Thursday, December 11, 2014

FANCY BOX: September 2014 [Kelly Rowland]

here comes an orange Fancy Box, handpicked by Kelly Rowland. this month had no item card so i had to do a search on their website for all of the items below.

1) Mzube : Photomug Retro Camera Mug
retail value: $16.00

looks like i got the retro version of this Retro Camera Mug - the one they are selling on Fancy is an updated version. this is sort of cute but i have a handful of mugs at my work now, one of them being the Morning Mug from an earlier Coco Rocha Fancy box. i'll probably regift this! tis the season, right? :P

2) Isaac Jacobs : Neon Rim Frames
retail value: $15.00

this is a neat photo frame. at first, i thought it looked a tad boring but this is actually REALLY neon. so bright! and quite heavy as well. it fits a 4 x 6 photo and also comes in neon purple.

3) Galisfly : Gold Ear Cuff
retail value: $24.00

i've bought a few ear cuffs in the past but sadly, i don't wear them more than once because of sizing. they were either too tight or too loose. BUT this one is adjustable! it is handmade in Israel with gold plated brass. i think i might try to wear this at a wedding this weekend... we will see how that turns out!

4) Galisfly : Thin Ring Bracelet
retail value: $34.00 

another Galisfly item but this one is rose gold plated brass. i admit that i've been intrigued by ring bracelets before but never figured out how to pull it off. i feel like i have to exude a certain aura of cool before i can swing a ring bracelet. 'swing' is probably not the term i should be using when defining cool... maybe a wedding would be a place to test this out as well? an ear cuff is cool too right?
and tada!! the four items in September's Fancy box. not too shabby hey? the jewelry pieces are items i wouldn't have picked for myself but am intrigued to try. the neon photo frame may soon find its place on my work desk but i have yet to figure out what photo to put in it... i currently do not have any photos at work so the pressure is on to pick a meaningful one. :)
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