Friday, March 06, 2015

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in "Gilded Rose"

it has been AGES since i have posted a review and not a beauty box post.
a g e s . 

anyhoo - i forgot to update you on whether my journey on cutting back on my beauty box addiction has been successful. i am happy to say that i have had the strength to cut TWO subscriptions so far - Fancy and Topbox. Fancy wasn't too difficult because it is insane to calculate how much i have spent on these boxes.. they are over $60 CAD a month! i must have been delusional, thinking that this was anywhere near reasonable.
Topbox, on the other hand, was more difficult since it was my first subscription ever. i first subscribed to them way back in December 2011. that is over three years ago! we definitely had a long term relationship but it was just not for me anymore - people change, boxes get lame, ya know? we just grew apart.

so let's switch things up a bit here to a nail polish review!

i am currently wearing Maybelline's "305 Gilded Rose" from their Brocades Collection. i have wanted this particular color since last year, so it was completely meant to be when i finally found it during Target's liquidation sale (still sad about Target leaving Canada). 
"Gilded Rose" is a beautiful gold shimmer with soft pink glitters in the shape of hexagons and circles. there are plenty of glitters here - no digging required.
i am wearing two coats. if you layer this polish, then it is quite likely it will chip. in fact, i had chipping within 12 hours - and they were not tiny chips either. i highly advise you to wear a topcoat!

size: 7 mL
retail value: $3.49 (i got it for 30% off)

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