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LUXE BOX: December 2013 [Winter Edition]

gooooooooood evening!
i've swung by today to give you a mighty quick post on the... last... December box i have? i might be wrong. there could still be one more hiding.

this is getting ridiculous, i know i know!

here goes:

1) Clinique High Impact Mascara in "01 Black"
ho hum - i've seen plenty of these included in the gift sets during Clinique bonus time.
size: 3.5 mL
retail value: $9.50 (8 g)

2) COVERGIRL LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in "245 Ruby Twist"
i haven't dabbled with COVERGIRL for a while and i was surprised with how quickly i fell in love with this - the ease of application, the color, the moisturizing and light feel it has - all of it! it's so summery too which i am sure everyone is anticipating the change in weather.
size: 314 g (full size!)
retail value: $10

3) Essie Nail Lacquer in "728 Dive Bar"
most of the Essies in my collection are matte shades so this is something different. Essie calls this color "a mysterious blackest blue with shimmer". i love how it is dark with a blue-green shimmer. must try on my nails next week.
size: 13.5 mL (full size!)
retail value: $11

4) EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner 
hmm something seems to be missing...
oh what's that? shampoo?

that's right! i don't know why Loose Button decided to cheap out on us and just give us the second step and not the first... 
but i must admit, i loved this when i received it in my Glymm bag who-knows-when (actually i do - it was September 2012!). it's natural, smells lovely and makes your hair feel super soft and light.
which is why i wish there was a shampoo to go with this!! aghhh 
size: 75 mL
retail value: $25 (250 mL)

5) Honibe Honey Lozenges in "Lemon"
size: 4 lozenges
retail value: $5.99 (10 pack); $9.99 (20 pack)

6) Loose Button Gel Eye Pads
i don't own a set of these so i was feeling okay about getting these. but if you scroll down a bit and see the value Loose Button slapped on these, your eyes might fall out of your head and you will no longer be able to use such expensive gel eye pads.
size: 2 pads
retail value: $30 (yaaaaaaaa right)

7) L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette
the heart of this scent lies in peonies - which i like. it's not 'heavy' and the tiny bottle is adorbs. i actually haven't tried any L'Occittane eau de toilettes before (or even knew they had a fragrance line...).
size: 5 mL
retail value: $47 (80 mL)

8) Simple Pleasures Hand & Body Cream in "Vanilla Bloom"
the scent is nice and not overpowering but i can tell that creams like this one tend to be sold in clothing stores who throw all their body care items near the checkout i.e. F21, H&M. the lotion is watery so it does not do much for long-lasting moisture.
(oh wait! it is the same brand as the cream in last season's box - no wonder the quality felt the same...)
size: 237 mL (full size!)
retail value: $10

i sort of wish i could've cancelled when i was strong. but now there is another Luxe Box sitting in the corner, waiting for me to get around to it. i must say i am happy to try the COVERGIRL Jumbo Gloss Balm. the Honey Lozenges counted as 1 of my 8 items which is sort of silly... the cost of those eye pads were outrageous... conditioner, mascara, lotion - nothing really grabs me anymore.
maybe it's time.
are you still with Loose Button? and are you happy? 
thanks for reading!


  1. Hello! here is another reminder to CATCH UP WOMAN!! hahahaha. i liked this review. the jumbo lip pencil looks nice, as does the polish and you always need a mascara! but yes i am on board with you cutting the cord... too expensive sub!!

    1. haha i really like the jumbo lip balm!
      i actually have way way wayy too much mascara so i can actually do without!

  2. You got the lozenges? I like them for my tea, but I think it's so weird that you got them in your box!

    1. yaaa i found it super odd to find it in my box... i've never tried them in tea before...


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