Saturday, September 20, 2014

FANCY BOX: August 2014 [Kelly Rowland]

i made the switch from Coco Rocha to Kelly Rowland's Fancy box for the month of August. i was experiencing more misses than hits with Coco's boxes and just wanted to try Kelly's before i completely unsubscribed from Fancy.

check out my first Kelly Rowland Fancy box (which came in a yellow box as opposed to a white one with a round pink circle):

1) Living Royal : Ice Cream Cone Ankle Socks
retail value: $8.00

the first item is a pair of socks... i don't think socks are particularly fancy even when the brand has the word "Royal" in it. these 100% polyester ankle socks only come in one size  the ice cream cones are quite adorable though. 

2) Luxe Cartel : Diamond Cutout Necklace
retail value: $24.50 

the card says it's a Dainty Gold Circle Necklace but it is definitely not a circle. i looked up this diamond cutout one but it is not sold on Fancy's site. on Luxe Cartel's website, it is currently on sale and is described as a gold plated over brass necklace on a 16" chain. i love diamond cutouts so this is my favorite item in the box - in fact, i just bought a H&M blouse with diamond shapes all over it just three days ago. would it be overkill if i wore them together? :) 

3) Banksy : Temporary Tattoos
retail value: $10.00 for 2

right after my favorite item in the box, comes the least favorite. yes they are 'artsy' but they are still temporary tattoos... i can't imagine them selling for $10... but maybe that's me being old and boring?

4) Hello Parry : Luna Holographic Checkered Clutch
retail value: $45.00

i appreciate that a handbag was included in the box but sadly i do not love love this one. it's cute and a great size for a clutch (or a mini iPad case). the holographic checkers are neat and i'm surprised that this bag is handmade. it is made of 100% polyurethane and is roughly the same size as the pink padded envelope ipsy ships their bags in.
i am putting this on the Blog Sale page if you are interested!

overall, the value was $87.50 USD and i paid $63.05 CAD for it... very steep price i know. although the bag and the necklace were a nice touch, i was quite disappointed by the temporary tattoos and their retail value. each box is supposed to contain over $80 worth of items so this one barely makes it. what do you think of Kelly Rowland's Fancy box?

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