear sandals/flip flops a ton in the summer and the heels of my feet often get super dry and cracked. this is a lifesaver :) it's a white cream with a floral scent that i really like. a very decent sized sample too.
size: 100 mL (full size!)
retail value: $3.99

2) Simple Eye Make-Up Remover - this is an item i definitely run out of so it is great that we received this. ever since i got the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes in March's Topbox, i've seen this brand being heavily promoted on TV and in magazines. i have yet to test its effectiveness but it says that it removes waterproof mascara. i hate getting a ring of black underneath my eyes when i use certain types of makeup remover that don't finish the entire job. will update soon!
size: 56 mL
retail value: $9.99 (125 mL) - i heard the card was wrong so i am assuming Glossybox meant 125 mL since it is the only size this item is available in

3) Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - another Simple product but i don't mind trying it. i don't usually use gels to wash my face. i tried this one out and it boasts "No Soap" and "No Perfume" which is great for those who are sensitive, but to me it feels like there is no evidence it's working. it doesn't lather, there's no beads and i can't smell it so i guess i just can't really tell that it is doing anything to my skin. maybe it's just a weird me thing. it also says it is a non-drying formula but after i wash my face, i always feel the need to moisturize.
size: 50 mL
retail value: $9.99 (150 mL) - same assumption as for #2

4) Boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in "Evelia" - love multi-use products! apparently this one can be used as a primer, concealer, foundation and brightener. and it's a full size! this product is to be placed into one of those magnetic palettes that people who depot their makeup often use. or i guess you can use it in it's current container but it is very inconvenient. Boxx Cosmetics also sell their own version of compacts on their website.
i took a look at the other colors available and i am glad Glossybox sent me one in my skin tone! "Evelia" is meant for those with light to medium skin tone while "Terrwyn" is meant for fair skin, "Amber" for medium/tan and "Orel" for dark skin. "Melina" is yellow-based and best used for under eye circles.

it's much less yellow than in the photos!
there was a promo code for 25% off your first order included. on the site, there is free Canadian shipping over $100 (BS100). not sure if you can use both of them at the same time but you can try!
i think their names for each shade is really cute - they use words from different languages. if you click on the item, you can also see what they mean ("Evelia" is French for hazelnut while a lipcolor in "Akoko" is African for noise maker). so interesting!!
swatches coming soon!
size: 4 g (full size!)
retail value: $24

5) Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo - a familiar brand from a previous Glossybox (March). this is HUGE! any bigger and it would not have fit in the Glossybox. i am excited to try this since it's been a difficult journey searching for a volumizing shampoo/conditioner for THICK hair. does that exist?? please let me know! my hair's thick but on days i do not want to use a hair dryer, it falls completely flat on my head. not a great look.
size: 250 mL (full size!)
retail value: $15.78

great box this month! every single item is something i will use so i am excited! i feel that each month i get so much more value for my money from Glossybox. it may be the most expensive box at $15 but the sizes of these samples are awesome. just awesome. if you want to try it, click here!

thanks for reading! did you enjoy your Glossybox this month?
i got my Loose Button today so stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

REVIEW: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick

hello readers!!
i had the fabulous opportunity to review two lipsticks from Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural collection.

let's start with the packaging: i love it! the lipsticks come in a sleek rectangular casing with the words "Make Up For Ever" divided onto 4 sides. the cap slides off like a regular lipstick and has the clicking noise when it has been closed securely.
each lipstick is 3.5 g and retails for $22 CDN at Sephora. there are a total of 50 shades available within the Rouge Artist Natural collection and 18 of them are sold at Sephora. the rest can be purchased by email or by phone. these 50 shades can be divided into 3 types of finishes: satin, iridescent and diamond.
the two colors i received were: N15 (Pink Brick) and N32 (Diamond Pink Violet).

this Natural collection was released in April this year after the success of the Rouge Artist Intense collection. MUFE decided to expand Rouge Artist Natural just a bit by including two limited edition lipsticks under their La Boheme line.

