Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WANTABLE: July 2014 [Accessories Box]

it's the day before i head to Florida and what i should be doing is packing but i will feel more complete if i was able to get all my July boxes out of the way. 

here's the last box for the month of July! it featured Danna Ann who is an 'expert' (of what, i am not sure) but i do like the majority of her jewelry selections.
i am not sure if this has been happening for a while now (since i skipped reviewing a few months worth of Wantable boxes) but there's a personal touch with the sticker on the box and the jewelry comes in these velvet pouches now.
 the July box contained four jewelry pieces:

1) Francesca Necklace
retail value: $18

this is not something i would normally choose myself but i can see myself wearing it. i like the detailing on the tree as well as the contrast with the coin.
2) Jodie Bracelet
retail value: $14

this is a unique piece... i've never seen a bracelet that is half leather and half gold like this. the white stone is very nice but the main problem i have with this is that it is not very secure. the leather does not wrap tightly around the stone so if it is hanging loosely on your wrist, it may just unhook and fall off.
3) Brittney Earrings
retail value: $24

cute earrings! i never say no to bows.
4) London Ring
retail value: $14

eeeeeeeeeh. not a fan of adjustable rings. plus, the smallest size it can be is just small enough to fit on my middle finger. 

3 out of the 4 pieces fit my preferences, although the bracelet is too loose for my liking. still, the box is quite pricey and i will be skipping months in the future. i only got up to July as a birthday treat.
is anyone still subscribed to Wantable? they seem to have a variety of other types of boxes now.

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