Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Jayne [Cosmetic Proof] Saves the Day (from Mosquitoes!)

a special shout out to my friend, Jayne (Cosmetic Proof):

a little over a week ago, i checked my email to find a message from Jayne. she had read one of my comments on her blog about my experience with mosquito bites and generously offered to send me Willow Tree Collection's Bugs Away Coconut Lime Body Mist that she received in her summer edition of the Sweet Delight Divalicious Box
i got the package last Friday and... LOOK:

i had the hugest smile on my face the second i saw it. i was overwhelmed by how much effort she put into this!! honestly going to keep this envelope!!

inside was not only the Bugs Away Body Mist (which smells lovely by the way!), but Jayne also included a Redken All Soft Argan-6 sample since i mentioned wanting to try it in another comment. she is the only one i know who responds to every comment! 
the little card she wrote me made my day. i am blown away by how thoughtful and kind the blogging community is!! i cannot thank you enough Jayne :)

i have yet to test everything out yet since it has been cloudy and rainy the past couple of weeks. i am going on a canoe camping trip this long weekend though so i will be using the Bugs Away plenty (there is a rather horrible story from two years ago concerning mosquito bites - about 20 of them at least... on the same body part)!! it's fantastic that it doubles as an after bite treatment. 
thannnnnnnnnnnnnnkssssss Jayne! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

REVIEW: Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss in "Fuchsia Therapy"

i picked this lipgloss up yesterday at Rexall. again, i was drawn to the sales and the yellow tags.
it was on sale for $3.26 but i paid $3.08 after taking my 10% SPC discount (first time i used it here!! who knew??). i believe the original price was $7.99.
the majority of the shades had a ton of glitter in it. i was torn between "Comfortably Nude" and "Fuchsia Therapy". you can already tell by the names that these are on opposing ends of the spectrum. i ended up taking home "Fuchsia Therapy 345" (6 mL) because
1) it is such a fun vibrant color that i do not currently have in my collection,
2) i wanted a gloss with little/no shimmer in it and
3) nude glosses usually tend to be super sheer on me so i rather not take that risk. i admit i do not usually wear such vibrant colors but maybe i'll start...

it comes in a rectangular tube with a purple reflective cap. if you look really closely, there is some blue glitter in it, which i hear is great for bringing out the whiteness of your teeth.

there is a floral scent that i can only detect when i am applying the product. the wand is a flat sponge applicator. the color appears more sheer on me than in the tube. you can see some of the blue shimmer in the artificial light photo.
top right to bottom right: artificial light; natural light

this Rimmel lipgloss contains Vitamins A, C and E and it is in fact, very moisturizing. the intensity of the color as well as the shininess begins to fade about an hour after application but the moisturizing effect remains. a major plus is that this lipgloss is not sticky. i usually hate wearing lipgloss in the car with the window rolled down because my hair likes to suction itself to my lips. what is very strange is that, the US versions of this product has an extra bonus: they have SPF 15 while the Canadian versions do not. i have no idea why this is - i would have preferred that extra sun protection.

overall, it's just an okay lipgloss - i've seen better (i.e. Essence Stay with Me lipglosses). i wouldn't buy it again since the color payoff and the length of wear is not the greatest. i still prefer Rimmel lipsticks to their lipglosses.
thanks for reading! sooo what's your go-to lipgloss?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

REVIEW: L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in "Amber Rush"

hi! so quick post today on an eyeshadow i picked up recently when i chanced upon it in the Clearout section of Shopper's Drug Mart. i honestly love the thrill of finding things here!
lying in a plastic bucket were L'Oreal Paris Infallible eye shadows!! the sticker on these said regular price is $12.49 and these were on Clearout for $3.00! i took this opportunity to pick one up and try it for myself. there were 4 colors there: "Hourglass Beige", "Bronzed Taupe", "Smoky Green" and "Amber Rush". i took "Amber Rush" home, very excited to test out its 24-hour wear formula. looking back, i should've just followed my heart and bought two more. i believe these were on clearance to make way for the new colors L'Oreal just launched for the summer.

