Sunday, September 28, 2014

WANTABLE: August 2014 [Accessories Box]

The August Accessories Collection features blogger/YouTuber Rachel Weiland and includes vintage-inspired pieces to help you prepare for the fall season.

i really like the pieces in the main picture (shown in the middle frame) with the antique gold tones. three of the four items i got were silver though. :(

1) Sydney Bracelet 
retail value: $18.00

pros - i like the pop of colour with the teal gem and how the bracelet can wrap/unwrap around your wrist.
cons - it is too loose so it doesn't quite sit right. it also feels a tad cheap - the metal band is very light.

sadly, i do not think i will be keeping this. check the sale board! (along with another item or two listed below)
2) Clara Watch
retail value: $24.00

the white straps on this watch have a plastic, low-quality feel to it but i like the face of the watch and how it's large size contrasts with the thin straps. the face is very simple but that will only make it harder for me to read. 
Wantable suggests wearing this watch with a coloured wrap bracelet which i think would look quite pretty.

3) Alissa Earrings
retail value: $12.00

i didn't think these earrings were all that cute at first but they are starting to grow on me. Wantable calls these horseshoes but they look more like wishbones to me. who else remembers Wishbone the TV series?
4) Pria Necklace 
retail value: $21.00

this necklace features 6 pressed round discs of different sizes. the length is adjustable but the lowest it hangs is around 18".

i am not super impressed with August's box so i logged in to my account in hopes of updating my preferences by retaking the test. however, Wantable just updated their website and that option was nowhere to be found! so i went ahead and skipped the month. probably better for me and my finances anyway.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

FANCY BOX: August 2014 [Kelly Rowland]

i made the switch from Coco Rocha to Kelly Rowland's Fancy box for the month of August. i was experiencing more misses than hits with Coco's boxes and just wanted to try Kelly's before i completely unsubscribed from Fancy.

check out my first Kelly Rowland Fancy box (which came in a yellow box as opposed to a white one with a round pink circle):

1) Living Royal : Ice Cream Cone Ankle Socks
retail value: $8.00

the first item is a pair of socks... i don't think socks are particularly fancy even when the brand has the word "Royal" in it. these 100% polyester ankle socks only come in one size  the ice cream cones are quite adorable though. 

2) Luxe Cartel : Diamond Cutout Necklace
retail value: $24.50 

the card says it's a Dainty Gold Circle Necklace but it is definitely not a circle. i looked up this diamond cutout one but it is not sold on Fancy's site. on Luxe Cartel's website, it is currently on sale and is described as a gold plated over brass necklace on a 16" chain. i love diamond cutouts so this is my favorite item in the box - in fact, i just bought a H&M blouse with diamond shapes all over it just three days ago. would it be overkill if i wore them together? :) 

3) Banksy : Temporary Tattoos
retail value: $10.00 for 2

right after my favorite item in the box, comes the least favorite. yes they are 'artsy' but they are still temporary tattoos... i can't imagine them selling for $10... but maybe that's me being old and boring?

4) Hello Parry : Luna Holographic Checkered Clutch
retail value: $45.00

i appreciate that a handbag was included in the box but sadly i do not love love this one. it's cute and a great size for a clutch (or a mini iPad case). the holographic checkers are neat and i'm surprised that this bag is handmade. it is made of 100% polyurethane and is roughly the same size as the pink padded envelope ipsy ships their bags in.
i am putting this on the Blog Sale page if you are interested!

overall, the value was $87.50 USD and i paid $63.05 CAD for it... very steep price i know. although the bag and the necklace were a nice touch, i was quite disappointed by the temporary tattoos and their retail value. each box is supposed to contain over $80 worth of items so this one barely makes it. what do you think of Kelly Rowland's Fancy box?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

BEAUTY BOX 5: August 2014

goooooooood morning!

BB5's August box, Radiant and Remarkable, contains 5 items - some more remarkable than others... and when i say 'some', i mean one.
read on to find out which one!

