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GLOSSYBOX: September 2012

amazing! i got my Glossybox for September before September ended? (anyone else automatically hear "Wake Me Up When September Ends" when you read "September" and "end"?)

anyway, it also seems that Glossybox shipped to the west coast first this time! like they said they would so that everyone would get it roughly around the same time. hooray! i've only seen like two other bloggers put an unboxing post up. this has not happened before!

so without delay, here is what i got in my V1 box - i am not sure how many versions there will be this month because if i had not gotten a particular product below, i would be quite unhappy!!

this month's glossy products (also deemed the "Red Carpet Ready Glossybox"):

1) Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shimmer Delight Shine Spray - there looks to be a few typos here. according to the Facebook page, Glossybox explained that people either got 1) Mirror Polish Shine Serum or 2) Shimmer Delight Shine Spray. but putting them as separate numbers is confusing! people will think they are missing a product (which was my initial thought too). anyway, this Wella product is meant to give your hairstyle a little bling and comes in a clear glass bottle. i've tried the spray and though it smells nice (like all Wella products do), i do not see any "bling"-ing (shimmer). maybe it is harder to see with dark hair? or maybe i need to use a lot more of the product? i already used about 10 spritz on one side of my hair (to compare with the other). the hold level of this product is 1 out of 4 - which is the lowest but if you run your fingers through your hair, you can feel a little structure going on.
size: 40 mL (full size!)
retail value: $12.99

2) B. Kamins Bio-Maple Lip Balm - this is actually only a sample size of the lip balm - you could've fooled me! with the lipgloss sample sizes we have been getting from Glymm, i thought that this was pretty big.
i guess the amount in it is less though since it takes a bit of effort to squeeze the product out. plus, the formula of this balm is also quick thick. you really only need a tiny bit in order for your lips to feel hydrated. it looks white but goes on clear and has a really shiny finish that resembles a gloss. you can hardly detect the scent.
size: 4 mL
retail value: $21 (15 g)

3) B. Kamins Bio-Maple Maple Body Lotion - ooo maple again? very Canadian. by the way, these products are actually made in Canada (in Montreal)! i can smell the maple much better in this one and it is not too sweet. the lotion is on the more watery side which allows for faster absorption into the skin. it also contains shea butter so it feels very moisturizing.
the Glossybox came with a promo code for 25% off your next purchase on the website. this lotion is out of my price range though.
size: 12 mL
retail value: $41 (180 mL)

4) NYX Cosmetics: The Crimson Amulet Collection (S123) - i was blown out of the water. seriously, a full palette/makeup kit?! i saw the word "NYX" mentioned in a comment on the Glossybox page prior to getting the box, and i immediately shut my eyes and stopped reading. i knew i was going to love whatever it was going to be since i really like NYX and it's a little harder to come by here in Canada.
and so, can you believe it!? a limited edition collection in our Glossybox? you just made my September. yeah, i'm giving you the whole month, GB.
front and back of the box

i recognized this palette right away because i remember reading this post on Jayne's (Cosmetic Proof) blog. aww Jayne! what a weird coincidence!
the palette is set up like a journal - with a magnetic clasp to hold it closed. i think the design is very cute.
front, spine & back of the "book"
page 1: eyeshadows; page 2: mirror
page 3: instructions to recreate looks of the female characters;
page 4: eyeshadow base, eyeliner, illuminator, blushes, lipglosses

swatches are coming up soon! i haven't had time to play around with this so i can't comment on the wear time, pigmentation, etc etc just yet.

size: 43.2 g; an entire collection - 24 eyeshadows, 5 blushers, 1 illuminator, 1 eyeshadow base, 1 liner, 4 lipglosses (full size!)
retail value: $25

5) *bonus* Dove ClearTone Anti-Perspirant - this deodorant is designed to reduce underarm discoloration which i find useful except i haven't noticed any discoloration on myself. i do get dry skin from shaving though - sometimes it really irritates me how itchy it can get. i've been moisturizing the area before putting on deodorant and it helps. what do you ladies do? 
size: 17 g
retail value: $4.99 (45 g) ... according to

?6?) i am not sure what to do with this one since it is listed on the card and has a value assigned to it but i do not understand it. 5 units for $5.99?
the post-it note in the box says that if you like "Art of Fashion" on FB, you have a chance to win a YSL bag.

so hooray for GB :) i really love the NYX Crimson Amulet Collection - even though i tend not to use my other kits (i have one of those huge expandable Sephora makeup kits as well as a Victoria's Secret one) as much since they take up so much space and are just a bit of a hassle to deal with. but then again, this magnetic clasp doesn't seem to be too much of a challenge for me :)
i've never tried B. Kamins before so it's nice to be introduced to two of their products. and my Wella collection is ever expanding! i do not know if i have a use for all of them though.

Glossybox is my favorite beauty box this month (so far anyway - still waiting for BB5). it topped Topbox :)


  1. wow, a full NYX palette, very very impressed. I just wish mine will include that as well. My box is due to arrive in the next couple of days. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing!

    1. i think yours will! apparently there are only 2 variations (shine serum vs shine spray) so no need to worry :)
      thanks for reading!

  2. Ahh, I cannot wait for the NYX palette! I totally agree, it's really hard to come by their products here.

    1. hi - thanks for dropping by my blog!
      yeah, i know what you mean - i've only seen NYX at Rexall and more recently, at London Drugs. the selection is actually pretty good at London Drugs!

  3. Replies
    1. when i read your comment - i repeated the phrase in my head and it began to sound strange. i had to google it to see if i wrote it correctly heheee :)

  4. Mind I know NYX, where are made in this palette ? made in Canada or USA ?
    Because I saw a little stuffs selling at Walmart.

    1. i took a look at the box and it said made in P.R.C. - which i googled and shockingly found was the "People's Republic of China". being Chinese, i thought i would've known that. haha :)

  5. I heard about NYX in some Glossybox's so I googled a few of them. It's not bad! I found some at Urban Outfitters a month ago for $4.99, I kind of regret not getting it now since they used to retail for ~$25.

    1. oo at Urban Outfitters hey? there's only one UO in Calgary and i don't think they sold NYX. hmm what were they selling for $4.99? seems like a good price!

    2. In California. lol. It was because it was on clearance.

    3. haha of course :) NYX is not widely sold in Canada and never at clearance prices! i was in LA a month ago, i regret not buying more makeup while i was there!

  6. OMG OMG! Cannot wait for mine ur kidding me this is amazing cant wait to get my box!

    1. haha yess!!! i too was ecstaticccccccc! i hope yours arrives soon :)

  7. I cannot believe that I have TWO of these Crimson Amulet palettes!!! Aaaaah! It's a great palette though with great quality, but I'm selling my new one tomorrow! Thanks for linking me ;-) I got the same box as you essentially and also thought it was pretty amazing (if only I hadn't bought the palette!)

    1. hahaha i know - what were the chances!! like you said, at least you can sell it -where will you be listing it on?

    2. I sold it to a co-worker! I just asked for $10 since that's what I paid for mine and she's in love with it!

  8. omg a full palette for a beauty box is such a great deal! so jealous!~ perfect timing too! you should create halloween looks w it!

    1. that is a fantastic idea! i didn't even notice how Dark Shadows and Halloween were so perfect together :)

  9. I'm so jealous of your NYX palette, I am in dire need of a new palette. Let me know your thoughts on it =)

    1. im sorry i havent gotten swatches and review up yet! i'll edit it this wk!


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