Thursday, December 06, 2012

BEAUTY BOX 5: November 2012

got my BB5 recently and it looks like they went back to the normal BB5 product info cards. perhaps they only do the other one when they have a theme like Halloween? 

November's goodies:

1) Swagger Eyeshadow in "Swagger" - this pretty eyeshadow is not labelled but comparing it to the shades found on the website, it looks most like their signature color. i love the diamond bow logo - it's very cute (so is the website actually)! "Swagger" is a lovely blue-green color with glitter and is 100% vegan. 

when i swatched it, it turned out to be more blue and not as pigmented as i thought. it was slightly clumpy which made it difficult to get it through the sifter. this also meant that you had to put a little more effort in blending it out evenly. i'll update you when i wear it on my eyes but it seems that the color has pretty much disappeared off my arm already (it's been a little over an hour and i did not use primer)... 
promotion: 20% off order before December 25, 2012; international shipping = $6
size: N/A but i believe it is a 5 g jar that is only about a quarter full
retail value: $9.50 (5 g)

2) Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask - i haven't used any eye masks before so i am intrigued, though i wouldn't be able to judge its effectiveness since i do not yet have any lines to make 'lineless'. 
promotion: 50% off order before December 31, 2012; Canadian shipping = $26.95 (ouch!)
size: 1 sachet - 10 mL ("full size"!)
retail value: $3.00 (1 sachet); $30.00 (10 sachets)

3) Global Goddess Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment - there are a ton of different oils in this (including coconut, neem, grape seed and avocado oils) to make your hair shine. it is to be left on your hair for 30 minutes before shampooing and conditioning. there are a variety of other methods of using this, such as leaving it on your hair overnight or using it on your arms and legs. 30 minutes sounds pretty long so i will use this tomorrow! i doubt that these foil samples contain enough product for my long hair though...
promotion: 20% off order before December 31, 2012; Canadian shipping = $8.95 and decreases depending on order amount
size: 5 mL x 2 = 10 mL
retail value: $20.99 (180 mL)

4) Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion - meh. i've seen this in stores everywhere but i haven't tried it. almost unscented, absorbs quickly, non-greasy, nothing too exciting but it will be used. it is a little difficult to control how big of a glob that comes out using this bottle. 
promotion: $1 off any Cetaphil product with manufacturer's coupon before December 31, 2012 but only in the U.S.. bah! useless.
size: 29 mL
retail value: $8.99 (236 mL)

5) ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in "Strip Tease" - aww i'd love to try more ModelCo products but just my luck that i get a lipgloss in the exact same color as the one in my Glossybox (part of the lip duo). at least the mirror is not impractical like the other one!

this one also looks slightly different than the one on the website - i am guessing that they just changed up the packaging (mine is long and thin while the one online seems shorter with a different cap). i will be saving this for a gift or a swap. check out the link to my Glossybox post for a swatch.
promotion: none but shipping to Canada is $15.00
size: 4.2 mL (full size!)
retail value: $16

- - - - -

hrrrrrrm. i'm confused about Beauty Box 5 again - they started out iffy but then came a string of awesome boxes and now, we have returned to the age of foil samples. on the plus side, leave it to BB5 to continue introducing me to new brands i haven't heard of before.
what really stuck out to me is the Swagger eyeshadow - i'll have to keep experimenting with it before i decide whether or not i really like it. it's really too bad that i already have the ModelCo lipgloss or else that would be another hit with me. 
there was also a $10 gift card to i've been wanting a personalized necklace for a while and there's free shipping! very very tempted!

did you like your BB5? what do you think of name necklaces?


  1. Looks like a decent assortment of products, I did not really enjoy that gloss I got from glossybox

    I love the name necklaces, I have one with just the first letter of my name on it, it's kind of cute!

    1. yeah BB5 is also great on delivering a variety of products.
      hmmm i think i just might get one of those necklaces!!

  2. Looks like you got some pretty decent samples. Lots of beauty boxes seem to start off good then go down hill then pick up again!

    1. thanks for dropping by and commenting :)
      and i agree - i hope that this cycle goes back up though!

  3. We had the exact same box. I had the same issue with the shadow, it doesn't come out easily! Also didn't last for very long. I tried the hair oil and it was probably the worst product I have ever put in my hair (at least, from my experience..) even after rinsing it out, my hair was totally stringy and super oily.. was disgusting! It looked really nice after I shampooed it again though, so for the next packet I am going to use it first, and shampoo after.

    1. the eyeshadow definitely takes a lot of shaking and slamming on a hard surface to get it out! and use a primer - it definitely helps!

      hmm did you shampoo and condition after using the hair oil the first time? because that is what is recommended on the back. when i had the oil in my hair it was totally stringy but after shampooing and conditioning, my hair looked better. i don't think i saw a huge difference though...

  4. that swagger shade looks so pretty!
    i feel kinda same way about cetaphil lotion. i much prefer cerave and it is my staple. ;)

  5. That shadow color looks so pretty, it's too bad it didn't perform as well as hoped when swatched :(

    I got some packets of that hair treatment from the company and I did like it! And I was surprised that when applied carefully, it was enough for my long, thick hair. Smells very coconutty, though!

    I used to sub to BB5 for a couple of months and I unsubbed...there were some great boxes that made me consider resubbing, but this box, while nice, isn't enough to wow me...

    1. yeah i agree that BB5 has not really been consistent! i am confused about what to do with them :/
      but yes that hair oil was sufficient enough for my hair. i didn't want too much on my scalp anyways!

  6. We got the exact same box down to the glittery blue eyeshadow which I actually quite like! I feel like ModelCo had A LOT of samples to give out this month!

    1. oooo i find that the eyeshadow can be a bit too bright on me - i have to apply it a little softer.
      and it's too bad ModelCo didn't give out other samples aside from lipglosses!

  7. We got different colour shadows and a different Global Goddess product. It's up on my blog now if you want to see. I really dislike the colour of shadow I received and I haven't even opened it! :/

    1. awww i checked out your post and the color is actually quite shimmery and pretty in the jar. no idea how it will look like on though!


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