1) Pur~Lisse : Pur~Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen
size: 15 mL
retail value: $55 (50 mL)

seconds, only seconds, after i click 'Publish' on my latest Topbox box, i turn towards my next beauty box, open it and find my third Pur-Lisse Pur-Protect moisturizer in two months.
i think i am set for sunscreen... the 3 samples combined mean that i have 45 mL! which means i pretty much saved $55. hallelujah!
2) La Fresh : Travel Lite Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes
size: 8 wipes
retail value: $19.99 (48 wipes)

this must be BB5's favorite item ever. i'm pretty sure i've received about a gazillion of these - give or take a few.
3) Nanacoco : Lip Gloss in "#22114 Lovely"
size: 6.5 mL
retail value: $3.99 (full size!)

i've heard some people raving about this but the color was a bit bright for my taste so i wasn't exactly sure how i would feel about it. "Lovely" is a bright magenta with no shimmer.

i took the plunge and i agree with others who say that it is very smooth, shiny and pigmented. smells like a mixture of cotton candy and baby powder. it is very comfortable to wear and is just slightly sticky. i have never heard of this brand before but at $3.99, i would definitely consider buying more. their website provides a phone number for orders... and that is all i can really find.
4) Novex : Brazilian Keratin Extra Deep Hair Care Cream
size: 30 g
retail value: $19.50 (1 kg)

i... don't know about this. the packaging would not be appealing to the average beauty consumer since it looks more like something that would be found in a pharmacy or perhaps a hardware store. the term 'Hair Food' also sounds odd to me.
then again, this could be a gem and we just have to overlook the outside...?
5) Style Essentials : Nail Polish
size: 7 mL
retail value: $7.00 (28 mL)

there's no particular shade identifier on this nail polish but it is a part of the "Touch of Teal" 4 nail polish collection. there are large white hexagons, small teal hexagons, small white dots and white bars in this polish. it is pretty cute but an expert level of fishing is required to get those glitters out.

so i now have 3 Pur-Lisse sunscreen moisturizers and who knows how many of the makeup remover wipes. i am quite impressed with the Nanacoco lip gloss but not so much with their website since i can't really figure out how i can get more.
what was your favorite item?

Monday, September 08, 2014

TOPBOX: August 2014

i miss the wishlist for Topbox every month. seriously, every month. i don't know why i can't just check in a few days before the end of the month. i just never remember. ever.
and so, it happened again near the end of July while i was away for my boyfriend's sister's wedding. right after the wishlist closed, i emailed Topbox and asked if they could put me down for the Benefit box.
a rep emailed me back, saying that she would put my request in!

unfortunately, the request fell through and another regular, boring Topbox arrived in my mailbox August 19th.

1) Barefoot Venus : Macadamia Oil Hand Cream in "Wild Flower"
size: 60 mL
retail value: $5.99 [full size!]

i love the pretty details on the packaging of the hand cream. the cream itself is also quite lovely. smells great and is not overpowering. my skin feels lovely and soft afterwards. it's made in Kelowna - i was just there in July!

2) Pur~Lisse : Pur-Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen
size: 15 mL
retail value: $55 (50 mL)

i just received this in the ipsy July bag - and i am still working through that one. i like how it is non-greasy and actually feels light on the skin. great size to throw in your bag and reapply throughout the day. today, Calgarians experienced our first snow after the summer season. up to 10 cm one day after we floated down the Bow River, enjoying 26 degree weather. so we will probably not see much sun for quite some time...aghhhhhhh! no fair! we can't just skip over autumn entirely! :(

3) Lise Watier : Prebiotic Micellar Water
size: 12 mL
retail value: $25 (200 mL)

prebiotic micellar water... such a fancy-sounding name. this the very FIRST prebiotic micellar water -simply because everyone else calls it 'toner'. prebiotic refers to sugar molecules that "stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria" - sounds like yogurt to me.
just like you would with a toner, you use this product with a cotton ball and dab it on your face. it doesn't sting a whole lot like some toners so that's why this is ideal for sensitive skin. 

