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GLOSSYBOX: April 2013

so this month's Glossybox had an extra sticker on it - Danone Silhouette... which is

well, it's not in the box itself but there is a coupon for a FREE Greek yogurt pack. sweeeeeet :) the only Greek yogurt i've tried was rather sour-tasting... is that the norm?

April's "Work That Beauty" box:

1) Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush in "Marshmallow Pink" - well that's definitely an interesting brand name. Jelly Pong Pong is based in the UK and ships worldwide (minimum order is approx $40 CAD and shipping is a little over $6).
it took me a while to figure out what color i got since the outer packaging looks like it is "Cranberry" but the color itself is definitely a pink.
the lip blush is nice - moisturizing and pigmented. below, i have swatched it on my arm - the left is one swipe and the right one is 5.
"Marshmallow Pink" is described as a "soft petal pink"; i find that the blue base of the pink is very evident. still i love how pigmented this pink is on my lips. i didn't notice this at first but when the sunlight hits it directly, it sort of looks metallic-y (see top pic below).
lasting power of this lip blush is pretty impressive - about 4 or so hours. it is slightly awkward using it right now since the tip is really pointy but i'm sure it will round off later.

size: 2.5 g (full size!)
retail value: $18.70

2) Schick Hydro Silk Razor - oh hello first razor (from a beauty box) of the year! i wonder how many of these are there to come?

size: 1 razor & 1 cartridge (full size!)
retail value: $10.99

3) Boscia Recharging Night Moisture - this moisturizer feels light and absorbs quickly into the skin. it has a herbal scent to it that is not overly unpleasant. this made me curious about the ingredients so i did a little research and found that this moisturizer is like, good for (almost) everything: it targets wrinkles, dryness and redness. it is recommended for normal to dry or aging skin.

size: 15 mL (not full size like the info card says)
retail value: $44 (40 mL)

4) POP Beauty Cat Eyes Eye Liner in "Tasty Teal" - i was actually contemplating this eye liner when i saw it at Winners a couple months ago but they didn't have a black which is pretty much all i wear. still, "Tasty Teal" is a fun color and i like how the liner is slanted. 

however, what i do not like about this eyeliner is quite the dealbreaker. 

it creases. and it creases ridiculously fast.
i was doing my makeup in the car and had lined one eye, glanced down for a second and look up to find that it had already creased. yes it was that quickly! there's no way my eyelids were already that greasy since i was doing my makeup on my way to work (so at like 7 am!). in order to fix this, i just blended it and used it as an eyeshadow instead.
the next time i attempted this eyeliner, i used it on my lower lashes and it stayed relatively well put there. 
i think if i try this again on my top lashes, i will use a heavy duty primer and check on it multiple times a day, just in case it became super messy again.

size: 0.4 g (full size!)
retail value: $16

5) Heartland Fragrance Soothing Epsom Salts in "Jasmine" - this was definitely what i smelled the second i lifted the lid off the Glossybox. i am not a fan of the smell of jasmine but it is relaxing. i haven't used it in the bath yet but in the shower, the salts dissolve rather quickly.

the boyfriend also noted that these are probably specifically labelled "epsom" salts now due to the bath salt incidents - which were so crazzzyyy.

size: N/A
retail value: $10.10 (850 g)

so here's the whole box! it was definitely jam packed and there is a variety of items this month. favorite of course, is the lip blush. most disappointing? the eyeliner but i will try to make it work again. what were your thoughts?

also, Target arrived in Calgary a couple days ago - and i found it underwhelming. yes, there were two cosmetics brands that i haven't seen widely available in Canada before (Sonia Kashuk and Pixi) but i thought the prices were pretty high. my first purchase there that night included a body wash for the boyfriend and 2 pairs of socks. nothing cosmetic-related! however i did find the Sonia Kashuk area quite empty so maybe next time i will find some goodies.


  1. I am really tired of getting razors in these boxes! Although I was excited about the free Greek yogurt!

    1. hahaha the razors never stop coming from Glossybox!!
      yay free yogurt! have you redeemed it yet?

  2. Ooo...I should check out the Target store when I pass by one today. I picked up a Sonia Kashuk concealer when I was in the states and I just hit pan. I hope Target Canada carries it.

    1. oooo hit pan! impressive :) i haven't seen the entire Sonia Kashuk collection there yet so they just might have it!


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