Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FANCY BOX: October 2014

looks like Fancy is cutting back on the info cards... bummer. sort of defeats the purpose of getting a 'handpicked' item from Kelly if i have no idea why she chose it anyway... for all i know, someone not named Kelly is throwing these random items in. :P

1) American Apparel : Glow in the Dark Nail Polish in "65469 Neptune"
retail value: $18.00 (3 bottles)

okay, i can handle glow in the dark polish, i can handle blue polish, but WHY three bottles of it?! i do not understand... what am i going to do with 3 bottles? (see sale page...)
as you can see, the polish has settled and although i can see a ball in there, the polish is still very thick so it is difficult to shake this up. i don't have a UV light to test this polish out just yet.

2) DIY Nails: Nails Decals in "Celestial"
retail value: $10.00

DIY Nails is a UK company and they carry a range of nail decals - you can even get the faces of Breaking Bad on your nails! the nail decals can also double as temporary tattoos. nail decals seem like a lot of work to me but i might try it out one day if all it takes is a little bit of water...

3) Kitsch : Charm Jewelry Necklace & Earring Set in "Be Electric"
retail value: $32.00 (CAD $38.72)

hands down my favorite item in the box. i love simple jewelry like this - so easy to wear! and plus, lightning bolts! any Harry Potter references are welcome :)
the necklace and earrings are 14 k gold plated brass but they are also available in sterling silver plated brass. the necklace chain is 16 inches, so it sits right between my collar bones.
Kitsch ships to Canada and their prices aren't bad either. their rings are especially cute!

4) Paperwallet : Wallet in "Galaxy"
retail value: $14.00

this particular 'Galaxy' design is part of the "Pattern Series". it is a very pretty design... reminds me of my desktop background at work. the faces of two Sphynx cats chill on the inside where you would put your cash. Paperwallet products are made from a type of paper called Tyvek - it's thin and waterproof. i tried (not too hard) tearing it and it didn't work. it is also 100% recyclable! that's neat for sure but i don't really use wallets. instead, i rather flip through about 20 cards before i find my credit card. you know how it is. i gave this away during one of the Christmas exchanges last year.

5) WallsNeedLove : Wall Decals in "Silver - Coronata Stars"
retail value: $12.00

at first i was like, what am i going to do with this?? but, after checking out the website, i am inspired! there is one photo in particular where it looks like the stars are bursting from the corner of a room and the stars are just falling. very pretty!
there are plenty of designs as well as a number of colors to choose from - 40 to be exact!
tutorials are available which would definitely be useful to me.
i believe their design packs change recently because the website says there are 28 in each but mine says 30.

some of the contents were misses, but those that were a hit - hit hard! i especially love the Kitsch jewelry set because it is so dainty and cute. i was feeling iffy about the WallsNeedLove wall decals but their website has inspired me! i just need to figure out now where to release the inspiration... decisions decisions!

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