"Amber Rush 892" (3.5 g) is a super pigmented shimmery coppery bronze. the packaging is quite unique. when you take the lid off, there is a cap inside which you use to press the shadow (it is already lightly pressed).

this eyeshadow is super soft to the touch and goes on super smooth. i think it`s texture lies between a loose eyeshadow and a cream one.
natural light

artificial light

this particular color is not flattering when i wear it alone. i find that it looks much better when i blend it with other eye shadows in order to bring the intensity behind the copper bronze down a notch (based on my skin tone - otherwise, the intense color would be a fantastic thing!).
this Infallible Eye Shadow maintains its great pigmentation when applied with fingers. the color transfers completely from your finger to your eye. since the color payoff is already so incredible, i wondered what would happen if i used a wet makeup brush.
below, i did one swipe with my finger (right) - you only need to touch it gently. however the wet brush (left) seemed to loosen up the eye shadow a bit and pick up little chunks so i had to smooth it out. it's a better idea to use a dry brush but i find that applying with your fingers is the best choice.
you can also see the different dimensions of the eyeshadow - where the light hits, it leans toward a shimmery gold.
top to bottom: natural light; artificial light

if you were hesitating about this product, don't hesitate any longer! there are a number of fabulous colors just released and they do last all day. i still want to buy the one that Freida Pinto wore in one of the ads - it's the really pretty green one - i think it is "Permanent Kaki"/"Golden Sage" (apparently there are different names in the US compared to international) OR "Emerald Lane"... i've tried many Google searches and still cannot find a picture of it to show you. oh well. have you tried these yet? which eyeshadows rank high on your list in terms of pigmentation?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GLYMM BAG: June 2012

seems like Glymm is becoming more consistent with their shipping. the last two months, i think they've arrived a few days after Topbox has. the new format of "bag" instead of "box" has made the package feel much lighter. this month's bag is blue! uh oh - you know what that means - it means that my mind may be twisted into thinking that i need to collect these colorful bags... ack! oh and i just noticed the "Glymm" stamped on the zipper. very cute detail.

it's nice that Glymm is going green, but i find the white tissue paper wrapping around the bag unnecessary. anyone else think so?
so Glymm decided to make things a tad harder for everyone by discontinuing the product card. this is the same as BB5 and i do not like this feature. i have to look everything up to see how to use it and i think it is too much of hassle. i hope i make your life easier by listing the description here as found on the Glymm website.
the Glymm bag felt light and it was visibly much less packed than last month's. in fact, everything was quite small.

June's samples:

1) La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover
Remove your nail polish in the most eco-friendly way possible. It does no harm to you or the planet, and it smells so delicious.

i have not tried these but have seen them mentioned on fellow bloggers' posts before. i've heard fantastic things about these so i am happy to try them. they are cruelty free and made from natural ingredients. apparently you don't even have to rinse your hands after using the wipe.
size: 1 pad (for 10 nails) x 2
retail value: $9.99 (18 pads)

2) Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream
This exfoliating and moisturizing cream will leave your skin feeling smooth as can be.

interesting fact - Clark's Botanicals donates a portion of their sales to The Christopher Reeve Foundation (not sure what i'm talking about? re: Superman). anyway, it is supposed to be used prior to applying sunscreen. the directions sound a tad scary when it says: "Never apply this product to red or peeling skin." the use of the word "never" sounds very serious...
i used it in the morning before sunscreen as advised. the scent reminds me of old ladies but it's not unpleasant. it made my face feel soft. i'll gladly use this until i run out but i am not sure if the benefits of this product is worth $115 yet.
size: N/A but on the Glymm site it says around 10-14 uses
retail value: $115 (50 mL)

3) Salvadore Dali ItIsDream Eau De Toilette Natural Spray
This fragrance radiates romance, tenderness, optimism and joy. If you’re artistic and love to dream, then this is the fragrance for you.

i would not have known what brand this was by looking at it since a lot of the writing was rubbed off on my sample. be careful when you use it - it comes out more direct rather than a spray or mist -- spritz! one spritz is more than enough - the scent is pretty strong. a strong citrus-y floral. my sister described it as a musky floral. we both are clueless as to describing scents so don't take our word. i don't think it smells bad though. online, it says it is a combination of fruity-floral-woody... yay  i guess we win!
size: N/A ... 1 sample vial, ~ 35 sprays
retail value: $54 (60 mL)