MUFE uses the terms "wearable", "sheer yet radiant" and "natural coverage" to describe these lipsticks and i completely agree with them. i was initially a little intimidated by the color once i took off the cap. once i applied it though, the color was more translucent. the lipsticks glided on my lips very easily due to their creamy texture. it is possible to build the color if a more opaque color is desired. i find that these felt like a lip butter in that they are moisturizing AND pigmented at the same time. i also feel that i can apply it (pretty) confidently without using a mirror. note there is the "lipstick scent" to it and a slight taste. the wear of these lipsticks are pretty good - if you are careful while eating/drinking, you probably can avoid reapplying it but personally, i prefer to since you'd lose most of the shine factor.

and onto the swatches...

N15 Pink Brick
when i first looked at the sticker at the end of the tube, i thought it would be a light coral-ly color. however, the lipstick itself resembles its name "Brick" but rather than "Pink", i feel as if it's more of a brownish red. on the MUFE website, this color is categorized under the "Brown" family. i believe this shade falls under the satin type of finish. it's a warm color that makes me look older but in a good way (like you know how a hot pink would probably be more of a "young" color?). let's call it a "sophisticated" color.
top right to bottom: artificial light; natural light

N32 Diamond Pink Violet
this one is obviously a diamond finish since it is packed with glitter. the shade has a blue undertone that is just a little too blue for my taste (on that note, a little too sparkly too). this one is listed under "Fresh Pink" on the MUFE website. when first applied, i could feel the grittiness of the glitter when i pressed my lips together but as time went on, it was less noticeable. after five and a half hours in which i had some snacks and drank tea, most of the pink had faded but the glitter was more resistant. i actually preferred this lighter pink hue.
top right to bottom: artificial light; natural light

swatch on my arm - one swipe of each:
left to right: N15 Pink Brick; N32 Diamond Pink Violet
top to bottom: artificial light; natural light

overall, i am very happy with the quality of these lipsticks. i can wear them comfortably when i apply one layer and when i feel a little more adventurous, i can pile a couple more on. i'd like to look into other color options, probably something under "Coral", "Beige" or "Warm Pink" next time i am at Sephora. i don't tend to spend a lot of money on just one lipstick (i usually buy drugstore brands) since i always buy so many but if i find a really nice color, i just might fork it over.

have you tried these yet? what do you think?

disclaimer: i received these lipsticks from Make Up For Ever Canada for review. much thanks to Charlotte for the opportunity. the opinions above are a reflection of my honest feelings. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

GLYMM BAG: May 2012

hello Glymm box that decided to show up finally (still earlier than Luxe Box and Glossybox - i was just anxious because i received the notification on the 11th)!
i already heard of the new packaging from other Facebookers and was aware of the price increase from $10 to $12 for new subscribers. you know how i was thinking of possibly dropping Glymm from my list? well i believe they have redeemed themselves! but i have to keep reminding myself that paying $10 instead of $12 per box is NOT equal to saving $2. i have a weird way of thinking when it comes to sales or discounts.

so even the outer cardboard box was slightly different (orange font and a Glymm sticker).
upon opening it i find the "Glymm Goes Green" note about how the company is taking a more eco-friendly stance. good for them :)
underneath that was the Glymm product card which also got a makeover. it opens up and is pretty big. i like the new format. i find that it gives you more information about the product and they've even included sample usage.
and underneath that was ... something wrapped in tissue. it was the new Glymm bag. it's very cute. i'm not sure if i will continue to like this when i've received more than 3 or something but i think i'll find some ways to reuse it.

the bag was super stuffed as you can see the zipper wasn't done up completely and there's a huge bulge in the middle.

this month's samples (it's a pretty long list!)

1) CK One Shock for Her and CK One Shock for Him - i haven't received this pair before and i heard that this smells lovely so i was happy. the CK Shock for Her does smell good - it's a non-overwhelming floral and i feel there's a touch of citrus-ness which are the two types of scents i prefer. since the card says i can have 35 uses from this sample, i think that's an adequate amount for me to determine whether i want to invest in a full sized bottle. i'll pass the CK Shock for Him sample to my boyfriend but he doesn't really wear cologne so we'll see. i just sprayed it on a blanket though and i find it a little too powerful. one spray is too much! i am not a fan of it. it sort of smells musky to me - i can't pinpoint any of the scents but it's on the card if you wanted to know.
size: 1.2 mL each x 2 = 2.4 mL
retail value: $45 (50 mL)
watermelon colors!

