Saturday, December 15, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Liebster Award x 4

ahhh... as you can tell from the title of this post, i fell a little behind in regards to the Liebster Award. i think my first nomination was from Nat (gl0ssy) back in September... and then she nominated me again recently, so i'm doubly honored - thank you thank you :)

i also have nominations from Christine (Little Red Bow) and Chelsey (my beauty full adventure). thank you so much ladies!

i know the Liebster Award has been circling around blogs for quite some time now but i had no idea where it started. i tried to look it up but all i really found were blogs that were nominated. but from what i can gather, it may have started in Germany (Liebster means "dearest" in German). rules were also different - you had to nominate 3-5 bloggers who had less than 3,000 followers. wow! 3,000! that is a rather high number - perhaps this Liebster Award started when there were only a few blogs floating around the web...

anyways, with today's rules, you nominate a higher number of bloggers with a smaller amount of readers - 11 bloggers with less than 200 or 300 (there seems to be a little confusion on this one) followers. most of my research came from here and here.

summary of new rules:
* the Liebster Award is for "up and coming" bloggers with less than 200 or 300 followers
* link back to the person who nominated you for the award
* write 11 random facts about yourself
* answer 11 questions that the person that nominated you asked 
* nominate 11 other people and ask them 11 questions

sounds like a bit of work - so i am just going to nominate 8 bloggers (right in between 5 and 11). and then i'm just going to take the easy road and just do 5 facts - let's make them pretty random facts to make up for the missing 6!

okay let's get started!! this is going to be one long post that is all about ME! enjoy! :)

- - - - -

11 5 (Really Random) Facts about Me

1) i don't have a middle name. it's a rather boring and simple name. plus, my first name is also so grandmother-ly... and then my parents had to make it even worse and name my sister something cool (her name is Ivy). 
2) 90's music is awesome - i love my BSB but 80's music also makes me happy! a family friend burned my dad a CD a few weeks ago and i keep rocking out to it in the car (Modern Talkiing!!)
3) i took a few sewing classes in junior high and high school - i'm no expert but i like making my own Halloween costumes and circle scarves (so easy and so many designs!).
4) i love my Final Fantasy (more specifically, VII - X). you can play a song from the soundtracks and i can probably guess which one it's from.
5) i'm lactose-intolerant... but only in the mornings. it's like i have to wait for my stomach to wake up and start releasing enzymes.

- - - - -

Nat's (gl0ssy) 11 Questions - Round 1

1) What are your top 5 favourite movies? i can't pick favorites!!! but off the the top of my head... (well i am looking at my DVD collection):
Lord of the Rings (especially The Fellowship of the Ring)
Moulin Rouge
Pride & Prejudice

2) If someone told you that you are leaving right now, and you only have time to grab 5 essential beauty items, what would they be? black eyeliner, concealer, a light-colored eyeshadow, lipstick and a lipgloss

3) Favourite season? Autumn

4) Why did you start blogging? i liked reading about people's unboxing posts so i figured i'd start my own! and from there, it evolved to include some other beauty reviews and shoes!

5) If you had to list three pet peeves, what would they be?
- when people get to the front of a line and do not know what they want
- people who walk slowly or suddenly stop in the middle of a street
- those who do not smile or say thank you when you deliberately hold the door for them

6) What is your favourite meal? i love food - but i would have to say either korean grill, sushi or pasta! oh wait - or peking duck!

7) What is your current favourite song? i don't have a favorite right now but some songs i love pretending to be able to sing to are Emeli Sande - Next to Me and Christina Aguilera - Bound to You (lol i just realized how similar the names of these songs were!)

8) What is your current favourite purchase? my Color Club Winter Affair mini nail polish set :) i am also rather enjoying my Essence Twilight Blush 

9) Favourite car? don't have one because i don't really pay attention to different makes and models

10) What is the last book you read? i'm still in the middle of it: World War Z by Max Brooks - not because Brad Pitt is starring in the upcoming movie but because Nathan Fillion recommended the book :)

11) Chocolate or Vanilla? DEFINITELY chocolate! 

