Tuesday, December 04, 2012

GLOSSYBOX: November 2012

my November Glossybox arrived yesterday!! even though it is already December... oh well, the packaging made up for it! and it was also a heavy box - almost 1 kg.

i predicted that we would start getting the Glossy Mag after GB introduced the "North America-wide" pricing (since American subscribers were already getting it). i flipped through it (the cover model's stare is slightly scary, no?) and there are some interesting products in there plus an interview with their "Blogger of the Month". i only skimmed through it rather quickly for like 3 minutes and i have already found two spelling mistakes ("keps" and "cheif")... i don't mean to be nit-picky but i always cringe when i see spelling errors from professional businesses.

ahh... the wrapping makes me so happy! the red ribbon and the tissue paper puts me in a festive mood!

there was the possibility of another Golden Ticket in this month's GB - i did not receive one but i also didn't know about it this time around so i wasn't as disheartened haha.

November's goodies (version 1):

1) Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor in "Here We Kome A-Karoling" - this is part of their Holiday Collection. i understand that the family has a thing for "K"s but the name of this polish looks so odd with the "C"s substituted.

anyway, i am glad that i didn't get "A Gold Winter's Night" since i already mentioned how it looks exactly like Nailtini's "Millionaire". i am a bit jealous of those who got "All is Glam, All is Bright"! looks like a lovely glitter and it matches the box's wrapping with the red and white... hehe.

"Here We Kome A-Karoling NI K32" looks nothing like it is shown on their website - which also says that "This deep, grape purple will make your heart sing.". it is a deep purple but they failed to mention that there are shimmers in it. it's a little hard to tell unless you look closely at it in a some light.
swatch coming later!

size: 15 mL (full size!)
retail value: $10.99

2) Kryolan for Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Pink "Glossy Rosewood" - not sure why they printed "Glossy Pink"... did anyone actually get that color? i like how this is another item created specifically for Glossybox. the color is also very pretty - looks like a dusty pink. i noticed that this blusher actually had a scent - like a perfume. i've never experienced that before...
the best i could do - stop going down so early, sun!
size: 2.5 g (full size!)
retail value: $16.73

3) Nexxus Salon Hair Care: Hydration Kit - i already received this set in my August Topbox as a bonus item; the only difference is that it didn't have the box which i am assuming is because it would not fit inside the Topbox. i am actually trying to finish this up since i am trying to use up my hair samples... guess this additional sample is going to deter me for a while!

both the shampoo and conditioner smell good but the shampoo is rather sweet. makes my hair feel nice and soft.
size: 89 mL each
retail value: shampoo $9.99 (400 mL); conditioner $14.99 (400 mL)

4) Vitabath Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelee in "Fresh Citrus Twist" - this is made in Canada but the website is not Canadian-friendly... there's no information on how much it costs to ship in Canada (even though they say they do ship here) and using the store locator, you can only enter zip codes... hmm.
BUT if you are a fan of their products, i went shopping today and found them in two different locations. so strange how once you are introduced to a new item, your eyes seem to be on alert and they start popping up everywhere. i found Vitabath at Sears and at Shoppers (plenty of gift sets!).

"Fresh Citrus Twist" smells like oranges. i will get to it once i finish my current body wash (the Dove one that i got from GB). i don't normally use body washes or shower gels but feel the need to go through them since Glossybox keeps sending them to me.
size: 170 g
retail value: $15 - $18 (60 g - 170 g) i think this was for the lotions, but for the gelees it's $18 - $40 (300 g - 910 g)... they also sell it by the gallon... why it is in g instead of mL is beyond me.

5) Maybelline MNY My Gloss in "765" - i had no previous knowledge of MNY so i did a little research. it is a branch of Maybelline that is currently prevalent in only European countries. MNY seems to be targeting younger girls with their packaging that resembles the doodling you did in class and their collections like "Red Riding Hood".

"765" is part of the "Yellows & Greens" family which is why it is not surprising that i was a little afraid of the color. there is also a ton of glitter in it. MNY is all about being fun and colorful so i am really quite curious how pigmented this gloss is going to look. but then again, i don't want to open it and waste it... did anyone experiment with this color?
size: 9 mL (full size!)
retail value: $7.49

6) ** bonus ** Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream - i actually bought a hand and cuticle buffer recently since i noticed my cuticles could need a little pampering (review coming up!). this would be the perfect cream to use afterwards.

i also have a Curel cream specifically for feet from a previous Glossybox - looks like i am all set. this Hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream is very smooth and smells like flowers.
size: 100 mL (full size!)
retail value: $3.99

7) ** bonus ** Über Loyalty Card - so apparently i can get 50% of all online purchases with this code. sounds pretty amazing right? i checked the website out but i am not impressed. they have a women's line called "Über Sassy" and for men, "Über Slick". this along with their logo (a winky face) makes it seem a bit juvenile to me. again, i find that the professionalism of a page is hindered when the company is not consistent - sometimes they don't capitalize the beginning of their sentences; sometimes they use "Uber" and other times, "Über". maybe i had to write too many website critiques in university but i do not want to buy their products.

value: $20 (how was this calculated??)

