Sunday, April 19, 2015

WANTABLE: December 2014 [Accessories]

small things like this sticker stating who packed my accessories box and that it was packaged especially for me make me like Wantable more. it feels like we have a more personal relationship. by the way, i like Miguel - this was a pretty great box.
the information that comes with the box is formatted slightly different this month, like this list of my order details. i prefer this look - it looks much cleaner than before.

1) Cora Necklace
retail value: $32.00

first up - the Cora Necklace. LOVE this! it's very pretty and i love the different shades of blue.
2) Marina Earrings - Gold
retail value: $18.00

these earrings are beautiful. they perfectly fit the preferences i selected - studs and geometric designs!
3) Estella Ring - 6
retail value: $12.00

simple but not typical at the same time. looks almost flat when looking straight down at it. not uncomfortable at all.

4) Olivia Bracelet - Gold
retail value: $16.00

this gold bangle with an anchor design is just too cute! the loop can be unhooked from the anchor and voila! fits better on your wrist.

total box value: $78.00
amount paid: $47.01 (still pretty pricey)

thanks Miguel for picking out such a fantastic box! i've actually worn all of these items multiple times, even all at the same time. there's gold in almost all of the pieces so they can easily go together.

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just watched: A Werewolf Boy (i REALLY did not want to watch this one again - just cause it is so sad. so lonely :( ) // Interstellar (there was so much hype but it wasn't THAT amazing to me - i would say it is because of my exposure to Doctor Who) // Exodus: Gods and Kings (i had no idea this was about Moses - oops. very interesting though, especially if you don't know much about the Bible... be warned it is quite long) // In Your Eyes (random selection on Netflix last night but i found it rather good... interesting and odd concept at the same time. ending was a little crazy)
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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

TOPBOX: December 2014

this will be a super quick post! the December's Topbox was a bit of a letdown.

1) Marsk : Mineral Eyeshadow in "Black Comedy"
size: 1.2 g (full size!)
retail value: $22.50

i just do not have the patience when it comes to loose eyeshadows. i have a brief 5-10 minute window for makeup before i run (never walk) to the bus stop. please be sure to check out the blog sale for this item.

2) Kinetics : Nail Colors in "KP299 Ice Smoothie"
size: 15 mL
retail value: $12.00

"Ice Smoothie" is a deep purple that can also be found on said blog sale page :)

3) Eslor : Soothing Refiner & Cleanser and Chlorophyll Lifting Mask
size: 5 mL x 4 packets
retail value: refiner/cleanser $28.00 (60 mL) and mask $38.00 (50 mL)

i have not heard of Eslor before but it is a company that claims to base their products from science. there is a soothing refiner/cleanser as well as a lifting mask which is meant for tightening the skin.

4) Me MAXeffects Naturals : Eye & Face Makeup Remover Plus Toner
size: N/A (maybe 5 mL?)
retail value: $19.99 (40 mL)

i have no idea how this product could possibly double up as a makeup remover and toner. personally, i felt that it didn't really pass the test as a makeup remover - especially at removing the eyeliner on my lower lash line. as for the toning properties, i can't say for sure. i am more used to toners that contain alcohol so i can feel the tingly sensation afterwards. this one is alcohol free so i can't exactly tell if this toner was doing its job or not.
pretty confusing. i've used the entire thing (in less than a week) and i am still confused what it supposed to do.
side note - this is made right by my house! as in, it's in Calgary! and i haven't even heard of it before now.
and bam! that's it, that's all.
the only neat thing is how these products all come from different countries:
Marsk - Australia/England
Kinetics - Latvia
Eslor - United States
Me MAXefects - Canada 

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 Days of Future Past (not bad - but this changes EVERYTHING!)
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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

IPSY BAG: December 2014

happy April Fools! i have never been a fan of lying since well, lies aren't usually nice. but harmless pranks on the other hand...
just a bit of fun in the office today, covering up the sensors on the bottom of the mouse on people's computers... teehee...
can you believe some property developer in BC posted on MARCH 31 that Disneyland purchased the rest of their land to develop a micro-park, the first in Canada?!
who in their right mind would play with the feelings of Disney enthusiasts like that!? on MARCH 31! not. funny.

ipsy's last 2014 bag was centered around being a "Creative Genius".