2) Coola Mineral Matte Cucumber Face Sunscreen - yay for sunscreen! i'm becoming more concerned about sun exposure so i welcome anything with spf. this one in particular has spf 30 and oddly enough, it says "chemical free sunblock" on the front. both ingredients on the back would be considered chemicals.  and on the back it also says "solar powered suncare" - so the sunscreen works when it is in the sun? ... how amazing...
also i don't think i'll get 4 uses out of this since in order to get the same amount of spf as listed, you're supposed to apply a pretty thick layer on your skin (like you were frosting a cake!) - i am guessing i can get maybe 2 uses?
size: 5 mL
retail value: $36 (50 ml)

the blanket is making me dizzy.

3) NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner - i haven't tried any hair products with Argan oil so i'm excited to try this.
-- update July 18/12 -- tried this with the shampoo. it smells nice but my hair doesn't feel any different than from using other shampoos and conditioners. strange that my shampoo (from July's Topbox) was sealed but this conditioner wasn't. --
size: 20 mL
retail value: $24.99 (250 mL)

4) Mèreadesso Tinted Lip Treat in "Sheer Pink" - first time i've tried this brand even though i've heard other bloggers receive it in their previous boxes. i took off the lid and whoops! the whole lip product fell out. i took a picture so you can see how much product there is. oh well, i just shoved it back in. notice there wasn't a "Fragile" sticker on this month's Glymm.
swatches on my lips:

i'm happy with the color choice - for a "sheer" color, it actually builds up pretty well. it looks a bit frosty on my lips. also, even though it's moisturizing like a lip balm, this particular color brings out the imperfections of my lips (i.e. dry cracks). the scent reminds me of Dermologica Microfoliant (rice-based). 

i wanted to show you how you could build the color up. swatching it once gives the tiniest hint of color but 6 swipes gives a nice pink tint. 
size: 1.2 g
retail value: $28 (package of 2; 2.4 g)

5) Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub - when i first saw this in the bag, i was like "what! they went back to jelly beans?" but nope. 
the jar is pretty large - the packaging is quite fancy for a sample. this is a best seller for the company but i don't think i'd be buying it even though i haven't tested it out yet. the scrub smells too strongly of ginger which i really dislike eating. i will still update you on my review though.
size: 60 g
retail value: $29 (150 g)

6) Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum and Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet - after finding out that the other Caudalie product was not jellybeans, i was like "oh WAIT, there are candies!" but again, no.  these are really cute looking but odd at the same time. i don't know how i could reuse this because i'd have to lay it upright somehow and its current shape already makes it difficult. a card was included in the bag promoting these two products (promo: free lip balm with the purchase of 2 Vinosource products until June 4th). 
and since when did "sorbet" refer to a type of skin product? i want some actual sorbet!
size: 1 mL each x 2 = 2 mL
retail value: serum - $48 (30 mL); sorbet - $38 (40 mL)

there was no particular sample that was absolutely amazing to me but none of them disappointed me either. so i'd have to say that Glymm has definitely improved this month. i feel that i'm gonna stick around for a bit and see if this $2 increase in price will help them improve their sample selection and customer service. if you are interested in joining, please sign up via my link. i appreciate it!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: did you hear that Julep is giving away an iPad as well as 80+ nail polishes!? that is an *astounding* amount of nail polish!!! so go enter the contest before June 15th!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

REVIEW: Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss

(note: that's not a typo in the title! Essence made "longlasting" into one word.)

so here i am again with another lip product review because i can't get enough!!
i actually picked these up before the Revlon lipsticks, somewhere near the end of April? it was during a Shopper's Drug Mart event where if i spent > $5 on Essence products, i'll get 15x the points. oh and i believe in Canada, they are found only at Shopper's.
let me tell you how difficult it was to walk away with just two products! with the current prices of Essence products (i think everything is less than $5), one can easily justify the purchase.
i've heard fabulous things about this brand from Germany and was super excited to try their products. i want to try lipsticks next, as well as eye liners and concealers and and ... everything is just so cheap! ONLY in price though - so far, i find the quality amazing.