4) Vitamine & Sea Perfect Skin Solution
This miracle serum is 100% natural blend of vitamin E and essential oils. It will leave your skin flawless.

hooray 100% natural! after reading more about this product, it seems like it is a miracle product: it fights acne and aging, smooths and repairs skin while protecting it from environmental damage. it is to be used at night - apply 2-4 drops on a damp, clean face and neck.
it's a little difficult to do 2-4 drops with this sample packaging so i had to slowly pour a little on my finger. perhaps i poured too much because i did not like the feel of this serum on my face at all. it felt way too oily on my face. i highly dislike oily makeup removers - imagine you are using that and spreading it all over your face. and the smell - ack! not a fan of stinky greasy products!!! i am scared to try this again even though it is apparently so good for your skin.
size: N/A... 1 sample vial, ~ 5 uses
retail value: $68 (45 mL)

5) Belvada Harmony Duo Lipstick/Lip Balm in "Balm/Elegant Maroon"
Everything your lips need for a night: some balm and some color in one lustrous package.

i was very intrigued when i picked this up but then the excitement died a bit when i saw the words "Elegant Maroon". i didn't know if i would like maroon on my lips. there are 3 other colors available: "Intense Red", "Natural Earth" and "Soft Pink".
when i took it out of the box, i was astonished at how large this product was! then, i quickly became confused as to how to use it. i even tried shaking it for a bit. i realized you pushed it on one side to get the opposite out and then you pull the tube out. when you are done, you slide it back in until it clicks (two times so it doesn't roll back and forth).

i took a close up of the "Elegant Maroon" side to show you the actual color as well as how much product there was in the tube.

i did swatches of both the balm and the lipstick even though the balm was clear. the balm feels really nice and moisturizing. and then i tried on the lipstick. i was pleasantly surprised by how much i like this color on me! i feel that it works with my complexion. even though it's definitely a darker color than i am used to wearing, it's a nice toned-down red.
 left to right: artificial light; natural light

i tried to show you on my arm how pearly the color was. as you can see, both of them have a nice shine.
top to bottom: artificial light; natural light

what's handy is that they also sell the lipstick/lip balm separately in case you run out of one side faster than the other. you can purchase them for $10 each.
size: 3.4 g/lip balm or lipstick x 2 = 6.8 g (full size!)
retail value: $20

i wonder if Glymm actually considers this part of our "samples", but on the products list, they included the blue makeup bag the samples came in. it is listed at $12 each - which doesn't make sense to me since the new Glymm bags WITH the samples cost $12/month so why wouldn't you just sign up? (perhaps, here? :))
** spoiler alert ** but aww, it looks like there is only one other color to get other than the pink and blue. oh well, i love orange!

so i think that Glymm did good this month. most of the samples are indeed very small  but the Belvada duo totally made the bag for me. what did you get in your Glymm this month? 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

REVIEW: Sally Beauty Sally Girl Makeup & Nail Polish

so Friday was the first day i've ever walked into a Sally Beauty Supply store. i've heard before that they had amazing deals but i never thought that they had stores in Canada - and one that's really close to me too!
they DO have amazing deals every month. i got there with like 30 minutes to spare until closing time so i just quickly browsed and ended up by the Sally Girl makeup section. you already know what happens here especially since each item was $1.34. i decided to give the brand a test and picked up 3 nail polishes, a lipstick and a baked eyeshadow. all of these are in teeny tiny form - very cute minis. i figured it wouldn't be a huge waste if i didn't end up liking any of them.

first up, the nail polishes. cannot. resist. mini. polishes. and there was such a range of colors too! they don't have color names on them but you can look up the numbers online or check the receipt. these are 5.3 mL each and the photos below were taken after 2 generous coats. i now have:

"Genie 812015" - a soft pearly pink color that goes on really sheer. it looks nothing like the swatch on the website.
"LOL 812002" - a sparkly dark purple. the formula was harder to work with than "Genie" - look at how messy it looks even after i tried to clean it up :( the mini brush was not my friend in this instance.
"Text Me 812098" - a sparkly forest green. much easier to deal with than "LOL". also looks nothing like the swatch on the site.

these are pretty good, especially for the price. i didn't notice how reflective it was when i took the photo. i didn't get to test the wear though but the removal process was easy and there was no staining.

