Saturday, February 28, 2015

BEAUTY BOX 5: November 2014

November's "Gracefully Grounded" box from BB5:
i guess another term for grounded is boring.. because many of the items included are really regular day to day hygienic items.

1) Afterfeather : Refillable Travel Bottle - 2 fl. oz.
size: 2 fl. oz. bottle 
retail value: $8.95 (set of 2)

very cute bottle for traveling! i love the dandelion print. this would have been very handy if only i did not have an empire of sample sized beauty products waiting on hand.
this is the prettiest and most exciting item in the box... prepare to go downhill from here.

2) DenTek : Floss Floss Picks & Case
size: 6 picks
retail value: $2.49 (4 picks)
promotion: $1.00 off any Floss Pick & Case or $1.00 off any product over $2.00 (manufacturer's coupon); expires Dec 31, 2018

leave it to BB5 to include items that you have never gotten in a beauty box subscription. yes, these are floss picks. BB5 tells you to bring these on the go and 'floss in style'. i guess if you are worried about how you look when you floss then these are for you! in my opinion, there is no sexy/trendy way to floss.

3) HASK : Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment 
size: 18 mL (full size!)
retail value: $2.99 

i have quite the collection on hair oils now and i definitely do not use them enough. i find my hair gets shiny (aka greasy) enough on its own.

4) Laura Ashley : Body Butter in "Sweet Peony"
size: 50 g
retail value: $20.00 (set of 6)

in junior high, i was all about perfumes from Gap. this body butter reminds me of that - soft and sweet.
i would call this a lotion more than a body butter since it is not exactly thick.

5) Dove : Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash
size: 53 mL 
retail value: $6.49 (650 mL)

it's body wash! very similar to all the other drug store brand body washes i have gotten from BB5 - it cleanses and it smells good.

see what i mean? lotion, body wash, floss picks... all day to day items we use so nothing special here.
the box included a 30% off Sparkles & Pop (online jewelry store) promo with code BEAUTYPOP (expired Dec 31, 2014).

currently listening: Impossible Heart - Paloma Faith
just watched: Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Korean - actually watched this last time after Titanic... very sad movie - you need to be prepared with the tissues; reminds me of I Am Sam; the girl actress is soooo adorable!) // Cast Away (first time watching this Tom Hanks movie. saddest i ever felt about a volleyball...)
still watching: Doctor Who Season 5 // Walking Dead Season 5 // Vampire Diaries Season 5 // Marco Polo Season 1 (started a new series with the boyfriend!)
now reading: nothing!! taking a break :P

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