Sunday, September 28, 2014

WANTABLE: August 2014 [Accessories Box]

The August Accessories Collection features blogger/YouTuber Rachel Weiland and includes vintage-inspired pieces to help you prepare for the fall season.

i really like the pieces in the main picture (shown in the middle frame) with the antique gold tones. three of the four items i got were silver though. :(

1) Sydney Bracelet 
retail value: $18.00

pros - i like the pop of colour with the teal gem and how the bracelet can wrap/unwrap around your wrist.
cons - it is too loose so it doesn't quite sit right. it also feels a tad cheap - the metal band is very light.

sadly, i do not think i will be keeping this. check the sale board! (along with another item or two listed below)
2) Clara Watch
retail value: $24.00

the white straps on this watch have a plastic, low-quality feel to it but i like the face of the watch and how it's large size contrasts with the thin straps. the face is very simple but that will only make it harder for me to read. 
Wantable suggests wearing this watch with a coloured wrap bracelet which i think would look quite pretty.

3) Alissa Earrings
retail value: $12.00

i didn't think these earrings were all that cute at first but they are starting to grow on me. Wantable calls these horseshoes but they look more like wishbones to me. who else remembers Wishbone the TV series?
4) Pria Necklace 
retail value: $21.00

this necklace features 6 pressed round discs of different sizes. the length is adjustable but the lowest it hangs is around 18".

i am not super impressed with August's box so i logged in to my account in hopes of updating my preferences by retaking the test. however, Wantable just updated their website and that option was nowhere to be found! so i went ahead and skipped the month. probably better for me and my finances anyway.

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