i've never seen a lipstick this tiny before!! i got the lip color in "Manic 388359" (1.5 g). it's a pearly nude shade. i was taking a risk with this since i am looking for a non-shimmery nude that doesn't wash me out but this was the only nude they had. the picture on the right shows how much product there actually is.

this color is a bit too frosty for my liking and it brings out the lines in my mouth (swatches below). it's also so small that applying it takes a little more effort than usual. on the other hand, it is not drying! it has a scent too that i can't really describe - cocoa?

this is the second baked eyeshadow i own and i had very high hopes for this one. i have been on the lookout for a yellow gold eyeshadow and i was hoping this may be the answer. i got "Gold 388122" (1.4 g).  i was surprised when i first touched it because it felt really rough. i know it's pressed but it felt really coarse on my finger. i do not recommend applying this dry with your fingers because a lot of the eyeshadow remains on your hands instead. you will definitely have to pile it on a few more times in order to get enough color. using a brush is even worse because it hardly picks up the eyeshadow at all. i haven't tried using a wet brush yet so i will be updating this section tomorrow!!

--update July 4/12 -- i tried swatching both with my finger and a wet brush. i find that both required a  lot of product before achieving some pigmentation. the wet brush seemed to pick up just a bit more of gold and appears to be darker as well.

the last item i got is not a Sally Girl brand but i also bought it while at Sally Beauty. it is Beautique's lip crayon in "Coral Shimmer 714055". i can never have too much coral in my life. this one cost me $2.49 (1.25 g) and is a lip liner and lipstick in one.

it looked like a much darker color than a normal coral but i've been lusting after Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and i cannot wait until they reach Canadian stores! so i decided to settle for a cheap lip crayon for now. when i first used it, i applied lip balm first because it looked like it was drying and will tug at my lips. surprisingly, it isn't! it goes on quite easily. just make sure your lips are not peeling or else it would look really uneven. i found the color was a bit on the brownish side.


have you purchased anything from Sally Beauty before? i know i will be going again soon since i joined the Beauty Club!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

POLISHED: Orly Cool Romance Mani Mini Collection

i know i'm slow to post this since i picked this Orly Cool Romance set up in April and this collection is for Spring 2012. it's not officially summer yet so it still counts! i hope i am able to do more posts now that i've finished one round of Diablo (why is nightmare so hard already?...) and am halfway through Season 2 of Game of Thrones.
i was at Winners again (no surprise) when i saw this beautiful set of minis from Orly. it's the first time that i've found a collection where i loved every single color. my sister looked at me and told me to buy it, so i did. it was $12.99 for 4 of the 6 Cool Romance colors (5.3 mL in each mini). for the full size (18 mL), it's around $9.25 each (according to

the other 2 that were not included in this set was "Artificial Sweetener" (which i wish was part of it!! a very pretty shimmery pink) and "Steel Your Heart" (a sparkly silver that seems to be the odd one out of this mostly-pastel collection). i love minis! i should always just buy mini versions since i have an ever-expanding nail polish collection so i will never get through a whole bottle.

swatches are artificial light on the left and natural light on the right.
the mini collection contained:
left to right: Prelude to a Kiss; Faint of Heart; Jealous, Much?; You're Blushing

1) "You're Blushing" - a mauve purple. i wore this color first and i loved it. it was before the Coldplay concert (back in April) so i believe that these shots were taken after i applied 2 coats but i am not positive. now that i look at these photos, it looked like it photographed quite well (in other words, be warned about the photos coming up)!

2) "Jealous, Much?" - such a pretty mint green. i started doing the swatches again just a week ago since i figured that i've left it for too long! perhaps i didn't shake these bottles enough because from here on out, the nail polish looks a little too thick. plus, i admit i have the tendency to pick at my nails so the edges of my nails are not even. it's a terrible habit i've had since childhood and i'm going to try harder for the sake of better pictures!!
anyways, 1 coat was way too sheer. 2 coats, streaky and i can still see my nail bed. 3 coats, i can still see some of my nail.
also what happened in between the artificial light picture and me running upstairs to take the natural light picture?? i guess i got clumsy and my pointer finger got in the way. also note you can see a bald spot on my pinky.

