Thursday, October 11, 2012

REVIEW: Joe Fresh Matte Lip Crayon in "Plum"

so the lip crayons keep on coming...
i am sure this is the last o--- whoops, i caught myself there. i think i have one more that is yet to be used...
but what i can say is that this is the last matte lip crayon i will be reviewing for quite some time. in case you didn't know, i am refraining from purchasing any more lip products this month (and hopefully the next)!

Joe Fresh had sheer and matte lip crayons available but i think they started clearing out the stock when Fall came around. the original price of these lip crayons were $6 but i am positive i paid less than $3 for this.

this is the first second (i forgot again!) lip crayon i own that is not retractable. in fact, it is like an actual pencil crayon. it even smells like a pencil crayon. the cap is clear and the color of the outer lip pencil is a pretty accurate indication of the actual color.

this Matte Lip Crayon in "Plum" (2.6 g) is a dark berry color. aside from the price, i also picked it up because i have nothing like it in my stash of over 50+ lip products (that's only a rough estimate too; i am probably off by another 50 or something ridiculous... i am a little scared to count).

the same thing happened with my dresses. i have a overflowing closet. my solution to this problem is to just buy more dressers.
i already knew i owned a ridiculous amount of dresses - i usually wear jeans but i can't say no to a pretty dress. cause you never know when an occasion can arise where i need to wear a dress that has a sailor feel with a drawstring bust and hem (seriously the label even says SportGlam - i am not sure what i was thinking). so the story is, someone asked me how many dresses i actually owned one day and i shrugged and said like 50. my sister and i decided to actually count when i got home and lo and behold, i had twice as much as that. yes that's right - i can wear a dress every single day for more than three months and would not have to wear the same dress twice.
note: this count was done before summer - i have since purchased more dresses.

anyways, back to the Joe Fresh lip crayon!!
this glides on pretty smoothly and does not tug on the lips. it is matte so i did notice that my lips didn't feel hydrated but it wasn't like i was constantly licking my lips, trying to replenish the moisture.
so like i said, "Plum" is a dark berry color and it leaves a stain afterwards. when i applied it full on, it makes me look a bit vampy (i said this to my boyfriend also and he did not understand what i meant by vampy). strange how in artificial lighting, it looks more red but then i go into natural lighting, and BAM, it's purple. to make it more wearable, i'd apply it lightly in the center and blend it out with my fingers.
i have yet to wear it enough to have to sharpen it but i am hoping it isn't super messy.
artificial lighting; natural lighting

so do you own any "vampy" shades and do you like to wear them?

*hooray* for reaching 20,000 pageviews today :) many thanks to all of you!


  1. That colour totally depends on what light it's in! I think I like it when it looks more red. Good for you for doing a no-buy for lip products - I'm working on a little no-buy of my own (except sub boxes).

    1. i definitely like it more red too! and this no-buy has proven extremely difficult already! i am not sure how long i can last. it's so hard to turn down a good deal!
      plus there's the NYX 25% sale at London Drugs this week and i really really need a jumbo lip pencil...........

  2. I'm so glad that my access to joe fresh products is mitigated by a drive across the highway that I'm just too lazy to do for makeup!

    Good luck on the no-buy with the lip products. I just joined a swap group so I've been buying a ton of product, but none of it is for me!

    1. as for that no-buy, i failed.
      i simply do not have the willpower to turn down a good deal. i think i will try again in november! that way, i can start from the very first of the month.
      so really this slip up doesn't count!! :)


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