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FANCY BOX: November 2014 [Kelly Rowland]

has anyone gone to some Big Taste events happening in Calgary these few weeks? i am blaming them for the amount of times i've been going out to eat!

this week, i tried the dinner menu at Buchanan's and Hapa Izakaya.
at Buchanan's (steakhouse, contemporary), i had the mixed green salad (you can never go wrong with pork belly and i've discovered a new cheese that i like - boursin!), the New York steak (which was just alright, not all that tasty) and finished off with the auchentoshen creme caramel (which i don't really understand - some kind of pudding that tastes like egg tarts). overall, Buchanan's was just okay. i wasn't super impressed by any of the courses.
i also had the dinner menu at Hapa Izakaya (Asian) which included a carpaccio trio (light and delicious), buta no kakuni (pork belly again, this time in steamed buns but very fatty) and spicy pork hot stone bowl (lackluster... perhaps missing an ingredient or spice?). there was a dessert as well, a sort of tofu pudding with maple syrup and almond nuts. this dessert was delicious! but sadly, it is not on their regular menu. i find that this sort of defeats the purpose of the Big Taste event. i thought it was supposed to introduce you to many of the food items at a restaurant... but what happens when you fall in love with something that is just available temporarily? :(

November's Fancy box featuring Kelly Rowland included:

1) AdNArt : 45 Degree Tilt Tea Mug in "Black"
retail value: $9.99 CAD

great concept! i hesitate to try loose leaf tea because i'd have to get a diffuser, steep my tea and then take it out while it is still wet... sounds like a lot of work to me.
so instead, this ceramic mug comes with a silicone diffuser, so when you're done steeping, you can tilt your mug and there's no dripping mess! you can also move the diffuser around the lip of the mug depending on your preference of mild or or deep infusion.
also available in other colors: red, purple, green, yellow

2) Kikkerland : Head Massager
retail value: $4.00 x 2

to achieve a similar response from your friends and family (see first pic below), all you need is this fancy stainless steel tool. "Instantly invigorating" cannot describe this massager better. it's like watching babies try lemons for the first time - get ready for some LOLs.
i have seen these around at those shops that sell quirky items, never thought i'd get one, let alone two. thank goodness i gave one out during a Christmas exchange. reviews for this item have been very positive though!

3) Suck UK : Break Glass Money Box
retail value: $12.00

another one of those quirky items. don't worry, you can also twist to open the back for non-emergencies. 

4) NPW : Get the Hint in "Loud and Clear"
retail value: $6.95

pretty funny labels that are probably not appropriate for work. don't take my word for it though.

5) Young and Wild Tee 
retail value: $?? (someone on the web says $32)

printed on a short sleeve shirt from Next Level Apparel. very soft material. can i just say that the sizing is ridiculous though? i selected my shirt size on Fancy as L because to be honest, i probably will only wear whatever shirts they send me to bed (this shirt is a very good example since being young is almost pushing it for me, and wild, well that is out of the question). and i like to wear comfy and loose pajamas so Large was what i went with. this would be way too tight! still soft though.

all the items in this November box are definitely 'quirky' but only a few are practical for me. the Tilt Mug is a genius idea... hopefully it works out well! 
can't wait to use the Head Massager on unsuspecting people... muahahaha.

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