i picked up two of their Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss for $2.99 each. there is 4 mL of product in each tube. the shades listed on their website and the shades available in store were slightly different - the "new" stickers were also different so i'm guessing one is newer than the other.
top to bottom: Candy Bar, Deep Rose

i already decided on "Candy Bar" before i saw it on the shelf. i loved the coral orange color.
at first, i was hoping to get non-shimmery lipglosses but i changed my mind with "Deep Rose". this one isn't listed on the website so i didn't know it existed until i saw it there, being such a pretty pink. it's a light shimmery pink and i picked it up since hearing that these lipglosses were surprisingly pigmented, i wanted to see if this would be the first light pink to show up on my lips.

i have never encountered this type of applicator before! it's a sponge tip but it's shaped like a hourglass. this actually makes it easier to apply on the bottom lip, where you can just lay it flat and sweep it across. then, on your top lip, you just use the tip to get the corners. however, i find it a little awkward to use on the rest of my top lip since my lips are not very thin.
since i bought these almost a month ago, these have been my go-to lipglosses. i am amazed by its pigmentation! i've never had lipglosses that were this pigmented! it's like lipstick but glossy! i love it. they also smell delicious, like candy.
i also wasn't really thinking when i decided to take these photos before blowdrying my hair because it will stick to the gloss. another downside is that layering the gloss doesn't mean adding more color since it will just slide the gloss around your lips. if you press your lips together after applying too much product, the lipgloss would look uneven and you would see the lipgloss separate from the top and bottom lip as you open your mouth. i am not sure if i explained that well enough. does anyone know what i mean? haha. the lipglosses aren't that long lasting either - i think many lipglosses tend to wipe off when you eat/drink anyway.
so other than that, this is probably my favorite lipgloss!

onto the swatches:

03 Candy Bar

i really like the color on my lips. it's a happy color on my lips that i can wear everyday.

08 Deep Rose

i think the color actually shows up pretty well on my lips considering it is a light pink.
note that under the name of the color, it says "contains carmine". i was a little scared to find out what it is since it looks like it was placed there as a warning. do you know what it is?
because it is actually common in cosmetics that require a red dye (check out wikipedia). apparently, it is also found in baby products and food (i.e.yogurt)!
carmine (also known as a bunch of other names, but what i've seen most often is Crimson Lake) comes from grounding up insects from South America and Mexico. these insects survive by living off cacti as parasites (source: EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database). that does not sound very uh.. good to me. i knew that "Deep Rose" tasted stranger than "Candy Bar" but i didn't know it was because of this... there are regulations with its use since many people are allergic.
anyway, good thing to keep in mind when you make your next makeup purchase!

finally, some swatches on my arm:

if you noticed the puncture wounds on my wrist, don't worry - my boyfriend's mom recently got a puppy and  she is quite the biter. seriously, she likes to chomp down on random places. i was walking around in the kitchen once and she decided to try to bite the back of my knee! so weird. i hope she gets over this phase soon. i can't take any more holes in my skin.

anyway - back to the Essence lipgloss: great color payoff and glossy. definitely worth the price! just be careful if you are allergic to carmine to avoid certain shades. actually, it is just a great idea in general to do a little research beforehand to find out the ingredients in the product.

so have you tried Essence lipglosses? or any other Esssence products? i'm excited to get my hands on a few more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TOPBOX: May 2012

what can i say ... Topbox is always on top of things, wouldn't you agree? it's funny because this month was the first month that i've ever gotten a shipping notification from Glymm BEFORE Topbox, but it turns out Canada Post only received shipping info from Glymm but didn't actually get the item until 3 days later.
and so that is how Topbox landed in my lap yesterday and Glymm is still stuck in Montreal.
Topbox is one of my favorite ones to open - i'm sure the long waiting list speaks for itself.
this month was no different as you can see from these samples found inside:

1) Deborah Lippmann in "Whatever Lola Wants" - i saw a sneak peek on Topbox's Facebook page and this was the first item i pulled out of the box. it was wrapped in purple tissue because, well, it's Deborah Lippmann nail polish!! i can never afford these! i was totally bummed when i signed up too late to get the November box last year since people received "An Enchanted Evening" - it's soooo pretty.
the sheer pink and the glitter in "Whatever Lola Wants"sorta reminds me of last month's Essie nail polish from Loose Button (Pink-a-Boo) but this one is less of a baby pink and has a pearly sheen to it.

once applied though, the pinkness hardly shows at all:

as you can see, the more coats you do, the more sparkly it gets; it also seems to look "frostier". but you aren't really building on the pink color at all. the polish itself dries super quickly.

-- update May 20/12 -- still wearing it and it looks exactly the same! no chips at all and i didn't even use a top coat! --

personally, i would have preferred another color but i haven't found anyone else who has received a different shade. i checked the Deborah Lippmann website since the card said that she collaborated with many celebrities to create nail polishes. "Whatever Lola Wants" was created with Kelly Ripa (she came by Banff recently!). it actually says her name on the bottom of the polish too.
size: 15 mL (full-size!)
retail value: $20

2) Cover FX ClearPrep FX Matte Foundation Primer & Anti-Acne Treatment Gel - anti-acne? i'm down! this is perfect timing as i have had 2 zits pop up on my face two days ago. one of them is sitting right on top of the apple of my cheeks, just wanting to get noticed. no amount of green concealer could hide it. :(
i am also very happy that this is an "anti-acne" product rather than an "anti-aging" one or something that wasn't customized for my skin. hooray for Topbox and their ability to read customer responses (many companies lack in this area). i used it today and the clear gel is unscented. i will continue to use this to test its anti-acne properties.
size: 7 mL
retail value: $39 (30 mL)

3) Orlane Anagenèse 25+ First Time-Fighting Care Eye Contour - the name sounds fancy. and i am a few months short of being 25... the info on the back appears to suggest the following equation: reaching 25 = fine lines. i knew turning 25 meant becoming a quarter of a century, but i am not ready for no fine lines!
anyhow, as you may recall, we received an Orlane product last month from Loose Button, and similarly, the box may look like a decent size, but the sample is actually much smaller due to a larger pamphlet with instructions and etc etc in 56 languages (do not quote me on this). this product is unscented and has a milky formula.
size: 2 mL
retail value: $75 (15 mL) ... ouch!

4) Expression Bronzing Powder Brush - i remember being asked a question regarding makeup brushes in Topbox's last survey... something like which brushes i used the most often? i think i selected all of the above. did anyone else get a different brush?
this is actually pretty cool - first time i received a makeup brush in one of these beauty subscription boxes. it's a pretty big one too! i've never payed more than $20 for a brush before and i can feel the difference! it is the softest brush that has ever touched my face.
size: full size!
retail value: $25

there are a couple of promotions that came along with this Topbox:
from May 10 - 24, you can get an 8-peice brush set for $49 ($130 value) on the Topbox site
from May 15 - June 15, bring in the invitation to receive a free Deborah Lippmann nail file at Holt Renfrew

-- update May 20/12 -- i dropped by Holt Renfrew today after grabbing breakfast with my dad downtown. it was nearby and i was going to do some shopping anyway so i went to the Core shopping center. it is a very normal nail file - it's just made from recycled paper, but i couldn't tell the difference. it's not an item i would go out of my way to get. the lady opened up a new package of nail files for me so they are not running out anytime soon. --

and if you haven't done so already, win a Pari Beauty gift set from Topbox on Facebook here (open until the 20th).

so Topbox has not disappointed me yet! they have been the most professional beauty subscription company - responds to emails quickly, delivers on time, least amount of problems with samples/customer service and the list goes on! i am very impressed with them and will be sticking around for a long time :)

-- update May 22/12 -- new Cover FX Giveaway from Topbox! enter here until May 31. --
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