- - - - - 

Christine's (Little Red Bow) 11 Questions

1) If you could only own 5 beauty products what would they be? i don't have any specific brands in mind but concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick

2) Do you have any pets? just fish! two of them have er.. suicidal tendencies as they have both jumped out of the tank in the last three weeks. it is rather freaky.

3) What was the first beauty brand you ever bought anything from? probably Bonne Bell!

4) What is your favourite perfume? i switch it up often but i right now i am still using my  Burberry London and Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B.

5) Do you have another blog/website and if so what is the link? well i used to have a xanga but that was way back when i uSeD tO tyPe lyK diS

6) What is your favourite food to make? i can't really cook... but i can make a decent spaghetti. or scrambled eggs :)

7) Do your close friends and relatives know about your blog? hahaha probably only a handful of people know! for some reason, it's awkward to talk about it. i get squirmish thinking that they are looking at pictures of my lips for some reason. 

8) What are your favourite bands or singers? too hard! but i can tell you whose concerts i've attended the most - Backstreet Boys and Michael Buble

9) If you could travel anywhere in the world for a vacation where would you go? i'd love to visit Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand... and all those places around there! 

10) What is one store or item you wish you had where you lived but don't? aahhh i was going to pick Target but they are coming to Canada next year! uhmm... maybe a CVS? but it would have to have the same selection at American prices!! :) perhaps a Topshop 

11) How do you discover new blogs to follow? usually through other people's blogs, comments, or just searching up a review on a product i am curious about

- - - - -

Nat's (gl0ssy) 11 Questions - Round 2

1) Who is your celebrity guy crush? why couldn't this have been a question asking me to list 5?? haha... well i used to be completely obsessed with Orlando Bloom. now, just to name a few, Henry Cavill, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lee Pace :)

2) What makeup essentials do you wear on a daily basis? i feel naked without eyeliner! i also wear foundation, blush, primer, eyeshadow, and either lipstick or lipgloss. a new addition to my routine is eyebrow gel!

3) What is your favourite pair of shoes? hmm that's hard to say... since i have different "favorites" for either the "prettiest" category or "most worn". most worn (not during the winter months) are just some normal slightly-pointed toe black flats from H&M/Sirens/Ardene's. most worn during the winter are UGGs - i can't help it since they keep my toes the warmest! and some contenders for prettiest shoe include my Rachel Roy Carthay heels and my Forever 21 Spiked ones

4) If you can change 1 thing about yourself, what would it be? maybe... double eyelids? :)

5) How often do you shop for makeup? too often. whenever i go grocery shopping or need to buy some cough drops, i beeline for the makeup section first - just to see if the selection has changed in the last three days.

6) What is the one thing (beauty item) you have an excessive amount of? lip products!! somewhere over 50 i'm sure but i do not want to confirm the number

7) What do you enjoy most about blogging? everything! especially the interaction with readers and other bloggers

8) What is your favourite movie? hey! you let me pick 5 earlier, Nat! see Round 1 Question 1!

9) If you can be one fictional character who would you be? Arwen from Lord of the Rings

10) If you could choose the decade you'd want to live in right now, what would it be? that's hard because anything else before the 90s have no internet! 1950s maybe? hahaha - actually, i think the 16th century was quite interesting (yes i just picked a whole century instead of a decade)

11) If you could shop at only 1 store for clothing for the rest of your life, what store would it be? Forever 21 - hahaha there's a ton of variety there but now i can't imagine a 75 year old lady shopping there... so probably Winners!

- - - - -

Chelsey's (my beauty full adventure) 11 Questions

Chelsey told us to pick 11 of the 33 questions she answered and 11 of them were from Nat so i'll cheat a little here too and say, see above! :) this is really me graciously saving you from further boredom.