1) Cailyn : Just Mineral Eye Polish in "#5 Orchid"
Made with 100% raw mineral powder, this highly pigmented satiny powder not only colors your eyes with shimmery, gorgeous hues, but is also safe to wear long hours.
The easy to use built-in sponge tip allows smooth application and seamless blending of colors. Whether you want to give a subtle wash of color or go for dramatic smokey makeup, CAILYN Just Mineral Eye Polish will be a girl's best friend.
size: 2.5 g (full size!)
retail value: $15.00

a few years ago, i would've been excited about a product like this but now all i see is a shimmery mess waiting to happen. the color "Orchid" (which i would have expected to be more a purple for some reason...) is a nice neutral shimmer.

2) Sexy Hair : 450° Blow Out Heat Defense Blow Dry Spray
Protect those tresses! Sexy Hair’s 450° Blow Out Heat Defense Blow Dry Spray protects hair from heat damage up to 450°F. In addition to outstanding thermal protection, it also conditions for smooth, sleek styles, detangles for improved manageability and strengthens hair. Helps to decrease blow dry time and adds weightless shine. size: 50 mL
retail value: $18.95 (125 mL)

i am horrible at remembering to put heat protectant prior to blow drying. i'm a fan of Sexy Hair though so i will try to incorporate this into my routine.

3) Tarte : Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
Like a pushup bra for your lashes, tarte’s best-selling mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes and conditions to deliver a 330% increase in lash volume instantly. The high-performance formula is also infused with naturally-derived olive esters to help nourish and protect lashes. size: 3 mL
retail value: $20.00 (7 mL)

mascara!! can't use these babies fast enough.

4) BWC : Premium Aromatherapy Facial Cleanser 3% AHA Complex
Beauty Without Cruelty 3% A.H.A. Facial Cleanser is a lightly-foaming, soap-free cleanser that removes dead surface skin cells, daily impurities, and excess oil without over-cleaning your skin. Nature's own alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) gently and deeply clean and actively clarify your skin without disturbing it's natural balance. Pure premium Oshadhi aroma-therapeutic essential oils tone, condition, and calm, leaving your skin clean, clear, and refreshed.
size: 59 mL
retail value: $11.95 (250 mL)

this lightly scented (lavender?) clear gel cleanser is pH balanced and soap-free. my boyfriend always reaches for his bar of soap when washing his face. i always tell him that it is not good for his face since it dries out the skin. but he always says, 'what? it's soap!'. now i will just have to show him that 'soap-free' is a thing!

5) NYX : Butter Lip Balm in "BLB05 Marshmallow"
Dip your lips in a sheer wash of color with NYX Butter Lip Balm. One swipe leaves dry lips feeling supple and hydrated.
This Buttery Lip Balm is addictively soft and scrumptious and perfect for adding a subtle hint of color for a naturally flirtatious pout. Apply directly to bare lips or apply it over lip liner for more intense color.

size: 4 g (full size!)
retail value: $4.00

available in 8 shades but of course i get the one that will probably wash me out :/ it's too bad since i love NYX.
December's bag is sort of a fail for me - not interested in using the majority of these products... please check out the sale page instead :)

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just watched: Cinderella (2015 - lovely dresses and design, and of course a fairy tale but over the top corny at parts. and just not enough magic! the only magical part was the fairy godmother but that was so sudden that you don't really believe it...) ; The Impossible (again - but still so powerful. must watch!) ; More Than Blue (Korean - for most of the movie, i was getting a bit annoyed - yes it is touching that a terminally ill man loves a woman so much but won't tell her because he's going to die so he does all these things for her that hurts him at the same time... i was like JUST TELL HER!! but then there is a slight twist that makes things a hundred times more sad)
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