Monday, July 14, 2014

TOPBOX: January 2014

i went to another concert!! this has been a great year for concerts!! just recently i went to see SHANIA TWAIN! i heard she hadn't performed on a concert stage for over a decade... which is just crazy. her tickets were also crazy... crazy expensive! but i got a great last minute deal and was able to get pretty decent seats. she had back to back concerts at the Calgary Stampede since the first one sold out so quickly. i was definitely kicking myself when i missed the ticket release of both shows... blergghh... but i made sure i got tickets in the end.
here's her performance of one of my favorite songs of hers - From This Moment On

now back to a quick look at the last January box i have to review... after this... i am skipping to July boxes!!! i have accepted defeat.

January Topbox.
one word for this box: lame.
lame lame lame lame.
especially lame box to start off the year.

1) Aveda : Stress-Fix Body Lotion
size: 25 mL
retail value: $32.50 (200 mL)

yuck - stress-relieving or easy-sleeping lotions always throw me off because they never smell 'calming' or 'relaxing' to me. this particular scent smells like a spice to me... with some dirt thrown in. not good at all.

2) Miracle 10 : Solution II Extra Strength Clarifying Solution
size: 30 mL
retail value: $44 (120 mL)

i haven't used toners forever... forever as in since the time i was using the whole Pro-activ system for my pimples in junior high/high school. which is actually ages ago (almost time for a 10 year reunion!).
i did not forget the slight sting when i use toners... or how it burns my eyes a little when i use it too close to my eyes. it does make my skin feel a tad bit cleaner in a sense. as if all the bacteria are burning off of my face or something... haha

3) Elizabeth Arden : Prevage Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum
size: 3 mL
retail value: $275 (30 mL)

yeeeeesh. it is always the case with these super expensive samples: they are always itty bitty like this which is never enough to convince me to shell over almost $300.

4) Benefit : Benetint
size: 2.5 mL
retail value: $36 (12.5 mL) 

i already own one of these from last year's Topbox celebrating the same occasion - Chinese New Year. it's handy when you are carrying a small purse and would like to touch up later in the night. i find that it works better as a stain on the cheeks rather than the lips. please read post here.

and here it all is!
nothing to be excited about.
i hope you are happy to know the next box i review will be a JULY one. oh goodie. something relevant! :P
glad to get this final January post in and out of the way on my 27th birthday! now to start anew!

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