- - - - -

Bloggers I Nominate

* Aleksandra (Plumpish Beauty)
* Gen (Beautiful Onyx & Mick)
* Majorie (Petits Pots et Coquetteries)
* Margo (City Girl)
* Mishelle (Mishelle's Sleepy Time)
* Sabina (Beauty Blogs & More)
* Victoria (Confessions of a Canadian Wallflower)
* yousoldtheworld (I Sold the World)

My Questions for You

1) What is the first perfume you ever purchased?
2) Favorite Disney movie?
3) If you could only eat one type of meat (pork, chicken or beef) for the rest of your life, what would it be? (assuming you are not a vegetarian haha, if so carrots, cucumbers or celery?)
4) Where do you do most of your online shopping?
5) Favorite TV series (old or current)?
6) What color are most of the nail polishes you own?
7) If you could dye your hair any color and it will only last one day and it does not damage your hair at all, what color would you dye it?
8) Would you rather be stuck wearing the same colored eyeshadow the rest of your life or the same lipstick/gloss?
9) Favorite snack?
10) Do you have a plan of survival for a zombie apocalypse?
11) Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

i won't be offended if you choose not to participate! it does sort of seem like a chain letter hey?

if any of you readers feel like answering these questions in the comments below, feel free!! i am very interested in anyone's answers!
thank you for reading!!! i am amazed if you got through it all - pat yourself on the back!


  1. I used to love Bonne Bell back in the day too! You live in Calgary right? because I found a Topshop listed for there: Calgary Downton Bay Store 200-8th Avenue S.W.

    1. yes i do Christine! thanks for the info - i tried googling it but all it said was that there was a Topshop at the Bay that was opening "temporarily" last year...
      so thank goodness it is still there cause im gonna pop by this week!

  2. Thanks Helen!! I added your link to the awards page of my blog. Congrats on your nomination as well:D

  3. Thank you Helen for nominating me !! :) I really enjoyed reading your answers ! Did you see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Loopers ? He looks really hot in it !!

    1. no i haven't seen that yet!! haha but it is on my to-watch list! :)
      i loved him in 500 Days of Summer! that dance sequence is so cute lolol

  4. Thanks hun! I have already done this tag before but I loved reading your answers :)

  5. Good job Helen! Lots of questions to answer lol ;)
    OH and ps Ryan Gosling hands down

  6. nice blog, would you check out mine and follow ? :*

  7. Thanks so much Helen! I am lactose-intolerant as well, but all day :( Though lately I've been eating some cheese here and there, a bit of cake, I want it to go away.

    I can't believe your fish jump out of the tank like that - that would be pretty freaky!

    1. aww i've heard of people getting over allergies so i hope this works for you too! cake! you should be able to eat cake! and then... ice cream cake? :)

      that fish was so creepy! it's actually crazy because my sister was on the computer downstairs and thought she heard someone come home so she went to check it out but it was the fish flopping around on the floor!! freaky indeed.

  8. Hey Helen! Thanks for the nomination! I too was also interested in the origin of the Liebster Award. Very interesting. :)

    I'm lactose-intolerant. But I have loved dairy way too much and for way too long to give up pizza, or a glass of milk with cookies! hehe

    1. you're welcome gen! you deserve it :)

      and yes dairy!! it would be so hard to resist pizza! my uncle is allergic to yeast and that would be incredibly hard for me too since i love bread! yes carbs!

  9. When LOTR first came out I was secretly in love with Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen. Around the same time, I was in a car accident and my doctor was Dr. Raymon Orlando. When I had to make an insurance claim, I had to name my doctor and I gave the name Dr. Orlando Bloom without even thinking about it! The funny thing is, the woman on the other end of the phone line happily wrote it down without thinking about it and then there was this awkward pause and we both started laughing on the phone because we both realized we loved Orlando Bloom!

    1. hahaha this is a great story! i have 3 posters of Orlando Bloom up still!
      and yes Viggo Mortensen was also hot! i could almost recite that whole scene between Aragorn and Arwen when she is giving him her Evenstar... hahaha
      my December Topbox post talks about a newcomer to LOTR/The Hobbit that i think you might also really like!!!

  10. Aww your blog is most adorable!

  11. Thank you so much for nominating me, I will have a post up soon! XO


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