3) "Prelude to a Kiss" - soft peach and cute name! this one was one of my favorites... until i applied it. the formula was streaky and doesn't it look super goopy!? sooo goopy!!! quite difficult to work with. it does however, have more opacity than "Jealous, Much?". i got pretty good coverage after applying 2 coats but i did 3 anyways. i did this one and "Jealous, Much?" on the same day, solely for swatching purposes so i may have been a little lazy in regards to precision and clean up. oopsies.

4) "Faint of Heart" - a taupe; brownish grey. the application process was much smoother than the previous two. you can't see my right hand but i've got smudges already!! booo. i only did 2 coats with this one.

this collection was my introduction into the Orly world. as i mentioned before, i love the colors but i'm not super excited about the formula. or perhaps it is the mini brush? i found that these polishes appeared to dry quickly but in actuality, was stuck in the tacky stage where if you accidentally touch it, it would push the polish up so you try to mold it back to being flat and even but it just looks super gross? yup. very frustrating.
soooo do you own any Orly nail polishes?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TOPBOX: June 2012

how does Topbox continue to impress me with their shipping abilities? they have remained consistent and this time, even a little early! i live on the west side and i received my box on Monday (11th).
once i opened the box, i found the card that says Topbox has included bonus products that can be found at the drugstore - i think it was smart of Topbox to use precise wording here and mentioning that this was in addition to the usual deluxe items or else some consumers may get angry that drugstore products were included as part of their box.
without delay, here's June's Topbox items (sorry for the blue hue in the photos!):

1) Get Creamed Body Naked Decadence Premium Salon Hair Wash - this is a great size for a shampoo sample (instead of those flimsy one-use packets). this product is made in Canada and is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, sulfates, dyes and perfumes. when i tried it yesterday, i found that i did not enjoy the smell very much. i read the back of the shampoo and it does smell like a mix of lavender and ginseng. i am not a fan of either so i guess that is why! it also didn't lather up a lot for me but i knew it was because it did not contain sulfates, thanks to Stephanie (Canadian Beauty Reviews) and her recent post on a company that sells only natural products. sulfates are used in many personal hygiene products to create a foamy sensation but are considered possible carcinogens. sounds scary hey? you should read about the rest of them!
so after trying this shampoo, i found my hair to feel super soft. but i can't say that it is due completely to this shampoo since i also tried the conditioner (i will mention in a bit) that was also in this box. my hair doesn't feel weighed down even though i have very thick hair - this one i will attribute it to this shampoo since it is free of so many chemicals.
size: 60 mL
retail value: $22 (240 mL)

2) Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm - yay for a BB cream! i haven't been able to test its "All Day" claim yet. however, it did feel very silky and the color blended in very well - perhaps a little too well because i didn't notice any coverage. i really liked how it made my skin smooth and matte - it is definitely not oily. those with acne-prone skin may enjoy this feature but may feel that it doesn't do anything for reducing redness. by the way, this is paraben-free! and smells slightly of bananas.
size: 5 mL
retail value: $38 (45 mL)

3) Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara - i am currently testing the Revlon Grow Luscious mascara so i can't try this one yet! i am intrigued by any curling mascara though since my lashes prefer to lay completely straight and pointing downwards.
size: 3.5 mL
retail value: $29 (7 mL)

4) Pari Beauty Precious Glow Eyeshadow Primer & Intensifier - when i first pulled this out of the box, i thought it was another pearly lip color that was too frosty for my complexion. but then i began jumping for joy when i realized it was an eyeshadow primer! hooray hooray! it is a very pretty color (for the lids!) but i find that i lose much of the shimmer when i spread it on my eyelids. i didn't wear eye makeup long enough to see how well the primer side of this product works, but the intensifier side was evident. my eyeshadow seemed more pigmented, as if i had applied it with a wet brush. it made the eyeshadow colors more pronounced - love this! and it's affordable! it can also be used as a highlighter on the face or just a shimmering lotion for the body.
size: N/A but looks like the same size as the Stila mascara so perhaps ~ 3.5 mL?
retail value: $15 (10 mL)

the two bonus items:

