Saturday, May 25, 2013

TOPBOX: May 2013 [regular]

once again, i went with the regular box for my May Topbox. other choices included Coolway, Maskeraide, Elizabeth Arden or a February Favorites Topbox. there was also an option to upgrade to a Ferro Cosmetics or a PretendTAN Topbox.
i was slightly interested in the February Favorites Topbox that included a Deborah Lippmann polish, MUFE foundation and a B. Kamins cream but the colors available for the polish and the foundation was limiting.

here's what my regular Topbox looks like:

1) Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer in "Tel-Aviv About It" - hmmm i think i've seen this brand before but i can't pinpoint where... was it Winners? or a liquidation store?

"Tel-Aviv About It" is a very neutral color - a "light tan" as described on the Cuccio website. neutrals tend to be more on the sheer side but Cuccio boasts a Triple Pigmentation Technology where you only need a max of two coats for opacity. i will put this to the test and update you on these claims at a later date since i am in the mood for some bright fun colors right now (it's too gloomy and rainy these days).

size: 13 mL (full size!)
retail value: $10

2) Lise Watier HAUTE COULEUR High Coverage Lip Lacquer in "Stylista" - doesn't the color look absolutely gorgeous in the tube? such a purdy shade of pink.

way way way back in my December Luxe Box, i also received a Lise Watier gloss but that was a sparkly nude and i don't think i've used it since then. "Stylista" is very pretty though and i've been using it quite often. the scent is actually the strongest fragrance i've encountered with a lipgloss. the color payoff is great but only lasts about an hour. 
size: 1.5 mL
retail value: $23 (6 mL)

3) Yaby Eyeshadow Refill in "ES553 Dragonling" - love the name! and the color is unique too - a matte lilac shadow (the photo is slightly more blue).
pigmentation is good at first but it will fade and become less intense throughout the day. it also applied patchy  (not super smooth as the card says) so a little blending is required.

i wonder if Topbox assumed that most of us were already ipsy subscribers since we all got a GlamRX Palette that is perfect for Yaby eyeshadows a couple of months ago. 
size: 15.5 mm / 3 g (full size!)
retail value: $3.15

4) Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator Nail Buffer - it's a little hard to get excited about a nail buffer but this one has the 4 sides for shaping nails, buffing ridges, smoothing surfaces and adding shine. 
too bad this didn't come with a Deborah Lippmann polish! 
size: 1 nail buffer (full size!)
retail value: $12

so there we have it! looks like everything is a little small when i put them all together. it was an alright month... in fact, all the regular boxes i have gotten (last three months) were just okay, a little boring actually. it's too bad that even though there are more and more Prive box options available, none of them are appealing enough to me. i hope that next month will bring about better choices! 
also i was tempted to get something during Topbox's Spring Sale yesterday - but i forgot to actually get an order in. did you order anything?


  1. I received the same Topbox and found it to be ok as well. Nothing incredibly exciting, but not awful.

    1. yeah i know what you mean. i saw the choices for June and i was not impressed either :/ going with a regular box. again.

  2. I choose coolway because I really enjoy the treatment we previously received into the now dead Glymmbox. I was sad because I never had the chance to order it with my Glymm points. I don't regret my choice because Coolway decided to upgrade Topbox with the full size transform spray instead of small size! I'm very happy with my box;-)

    1. i am sad that i didn't use my Glymm points either! those all went down the drain :(
      that's awesome that Coolway worked so well for you! i didn't find that it did anything amazing for my hair. and hooray for a full size!


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