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BEAUTY BOX 5: December 2012

on the last day of December, i received my BB5 as well as my Glossybox (post on that later - there's quite a bit of drama with this one).
products this month was listed inside the form of a holiday card, along with some poetry. it was very cute - i love the thought they put into this.

December's products:

1) Jean Pierre Cosmetics Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pads with Microbeads
- this is a brand i've never heard of before. it looks like Jean Pierre Cosmetics specializes in all kinds of towelettes including self tan ones and nail polish remover wipes.
i should take a break from my makeup remover and cotton balls and start using these makeup remover wipes (i am currently hoarding quite a few!). 
size: 16 pads (full size!)
retail value: $1.99
shipping to Canada: not available in Canada - unless you want to use a package forwarding service

2) Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush - i know this particular item got a lot of ladies to sign up for a subscription when BB5 posted a spoiler on Facebook. i, too, was quite excited! 
the brush is thick but small at the same time. the synthetic bristles are incredibly soft! very nice to the touch and it is 100% vegan. this flat top brush is ideal for applying powder and can be used to build up coverage.  
size: 1 brush (full size!)
retail value: $12.99
promotion: 20% off order before January 15, 2013
shipping to Canada: $4.95

3) MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in "Pre Party Prep" - i have yet to use this MaskerAide, as well as the other one i got in my Topbox ("All Nighter") but seems like i am all set for some major partying! i've only heard fantastic things about these masks but i find the price for each one a little too high.
size: 1 sheet / 23 g (full size!)
retail value: $4.99
promotion: 20% off order before January 15, 2013 
shipping to Canada: $3.00

4) OFRA Cosmetics 3D Loose Shadow in "Diamond Glitz" - that is one huge pot of eyeshadow! this is the "smartest" packaging for a loose powder i have ever seen - it has a sifter where you can turn the lid to either open or close it. genius! 
in the jar, "Diamond Glitz" looks like a khaki green shadow with teal shimmers in it. the "3D" reminds me of my MUFE Holodiam Powder. when swatched, it looks like a different color - a very soft taupe with loads of gold shimmer. it doesn't look like much in the shade but once it hits some light, it really brightens up. i'd like to wear this over a darker color. will post pics when i wear it (it's a stay-at-home Saturday for me!). 
natural light; with flash

size: 4 g (full size!)
retail value: $19.90
shipping to Canada: $9.95

5) Demeter Roll On Perfume Oil in "Cherry Blossom" - i've actually seen this brand pop up in some of the fancier Superstores but i've never tested out their products. i have to say i am now super intrigued with their "Fragrance Library" and their 235 different classic scents!! there's such an extensive range - people who have always wanted to smell like a "Crayon" or "Sweet Cilantro" or "Fresh Hay" can finally find it all with Demeter. 

"Cherry Blossom" is one of their top 30 scents and i can see why. like Majorie (Petits Pots et Coquetteries) said, it is quite similar to Ralph by Ralph Lauren (the original blue one) which is one of the first perfumes i have ever fallen in love with. it's a soft floral and smells just lovely - it does fade in a few hours but the travel-friendly size means that you can reapply it whenever you want to.
size: 8.8 mL (full size!)
retail value: $10
promotion: 20% off order before January 31, 2013
shipping to Canada: $12.99

... uhm what? these are ALL full sized items? way to go, BB5! the total value of this box is quite impressive as you would've thought since the eyeshadow alone is $20! the total value is: $49.87 and even without knowing the prices, there would be no hesitation when i say that this box paid for itself and more. my favorites in this box would be the Everyday Minerals brush and the Demeter roll on perfume. 
on a separate note, i'd just like to throw in that i was finally able to watch Les Misérables (typing the title was no problem but you should watch me struggle in real life) on Wednesday night and i have had the soundtrack on repeat since then (red! black!). amazzzzzzzing movie!! i have always been indifferent about musicals but this one was really something. very powerful songs and emotions. i was impressed that all the singing was done live and that only about 10 lines throughout the movie were not sung. 

have you watched Les Misérables? what did you think of your BB5? what other scent would you like to try from Demeter? 


  1. The brush looks nice! I love Demeter! I used to have some of the purfume from their Hello Kitty collection & I loved! I also have their roll-on in Dragonfruit that I got the MyGlam/Ipsy months ago. This looks like an amazing BB5 box. :)

    1. oo i saw the Hello Kitty set on their website - it's cute!
      and mm Dragonfruit sounds like it smells good :)

  2. How awesome! I've had that EM brush for a long time (4 years probably) and it is still in great condition. It is amazing for powder and liquid foundations!

    1. nice that is good to know!! i love how when i use it with powder, the powder doesn't fluff all around my face but actually stays on my skin!

  3. this month's BB5 was amazing! oops, i didn't read the left hand side of the card so i totally missed the poem. i'll have to find the product card and read it haha.

    i loved the les mis soundtrack when i was young... i listened to it on repeat. i asked my hubby if he wanted to go see it but he has no interest in musicals so i'll be asking one of my girlfriends to go with me. i really want to see it!

    1. i really had no knowledge of les miserables going into the movie except for that it is a musical and that it's been ongoing for quite some time. since the movie, i've also watched the entire 25th anniversary les miserables concert... time to watch the 10th!haha

  4. Awesome products :) I saw Les Mis as well and I loved it! I want to go and listen to the songs now :)

  5. awesome job BB5 and great post Helen! I always learn something new when I read your blog :)

    1. aww gen!!!!!!!!!!!
      that makes my day knowing that :) thank you for that very sweet comment!

  6. I agree with you, this is a great box! I looove the eyeshadow and also like how they designed the box so the powder doesn't spill all over. Thank you for your link to my blog! :)
    I've been wanting to see Les Mis since it came out but didn't get a chance to yet, it looks so good!!

    1. the packaging of the loose eyeshadow is so smart! it's the first time i've seen something like that.
      np on the link! you were the one who thought of it first :) and you should definitely go see it! i was really blown away

  7. I loved my BB5 too! They did a great job! I don't know if I want to smell like a crayon, but I DO love the smell of cilantro and parsley!

    I'm seeing Les Mis next week. Did you ever read the book? I'm getting ready to cry when I see it! *I dreamed a dream of times gone byyyyy*

    1. haha i cant believe some of the options they have listed on the Demeter website! creative but how much do they make off of "Vinyl" and "Lobster"??

      come back and let me know what you think of Les Mis!! i have never read the book but i think i just might since i've watched the 25th anniversary concert :)
      yes be prepared to cry! don't hold back because it will happen. many times.
      ... *when hope was high and life worth livinggggggg*

  8. Helen, I just loved this months box!!! I thought it had a lot of fun stuff..can't wait to try the shadow!


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