5) Clear Total Care Daily Conditioner - useful since i can pair this with the shampoo i got earlier. again, a great size for a hair product. i haven't heard of the brand before... it smells like a normal shampoo/conditioner and made my hair feel soft. nothing super impressive though.
size: 50 mL
retail value: $7.49 (375 mL) ... according to

6) Simple Eye Make-Up Remover - i already got this last month from Glossybox and i haven't had a chance to use it yet. it doesn't matter though since i always use makeup remover, i am bound to get to it someday.
size: 56 mL
retail value: $9.99 (125 mL)

so did anyone else think that there was quite the variety this month amongst Topboxes? i guess it is because on the survey, i mentioned that i did not want to receive a product for men.
i am really happy about the Stila beauty balm and the Pari Beauty Precious Glow. i am becoming more and more interested in natural products, so i am excited about the Get Creamed Body shampoo too. it seems that this month had many different types of products in it too - more makeup than usual - which is great for my preferences! Topbox continues to have a waiting list of a few months long but don't miss out on their contests on Facebook: there is a Deborah Lippmann one until June 21, sign up here!
speaking of nail polishes, perhaps you'd like to own over 80 from Julep? click here then! only 2 days left!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

REVIEW: Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup

have you ever stood in the long line at Forever 21 and while waiting, begin to browse their very affordable selection of makeup? i admit i get suckered into impulse purchases like this all the time - i think: "i've studied marketing and purchasing behavior; i know it's conveniently located near the checkouts just to tempt me... butttttttt it's only a $1.80!! so why not??"

i decided to try my hand at their eyeshadow and blush. both were only $1.80 each. one nice thing about both of these is that they are cruelty free.
i do not have a range of blushes in my arsenal so i decided on a Blush in "Pink" (4.45 g). note that there is absolutely no indication of the color names on the outer packaging or the back. i could only find it on my receipt. you could always check their website and compare too.

the second item i got was an Eyeshadow Block in "Black/Multi" (3.05 g). i've wanted to add a couple of grays into my collection for a while now so i decided to pick this one up. the first 3 colors (which i'll call white, gray and black) are very shimmery, while the last one (über black) has much less shimmer.

it took a few swipes of each color in order to get some pigmentation in these swatches. it doesn't look like there is much color payoff here but it actually shows up much better on my face. the eyeshadow especially looks better once i apply it on my eyes.

i use a brush to apply the blush and i like the color on me. i find coral pink blushes really pretty. however, it seems that i have the same experience with every blush: the color never lasts long. even when i use a face primer, i find that most of the blush has vanished after 3 hours on my skin.
with the eyeshadow block, it was difficult to use makeup brushes since each strip of color is quite narrow. i apply it with my fingers and i find it works much better - less fallout and easier to blend. the color stays on for a good 8 hours on me so i am impressed with this product.

i've been using both products the last couple of days and really enjoy it. the eyeshadow block is perfect for those who want a smoky eye look. if you want a more subtle version, you can use just the lighter colors. what i have personally been doing is using the white color on the inner corner to about half of my eyelid, applying the shimmery black (third one) on the other half of my lid - blend blend blend, and then dab some of the gray (2nd color) in the middle of the two. i'd put up a picture but i feel that would make me seem like i'm some pro and i'm not! i have a monolid so smoky eyes are really difficult for me to do without looking like i got a black eye.

lastly, i thought i would just throw in the only other Love & Beauty makeup product i have (i have a few of the nail polishes but that's for another post!) which i purchased last year. i was actually shopping on their website and thought that an eyeshadow & eyeliner duo was an interesting concept. this was actually $4.80 so it's on the pricier side of the Love & Beauty makeup line. i bought the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in "Basic/Brown" (.24 g liner and 0.86 g shadow).

interestingly enough, this one is very pigmented but doesn't last long! oily monolids combined with a cream eyeshadow do not bode well. therefore, it has been quite some time since i've reached for this. but since i found this again, i think i might try just using the liner side. (this item is no longer available for sale on their website).

on another note, here's a few contests i wouldn't want you to miss out on!!
Topbox is holding yet another contest - the Deborah Lippmann Sweepstakes (until June 21) - sign up here.
and don't forget the Julep one - 80 nail polishes and an iPad (until June 15) - click here.

so what do you tend to buy impulsively? have you purchased Forever 21's Love & Beauty makeup before?
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