Sunday, April 19, 2015

WANTABLE: December 2014 [Accessories]

small things like this sticker stating who packed my accessories box and that it was packaged especially for me make me like Wantable more. it feels like we have a more personal relationship. by the way, i like Miguel - this was a pretty great box.
the information that comes with the box is formatted slightly different this month, like this list of my order details. i prefer this look - it looks much cleaner than before.

1) Cora Necklace
retail value: $32.00

first up - the Cora Necklace. LOVE this! it's very pretty and i love the different shades of blue.
2) Marina Earrings - Gold
retail value: $18.00

these earrings are beautiful. they perfectly fit the preferences i selected - studs and geometric designs!
3) Estella Ring - 6
retail value: $12.00

simple but not typical at the same time. looks almost flat when looking straight down at it. not uncomfortable at all.

4) Olivia Bracelet - Gold
retail value: $16.00

this gold bangle with an anchor design is just too cute! the loop can be unhooked from the anchor and voila! fits better on your wrist.

total box value: $78.00
amount paid: $47.01 (still pretty pricey)

thanks Miguel for picking out such a fantastic box! i've actually worn all of these items multiple times, even all at the same time. there's gold in almost all of the pieces so they can easily go together.

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just watched: A Werewolf Boy (i REALLY did not want to watch this one again - just cause it is so sad. so lonely :( ) // Interstellar (there was so much hype but it wasn't THAT amazing to me - i would say it is because of my exposure to Doctor Who) // Exodus: Gods and Kings (i had no idea this was about Moses - oops. very interesting though, especially if you don't know much about the Bible... be warned it is quite long) // In Your Eyes (random selection on Netflix last night but i found it rather good... interesting and odd concept at the same time. ending was a little crazy)
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