4) Matrix : Oil Wonders in "Egyptian Hibiscus Color Caring Oil"
size: 5 mL x 3 = 15 mL
retail value: $22.99

seriously... i thought we were past the whole one-use satchet thing.
other than that, i've discovered i enjoy the scent of hibiscuses. you only need a tiny dab of this product or else it sort of weighs your hair down.
i've been using hair oils for a while now... after coming back from the hot and humid Florida weather, i noticed that when i curled the ends of my hair into a ball, it goes crunch.

crunch is not a nice sound for hair to make.

i have to admit that although this was an uninteresting box, i will be eventually using all of these items. still wish i had the Benefit box though!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

IPSY BAG: August 2014

i'm trying to fall back into routine but it's so difficult to settle back in after visiting the happiest place on Earth (as well as another magical place - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!). i took a two week trip to Florida mid-August and it was amazing!! 

hot hot hot but amazing. 8 days straight of theme parks (with a water park day thrown in the middle) which included plenty of eating, lineups, rides and merchandise but it was all fun. ALL of it. we did 4 days of Disney World and 3 Universal Studios. i hope i will get to doing a whole post on the trip!

August : Beauty Schooled

1) ABSOLUTE : You're the Balm Lip Balm in "Grape"
Treat your lips with this ultra-moisturizing lip balm from Absolute New York. This lightly tinted, creamy, conditioning formula softens, smooths, and protects lips for a seriously kissable pout. Discover this must-have balm for sensationally soft and luscious lips! 
size: 12 g
retail value: $5.99 (24 g - duo)
promotion: 30% off online purchase with code IPSY; US only; expires Sept 11, 2014

i love love love the smell of grape products... sooooo yummy! as much as i love grape, the glitter in this balm is a turnoff. i do not like putting just glitter on my lips - it's okay if there was some color in the product but i find it odd if it's just specks of glitter on my lips.
2) Dr. Brandt : Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer 
A cult favorite, Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer is Dr. Brandt’s quick fix for flawless, photo-ready skin. It is the miracle base to create the perfect skin canvas for long-lasting makeup and well-preserved skin. This velvety formula absorbs excess oil, minimizes pores, blurs fine lines and is resistant to sweat and humidity. Prime, touch-up and treat while perfecting your makeup.
size: 7.5 mL
retail value: $45.00 (30 mL)
promotion: 20% off online purchase & free travel size Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer & free shipping with code IPSY20; expires Oct 31, 2014

i wish i can actually see my pores minimizing but i have yet to encounter a product that does that. primer is always handy though.
3) Urban Decay : Perversion Mascara
Urban Decay's ultra-creamy, lengthening and volumizing mascara features triple-black pigments and a deeply nourishing ingredient blend. Perversion Mascara gets you sexy in one stroke, yet it won’t quit until you say when.
size: 3 mL
retail value: $22.00 (12mL)

this mascara boasts 'triple-black pigments' which sounds pretty interesting to me. i already have dark eyelashes (albeit being extremely sparse) so i am curious if this would make them even darker.

4) Coastal Scents : Forever Blush in "Fresh" and "Elegant"
Coastal Scents Forever Blush boasts 18 perfectly pigmented, powder blushes with a long-lasting rush of color. Complete with a mirror, these color-packed compacts go a long way.
size: 2.4 g
retail value: $7.95 (10 g)
promotion: 25% off online purchase with code blush25off; expires Oct 6, 2014

i decided not to swatch this because i have too much blush to use... the two shades in this sample are Fresh and Elegant. Fresh is a matte peach and Elegant is a satin pink - there's a bit of shimmer in this one.

5) Lord & Berry : Silk Kajal Kohl-Liner Eye Pencil in "#1001 Black"
Sensual and exotic, that's the effect that Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil delivers. Just like the traditional Kohl, but with the modern ease and control of a pencil. Giving a semi-matte finish that is also smudgeable, Silk Kajal Kohl's soft tip is ophthalmologically-tested and gentle enough to be used on the inner eye. Also available in Nudo and White.
size: 0.6 g
retail value: $16.00 (1.44 g)
promotion: 25% off online purchase with code LAB@14091; expires Oct 15, 2014

this mini black eye liner goes on nice and dark but smudges easily. it is intended to be that way but i would advise against using it on your lower waterline if you do not wish to transform into a raccoon mid-day.
the August bag was a bit of a miss to me. there are some products i could have liked but there was always something missing (or in some cases like the lip balm - there's too much of...). i don't want such products to go to waste so i will be putting up a For Sale section. i will post the link up here once it's done!
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