Thursday, August 02, 2012

REVIEW: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in "Yellow"

i had the opportunity last month to review a product - Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream (6 g) - but did not have a chance until now since i was having a little trouble brainstorming (as you will see).

Aqua Creams are cream colors that are designed to withstand water and heat. many of the colors are multi-purpose in that they can be used on the eyes, lips or cheeks.

i avoid cream eyeshadows since i have had nothing but terrible experiences with them - not only are my eyelids on the oily side, but one of them is also a monolid so smudging or creasing are inevitable with cream eyeshadows. but after hearing about the magical properties behind MUFE's version, i was excited to try it out. on the box, it says that this color can be used on the eyes and cheeks. i have the Aqua Cream in "24 - Yellow" (the name is not actually on the box but can be found on the site).

and let's say, there is no better word to describe this color because really that's what it is - so utterly, completely, very very yellow. i have never used such a super yellow before. i was a little intimidated and unsure how i would use this on my eyes (i don't see how it would work on my cheeks so i gave up on that idea completely...).
swatching on my arm, you can tell that it is very pigmented as well. 
top to bottom: natural light; artificial light

the first swatch is of 1 swipe with my finger, the second is 1 swipe with a brush (the brush i used was a little on the coarser side since it was the only clean one i had - so you can see a few lines in the swatch) and the third was about 4 swipes with my finger to show you how vivid the yellow can be! i think that the product goes on more pigmented when using your hands. taking a closer look, there's actually shimmer! it's quite subtle though. i decided to check the Aqua Cream pot again and noticed that the shimmer can only be seen underneath that first layer. 

the Aqua Cream feels super smooth and creamy when you touch it. once you apply it, it dries pretty quickly. there is also a scent that seems ermm.. manufactured. i am not a big fan of it but i don't usually sniff my eyeshadows so it won't bother me. 

i decided to go for it and try it on my eyes. i must warn you that i am in no way an expert in applying makeup so this is the first eye makeup shot you have ever seen!! i just want to show you how you may incorporate this color into your eyeshadow collection! i only dabbed a tiny bit of the Aqua Cream and that was already more than enough. so be careful! a little goes a long, long way. i decided to blend it out using Maybelline's "Emerald Smokes" eyeshadow quad. the yellow is a little too bright and bold for me to wear everyday so i decided to use darker colors to even it out.
awkward eye shots, here we go!!

i kept the swatches on my arm for more than 6 hours to see how it would hold up. it doesn't budge when i rub it or when i spritz water on it. 
after 2 hours, the swatches changed a bit - the ones i applied using my finger got patchy on some areas. since the cream dried, i move my arm around often so it starts to crack in areas when i bend. on my eyes though, i did not find any patchiness which could be because i only attempted to use as little as possible and blended it with other colors. 

from here, i decided to perform the ultimate test on these cream colors. since MUFE created them to last through "extreme environments", i figured cleaning my room meets that definition. honestly, i have been tripping on those spiked heels i posted last week about 5 times and it hurts!! it was time that i finally moved them. i can now say that there is actually flooring under all that mess. looks great!
and my arm swatches? to be fair, i was wearing a long sleeve but i kept it rolled up most of the time. the swatches are there but have faded in terms of vividness. on my eyes, i find that it has faded even more in comparison. 

still, it was pretty impressive for a cream eyeshadow. as advertised, they do not crease or run - not even when you try to smudge it intentionally. i think that for someone like me with monolids and/or oily lids, i'd try using a primer (or a setting spray afterwards) if you want the color to last longer. one idea i found on MUFE's website is that you can add other products to the cream color, like other eyeshadows or what's more fun - glitter! just make sure you blend it all in before the cream color dries. there are now 25 shades available, 4 of which were launched only this June. the Aqua Creams are available for purchase online or at Sephora for $26. 

disclaimer: i received the Aqua Cream from Make Up For Ever Canada (thank you Charlotte!) for review. the opinions above are a reflection of my honest feelings.


  1. Oh cool! I like the look you came up with! Honestly, I don't know what I would have done with yellow...I probably would have pretended to be a chicken or something...

    1. thanks jayne!! haha i felt a little uneasy about trying a makeup look with this yellow but as long as i blend it out, i find that it works much better.

  2. wow that is a bright yellow! I doubt I could pull that off (I feel like yellow doesn't go well with my skin tone).

    1. i didn't think it would work with my skin tone either! but mixing it with other colors helps. it is sooo very bright!

  3. I really like how you blended it with some green, it looks really nice !


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