Monday, June 15, 2015

FANCY BOX: December 2014 [Kelly Rowland]

quickie post today since well... i just really need to get back on track... 

the weekend flew by again - this time, i had my high school reunion to go to. ten years can come by so fast! i can't believe it's been a decade!! it was a casual get together where invites were sent via Facebook so not a whole lot of people came out. still, it was nice to see some people! there was a whole lot of: so... a) are you married? (no); b) do you have kids? (no).  
i think everyone wants to do a formal reunion in a few months when more people can make it out.

1) Vinyl Impression : Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Sticker in "Black"
size: N/A (slightly smaller than a paper size?)
retail value: $16.00 CAD

good quote but not something that i would put on my wall. for sale!

2) Kryolan : Fun Faze UV-Dayglow F/X Cream Sticks in "91202 UV-Pink"
size: 3.7 g 
retail value: $10.00 USD

the words 'Kryolan' are written so tiny that when i first saw this item, i thought it was some cheap lipstick - especially after seeing the words "Fun Faze" inscribed on the side.

but lo' and behold, it is from Kryolan which is a professional makeup line that i've heard a little about. i believe that they specialize in stage/special effects makeup.

anyway, where i was also wrong is thinking that this is a lipstick. it is actually a cream stick that is to be used on the hair or for special effects only - not for cosmetic purposes. very confusing because on the Fancy website, it calls it a lipstick and there is an image of a girl applying it on her lips. oopsies?
3) Blue & Cream : Change Tray in "Wear the Pants" 
size: 1 6 x 6 tray
retail value: $45.00 USD

yikes - cute little tray but pricey. the tray is bent on the sides and made of glass.
4) Hello Apparel : Hello Heather Grey Raglan Pullover 
size: Large
retail value: $50.00 USD

California Fleece by American Apparel is quite soft since it is 90% combed cotton. this is a size large which is what i told Fancy when they asked me ages ago what size of a t-shirt to send me. i said large, figuring that i would probably just wear it to bed, but the shirt they sent me was nowhere near a large.
in this case though, this is huge! the pullover was already loose to begin with but now it is extra roomy.

so i would categorize this month's box as more of a miss than a hit. the sweatshirt is cute but rather big... and the change tray is neat as well but i can't exactly agree with the dollar value. and i probably won't use the black light cream stick since i am not going to a rave anytime soon...

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