- - - - -

sooo the box is indeed jam-packed but is it sad to say that i was most excited about the wrapping? most of the items were full-sized or generous samples but shampoos, creams and shower gels don't excite me... especially since most are drugstore brands. i rather like the the blusher though and it's nice that there are quite a variety of items. at $21 a month, i just don't feel like i am getting enough value from the box to continue paying at this higher price point (for long anyways! plus, i am not actually paying for it since i got the subscription as a gift)... i am going to start canceling some of these subscriptions after the new year. go me!

on a side note, did anyone go to Superstore lately? thanks to Kylie (in the Canada Beauty Box Trades or Selling group on Facebook), i found out that they now carried e.l.f.!
a lot of it was gift sets ranging from $3.99 to huge palettes for $19.99.
and THIS is just amazing:
all the nail polishes arranged by color.. oh my. the geek in me applauses.


  1. The uber card was calculated as 20$ because they sell this card online for that price but only offer a discount of 40%

  2. And recently my blog was chosen !!

  3. Ooh nice box! I hate spelling mistakes in marketing too!

  4. I got the gold polish, I find it's slightly different than Millionaire so I'm OK with it. It was an OK box but like you, I'm looking to cancel a few in the new year and if I'm not impressed by December's, Glossy may not make the cut at $21/month!

    1. ohh im glad that there's a difference between the two!
      i really hope December brings something special in the boxes :) but then again, that will also make it harder to unsubscribe later on

  5. Replies
    1. i wasn't overly excited about it but i don't mind it - i hope it looks better on!

  6. I'm dying to know...which Superstore did you see the elf stuff at?! *please be the Country Hills location, please be the Country Hills location*

    1. hahaha hi erin!
      i actually went to two superstores and both had the elf products... but they were both in the south (total opposite end haha)! the one off Macleod Trail near Anderson and the one in Shawnessy. i am sure that the Country Hills one would have it too!

    2. I would be willing to brave the wilds of Macleod Trail! I am making it my mission this weekend to get All The Things. :)

    3. hahaha Macleod Trail can be pretty wild. but so is Deerfoot right now! you should definitely check Country Hills first haha.

      and this might sound dumb, but what is All The Things? you capitalized it so i was wondering if that was some sort of set or palette but i couldn't find it :)
      or perhaps, you just meant you were going to get everything? lol

    4. I went to Country Hills, and they had an elf display...but it was totally picked over. :( *silently curses all those who got there before me*

      And All The Things is from here.

      Though obviously if it were a set, I would buy it. (it's entirely possible I have a makeup related obsession). :)

    5. aww really! that's too bad - i actually went to the Sunridge one today and that looked pretty picked over too.

      and hahaa omgawd thanks for introducing me to that blog post... it's like i'm reading about me!

      lolol and makeup related obsessions - i am clearly with you on that one. all these beauty box subscriptions are piling up on me!!
      is there anything specific you were looking for from elf? they had some gift sets like a bronzer and brush or like 3 glosses or sets of false eyelashes... and then a few palettes!

    6. That is one of my favourite blogs...even though she hasn't updated for ages, I still go back and read the posts since they make me laugh so hard.

      I've bought a bunch of stuff from elf's website, so I mostly know which products of theirs I like, though it was kind of hit or miss at first, since the colours on their website really don't match the colours in person. I was hoping that Superstore would start carrying the entire line, so I could save myself the $15+ shipping fees!

    7. hmm yeah i hope they will start carrying the entire line!
      if not, i guess we can hope that Target does when they come here next year? :)
      and yes those shipping fees! im always looking for someone to split that with me

  7. I looooooooooove the nail bar, I want to grab like 10 polishes each time I am at that store!! Must stay away!!!

    1. haha it is so eye-catching!! Superstore definitely knows how to lure us polish addicts in

  8. Whoa the nail bar looks so cool! The box is pretty good, but with the price hike, I don't think I'll go back to Glossy box.


    1. yeah the box is decent but i am not looking for decent. it may be time to unsubscribe!

      and yes i am impressed by Superstore's nail bar too!

  9. The glossybox looks good finually!LOL

  10. We have Glossy box in England but it is not as good as this one x

    1. really? i've seen some great things in the UK ones!
      thanks for dropping by


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