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IPSY GLAM BAG: February 2013

oh hello procrastination!! how did you ever manage to delay this post until the day i get a shipping notification from ipsy saying that my MARCH bag is on its way...

oh geebus.
anyway, here's a little reminder that there is less than THREE hours to enter my giveaway! then my Saturday will be dedicated to going through the entries so i can select 3 lovely winners.
if you are a fellow procrastinator, click to enter here!!

so let's keep this post short and sweet...

March's ("Red Carpet Ready") bag contained:

1) POP Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow!!! Mascara in "No. 1 Smoky Black" - haha i like the use of exclaimation marks in the name :) can't exactly crack this open yet but it seems that many people are saying that it is clumpy. i wonder if it is that way because they followed POP Beauty's instructions that include using 3 layers of this. i ain't got time for that!
one time when i was flying home from LA, the lady beside me must have spent a good 20 minutes putting on mascara and then using a safety pin to separate her lashes and repeating this process over and over.

odd thing i noticed is that the full sized version gets the "e" in Smokey. guess there wasn't enough room on the mini one!
promotion: 20% off purchase that ended... yesterday. oops! oh well, it wasn't available to us Canadians anyway!
size: 4.8 g
retail value: $18.50 (7 g)

2) MicaBeauty Ultra Smooth Gel Eyeliner in "Black" - i am pretty sure i have seen MicaBeauty booths at the mall before but i have never stopped long enough since i'd feel obligated to buy something when the prices are probably pretty steep.
i love gel eyeliners since they are the most pigmented type of eyeliner. i also love black eyeliners so i will definitely be using this baby up. the other colors such as Blue, Purple and Green look gorgeous but i don't think i could pull colored eyeliner (on my top lash line) off! the full sized version also comes with a built-in application brush.
promotion: 30% off purchase that ended... 8 days ago. again, no real 'loss' here since Canada was excluded. :(
size: N/A but looks pretty big - perhaps a full size but just without the brush?
retail value: $35 (5 g)

3) Lash Card The Lash Card - onetwo aaaaaaaaand three. third time's a c----- rap.
promotion: buy 2, get 1 free. ended 2 days ago. was valid for Canadians. no one is sad here.
size: 4 cards (this ipsy deluxe sample was special)
retail value: $6.99 (10 cards)

4) Pixi Flawless & Poreless primer in "No. 1 Translucent" - this primer has the same kind of texture as the Benefit POREfessional - light and velvety. i did not notice any difference in my pores and how long my makeup lasted. but i just found out that it has salicylic acid so i will now pay attention to whether or not it helps with my current situation (THREE pimples in one week boooooooo - this i am sad about).
promotion: 20% off purchase until yesterday.
size: 15 mL
retail value: $29 (30 mL)

5) Coastal Scents Shadow Palette Sample in "Glitz & Glamour" - this palette sample included the colors "Candlelight" - my desription: a shimmery white/silver; official description: a decadent wash of silvery-grey with a satin finish
"Gunmetal" me: a soft black with red shimmer; official: a sultry, deep grey with a slight satiny finish
"Incognito" me: a semi-matte dark navy blue-almost black; official: a mysterious black hue with a matte finish
"Ashen" me: a shimmery champagne; official: a light greyish-taupe hue with a satiny finish
my sample palette also came a little broken.

by looking at it, i thought "Gunmetal" looked like an amazing color! the red and the black was just gorgeous. sadly, the red does not show at all! in fact, the rest of the colors were also just okay. after debating about Coastal Scents for all these years, i don't feel like i am missing out. i like that i got to try it out though. plus the tiny samples are rather cute and can pretty much fit into a wallet.
top: natural light; bottom: flash

promotion: 25% off until... you guessed it - yesterday.
size: 2 g
retail value: $1.99 (1.3 g)

all in all, i like the variety that ipsy delivers. they are also quite prompt when it comes to sending out their bags (unlike how i received my Glymm for February today...). the bag looked slightly cheap though - with the rushed sewing job to brand ipsy on the inside and the zipper that won't open all the way up.
and what is up with the eye-straining info card with the black font on a black background??
<will insert group photo later>

anyway, i will be getting my March ipsy bag shortly! and i *will* post that within a reasonable time frame. :)


  1. so late, great bag,but I'm already excited for the March one :P

    1. haha im sorry that im so late!
      i am excited too :)

  2. Those eyeshadows look lovely! The ipsy bags are really awesome, I wish we could get them here :)

    1. ipsy is definitely up there! who knows, they may expand overseas soon since i am sure they are doing really well

  3. The eye shadows rock! I did a smokey eye for a wedding I went to a couple weeks ago and I couldn't believe it! :) My March Bag is on its way too!

    1. that's awesome!! i wish i could perfect a smokey eye haha

  4. Loving IPSY GLAM BAG - really wanted to grab the March though sold out & waiting list now. I hear the March is amazing as well! "_"

    1. oh is it?? i am excited :)
      how long is the waiting list?

  5. I think I need to sign up to a monthly beauty subscription, it looks like a great way to discover new products and brands!
    Megan xxx

    1. it is! try sticking to only one or two though :) there will be an overwhelming amount of products to go through and the excitement will die down if you don't :/ it's what happened to me!

  6. I only ever put on one coat the Pop mascara. It wasn't any more clumpy than other similarly priced ones; however, it will give you racoon eyes within a few hours - even with just one coat.

    1. oh my, raccoon eyes... that's not a good look either!

  7. Yes, the product card was definitely poorly designed this time! I really wanted the shadow quad that you received when I saw people posting them. Now, that I have had the chance to play around with mine, I'm super happy that it's what I received..who would have thought...yellow! :D

    1. yellow! i know! it's such a fun color to play with :) im glad you like yours :)

  8. I completely agree with you regarding the Lash Cards, they are so hard to use. Especially for my left eye, my right hand always blocks my field of view.

    Ipsy looks interesting, it looks like they provide a nice variety of products.

    1. i dont think these Lash Cards are suitable for my eye shape! i feel like i have to press down rather hard on my eyeballs in order to line it up properly with my lashes :/ it is not a fun process!!

  9. Argh!! Lash Cards!! Please stop sending these to us! Other than that, I did love February's Ipsy bag and Ipsy is still continuing to deliver so I'll be sticking with them for awhile :)

    1. ahaha these darn Lash Cards!!! im glad im not the only one who is getting rather annoyed


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