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BEAUTY BOX 5: December 2014

oops!! it's been almost a month since my last post - don't worry, i have a long list of excuses: 
taxes, hockey playoffs, binge-watching a new series, an internet connection that refuses to work...
ugh. it's the worst! i have the Shaw wireless modem thing and i get internet on my iPad and phone no problem but my desktop computer struggles and struggles. bah!

anyway, LONG WEEKEND I LOVE YOU. i even took Friday off just because i needed the extra extra day. still, i did not want to get out of bed this morning. i'm long overdue for a vacation. hmmm but where? suggestions anyone? 

December's box: Merry & Bright
1) Jacqua : Rose Bouquet Hydrating Facial Mist
size: 50 mL (full size!)
retail value: $16.50

i already own a product very similar to this - which is the Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz. both smell of roses but this particular Jacqua one comes in a fancy glass bottle. another difference is that this one does not have any mention of preventing makeup from fading so i might just hang onto my Australis one for now. 
besides, the Jacqua one was last seen on the Last Chance section on the website and is now sold out. 
2) Absolute! : Nail Polish Remover in "Spring Fresh"
size: 32 pads (full size!)
retail value: $2.99

my nails have been naked for like two months - what am i doing with my life!? so.sad.
3) Juice Beauty : Stem Cellular Moisturizer
size: 7.8 mL
retail value: $65.00 (50 mL)

this white cream moisturizer smells like lemons!
4) Nanacoco : Nail Polish in "#21124 Stardust"
size: 16 mL (full size!)
retail value: $3.95

not a fan... i have not seen many orange nail polishes in my life - coral yes, but not really orange orange. not only that, but orange sparkles?! straight to the blog sale board.
maybe this is why the nail polish remover was included?... am i being too mean now? sorry orange.
5) Lucky Brand : Fragrance in "Lucky Number 6"
size: 1 sample vial
retail value: suggested $50.00 (50 mL) but the CVS website says otherwise: $12.99

this was released way back in 2006 - which i did not actually know but found off the interweb. i find it a tad bit strong at first. it is described as having "notes of peony, tigerlily, jasmine tea, casheran, lotus leaf, musk, liquid amber, lychee". 

that's all folks! moving on to the next one... due to my silly rule of not opening a box until i finish blogging about one, the mountain is still growing... better get to it!

currently listening: Big Girls Cry - Sia
just watched: The Princess Diaries (watched it once ages ago so it was nice to rewatch this - who would ever say no to being a princess EVER though??) //Monster's Ball (pretty depressing at parts) // The Age of Adaline (quite sweet and blake lively is just gorgeous all the time, but the scientific explanations was hil-ar-io-us)  // Almost Famous (recommended by the bf because of the music and i did enjoy it - great story) // The Maze Runner (second time around! still quite thrilling)
still watching: Walking Dead Season 5 // Vampire Diaries Season 5 // Marco Polo Season 1 (finished! the pace is rather slow i think but the parts that weren't, were really good!) // Outlander Season 1 /// Game of Thrones Season 5 (it's back!)  // Forever Season 1 (found a list on imdb about TV shows being renewed, cancelled, or up on the chopping block ... all the comments kept saying 'i hope they don't cancel Forever!' - i had never heard of the show so i looked it up and then i was hooked. i have 3 episodes left, and it's come to my attention that it was indeed cancelled. BOOO!!)
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  1. Awww, I'm sure that orange polish will find a home! How many more boxes do you have left? I can't even imagine my life with beauty box subs now. It's just too overwhelming!


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