Friday, March 09, 2012

LOVE: Le Château - BC 89 Heels

hey everyone!
it feels like it's been foreverrrrrrrrr since i've blogged. and it feels like it's been so long since i've gotten a subscription box - why does it seem extra long this month?? but i did my shipping notification that my Topbox is on it's way today! not much longer then.. i hope!
so i just have a few pictures of some heels i picked up at a Le Château outlet two days ago. i have no idea what they are called cause the box they gave me the wrong box and i can't find them on their website. all i know is that style is called BC 89. i also do not know the original price of the shoes. there is an orange sticker on the bottom of one that says $49.99 but i got them for $19.99. 

i hesitated at first, since i already have a ton of black heels. but these were different! (have i said that before??)
the decision was finalized once another lady came up to tell me that she thought they looked good.

they are suede and have some PVC material on the back and lining around the laces. the PVC is slightly uncomfortable on the inside so i'd wear them with some invisible socks.
i like how it sort of has an "office"-y look. i find that they look better when i wear tights rather than just bare feet so i'd pair them with a dress and tights. what do you think?
thanks for reading! :) 
ps. i am very happy that my previous post on the report card has been useful to many of you!
pps. i reached 1000 pageviews on march 5, 2012. hooray!!!!!! i can't believe it's gone up that much! very exciting. when i first started this, i had no idea if anyone would be interested in my blog. my sister even decided to become my first follower cause she had doubts. thanks again everybody!


  1. Great find.. I love them "_"

  2. those are cute! :) I like them with tights.

  3. Hi Helen thank you for the welcome! Thanks for offering to take a referral link! I didn't even think of it. I will send you one this afternoon, it seems there's some technical problems on the site atm!

    1. hey :) np!
      is the site still down? i'm hoping to get in pretty soon here so i can still receive the march box when they ship out on the 15th. :)

  4. Gorgeous! I'm not a huge tights girl, but those actually look great with or without them! Great Find!

  5. I guess it's still not working for me. :( I emailed them to see if they can just send me my referral link!! If you don't hear from me by 5 CST go ahead and order so you don't miss out!!


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