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BEAUTY BOX 5: June 2012

got my June BB5 the same day i got my Glossybox (July 3). it's not as big as a deal since BB5 is shipping from the states so it's reasonable that it would take longer. on the box, it states that it was sent June 18th.
when you get these two boxes together, the Beauty Box 5 looks so much tinier in comparison. but i was still eager to open this since it was only my second one.
once you open it, you find all the samples in a little white transparent pouch. you'd think they would be all itty bitty one-use samples again but i was (for the most part) wrong! i am so amazed by this box! i guess i did not have the highest expectations but i was actually happier with this box than with my Glossybox.
AND extra points this month for introducing a card that lists the samples!! hooray! i really hope Glymm goes back to this because it is much more convenient and useful.

June's samples includes:

1) Blinc Eyeliner in "Black" - i already saw this sneak peek on their FB so i was excited about trying this out (i want to try Blinc mascara too). it's the first time i've had a sample sized eyeliner so i am not sure how long this will last me. it has a brush wand that i'd say is for more experienced users since it requires more precision. for liquid eyeliner, i usually prefer an eyeliner pen.

this particular eyeliner is different in that it it doesn't run, fade or smudge and it just slides off when you decide to remove it. i was curious how this "sliding" works. so i took a few photos...
swatches of the eyeliner and the other samples mentioned later on:
both pics were taken in natural light but the top one was indoors and the other one was outdoors.

even after the swatches of the eyeshadow and blush has rubbed off (since i pulled my sleeves down), the eyeliner remained as black as ever. and it is a really dark black. it also goes on thick (see how you'll need precision with this type of wand? that was my attempt at a straight line). i used the eyeliner to swatch once on my arm and then i applied it to my eyes and i did not have to grab any more product in between. it dries pretty quickly and at first, i can feel that there was something different on my eye. that feeling goes away though.

i tried rubbing my arm and it's true - the eyeliner does not budge. it looks like it is a permanent marker (Sharpies)! i ran it under the tap and it still remained that black - until you start to rub it. and tada! it comes off like a temporary tattoo.

i think it's quite neat. i really like how it is water- and fade-resistant. i think everyone needs an eyeliner that doesn't smudge.
size: 0.7 g
retail value: $26 (6 g)

2) The All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow in "Just Peachy" - i've taken an interest in loose eyeshadows lately so this one is definitely welcomed. it comes in a jar with a sifter seal. the color is also very pretty. you can definitely use it all over your lid or as a highlighting color. on my eyes, there is just a hint of color but the shimmer is more visible. the peach color is stronger when applied with a wet brush (see swatches above). i'm not sure if i was imagining it but i thought there was a fruity scent when i was putting it on but there's only 3 ingredients... maybe it was just me.
it came with a sponge tip applicator as well - and not one of those dinky ones. not sure how often i will use this though (i used it for the swatches though).
oooo and there's a 20% off your entire order with the code "BEAUTY" on their website valid until July 31/12. prices are very affordable! worth checking out!
size: ~ 2 g (just powder) ... ("full size!")
retail value: $3.50 ... or can purchase ~ 5 g of powder for $6.50

3) Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues - so i've only used oil absorbing tissues a handful of times but it's always interesting (or gross) to see how much oil you have on your face. oddly enough, today was not an oily day! i tried it and barely saw anything. on the other hand, my boyfriend's tissue soaked up so much oil it ripped. he doesn't really have a beauty regimen - come to think of it, he hardly uses moisturizer. maybe i'll start keeping this in my bag since it will be handy to use throughout the day.
size: 50 sheets (full size!)
retail value: $2.99

4) Everyday Minerals Blush in "Girl Friday" - whaaaaaatt - you're kidding, this is the third makeup item in the box?? it's true! the blush is a soft berry pink color with no shimmer. love this! check out the swatch above (1).
size: 1.7 g ("full size!" of the mini version)
retail value: $6.99; also available: $10.99 (4.8 g)

5) Comodynes Easy Peeling Facial - okay, 1 one-use packet. i can handle that (especially since i got all those other goodies). will update this with my experience later.
size: 1 towelette
retail value: $12.99 (8 towelettes)

overall, very happy with this box. so many makeup items and the sizes weren't too bad either! the mineral eyeshadow and the blush may be mini sizes but it's perfect because these will still last a long time. hopefully BB5 continues to surprise me (in a good way!).

ps. thank you Candice for naming me her Fabulous Blogger of the Week at Mirror Image: A Beauty-Full Blog! i appreciate your comments :) thanks for reading!


  1. This is probably one of the best BB5 boxes! It's nice to get makeup instead of lots of skincare stuff.

    1. i know hey? it's awesome. i have way too much skincare products to go through!! but i can never get enough of makeup.

  2. I loved my June BB5 box as well - you did a really great, in-depth review!

    1. thanks! have you tried all the products yet? which one is your fav?

    2. I think the All Natural Face eyeshadow is my fave - excellent to use as a highlighter!

  3. Holy Makeup! What a great box! Would love to try eyeliner!

  4. After your comment on my blog I wanted to find one of your BB5 unboxings to see more about it so this is perfect timing! I'm more impressed with this one than others I have seen. Don't tell me I'll be considering a subscription to BB5?! Oh no! I'll wait until I get both Glymm and Glossybox before subscribing. At least I'll try to. I guess the subs for July are done with, so I'll at least wait until I get Glymm and see how I feel about adding another one.

    That eyeliner is crazy! I've never seen anything like that. And seriously I want to try each and every one of these products. Stop posting good BB5 boxes please! ;)

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, you're really nice to do that for my babyblog.

    1. it is perfect timing!
      hahaha i'm sorry i can't stop posting good BB5 boxes since i hope to keep receiving them!!
      and no problemo :)

  5. they did such a great job this month!! I agree, its better than GB this month. thanks for the review :)

  6. Hi love great review! This month was seriously a step in the right direction for BB5 ! [about time!] Kind of excited to see what they bring to the table next month!

    Ashley Come check out my blog ! <3

  7. I was really happy with the box this month! :) THanks for showing how the liner works, I've been scared to try mine! :) What a NICE black! :)

    1. i was very scared too! i'm glad it helped you out though :)

  8. This is awesome! I'm totally recommending the blinc eyeliner to my friend who sleeps with her makeup and falsies on=)

    1. good idea :) i have a very similar friend... hahaha

  9. Have you gotten your July Box yet?

    1. nope! it takes about 2 weeks after they say they have shipped. i usually get it around the same time as Glossybox or a few days after. others in canada have said 3 weeks... so it's still going to be a while!


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