Friday, May 02, 2014

WANTABLE: December 2013 [accessories box]

oops so i got lazy! gahh work is so busy with quarter end and my taxes are due... wait, overdue? yikes! 

one thing i did get done is booking my Orlando trip in August!! i'm super excited! but there's another trip... later this month that i haven't booked yet. i should just do it! but just last week when i was going to book it, my credit card failed me and prices have slightly gone up since then and i keep waiting for it to go back to what i could've gotten... ughh. don't you hate that??

December's Accessories Box and my preferences: 

Vivian Zhu (who picked the items) only chose 3 pieces this month:

1) Olivia Headband 
very retro feeling. the Style Tip says to pair it with a messy updo. if only i could... i find that the messy hair look is actually so difficult to achieve! who else has this problem?!
the headband is a little too big/eye-catching for my taste but it's sorta cute. not twenty-four dollars cute though.

retail value: $24

2) Bessie Necklace 
hands down my favorite item in the box. i don't own any thick linked chains like this and so i was a little unsure when i took it out of the box. it is surprisingly light. it's simple yet it can totally dress up an outfit in an instant.

retail value: $34

3) Lottie Ring (size 6)
i have an important announcement to make... Frankenstein and i got married!!!! 
check out the bling:
look at the sparkle on those nuts and bolts!

but for realsies, i had to analyze this in depth the second i saw it. odd isn't it??
i ... do not know what i chose in my preferences (above) that would've selected such an item for me. it's just so strange. i can't remember if i said i loved statement rings... but this is indeed it.

i took several pictures to show you the size of it. personally, i find it reaaaaally big. i think i would keep knocking into things or getting it caught on something. FYI, those nuts actually spin.
retail value: $26

sooooo i really don't feel like i got my moneys worth in this box. Wantable boxes are quite expensive and if you only like 1/3 items, it's not a good sign.
quick mention about their packaging! they switched it up to these foam pieces which i think does a better job at protecting your accessories.
is anyone still getting the Wantable Accessories Box?


  1. I love the Lottie Ring - pretty cool

  2. I'm surprised that you're still subscribed to them - i think it is an expensive risk!!

    1. very expensive risk! i blame my forgetfulness on this subscription... it just surprises me every 21st or so of the month!


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