Thursday, February 09, 2012

REVIEW: Fusion Beauty LipFusion InFATuation

hello :)
i have had some time in between subscription boxes, so i thought i'd share with you a great deal i found last month at Winners. one thing i must say is: i absolutely LOVE Winners. i'm one of those people who love to find great deals and Winners is a fantastic place if you are willing to do a bit of searching. i am also a very thorough shopper and can spend over an hour there.
i must admit that i was first intrigued by Fusion Beauty LipFusion InFATuation when i heard Kim Kardashian was a fan of the "Big & Bare" color. i know she's not a great role model, but i like her style and was looking for a nude lip color that didn't wash me out. i looked it up at Sephora but it was too pricey for me (can't remember exactly how much, but it retails for about US $29).
sooo back in December, i found Winners had the same brand but in a different color - "Angelic". this was lighter in color and more sparkly than "Big & Bare" but decided that for around $7 or $8, i could test the formula out.

-- update: i found the original box and it was actually $6.99. i also included a picture of the little brush applicator. for those who are interested in picking this up in Calgary, i swung by a Winners today (near Heritage and MacLeod) and found that they had this in "Angelic", "Big & Bare", "Full Frontal", "Pucker Up" and "In the Flesh".
turns out the formula is a bit on the sticky side, but that didn't stop me from buying a set of 5 mini ones a month later.
this set actually had the color i was looking for, and for $8.99, it was a steal! (on the box, it even says the value of the box is $42). the full size one i bought earlier was 5.5 g, while the set contained 5 that were 2.5 g each.
here are the colors all lined up, with the full sized one at the very end:
"La Lip Jolie" - a baby pink color
"Full Frontal" - coral pink
"Pucker Up" - another pink, but deeper
"Screen Siren" - cherry red
"Big & Bare" - nude
"Angelic" - very sparkly and light nude/beige color
as mentioned earlier, it is pretty sticky - i had to peel my hair from my lips a few times. it does last a while though and smells sort of sweet. 
now for some lip swatches:
left to right, top to bottom: bare lips; "La Lip Jolie"; "Full Frontal"; "Pucker Up"

the first 3 (all the pinks) look pretty similar on me - they are a bit too light so they appear sheer.
left to right, top to bottom: bare lips; "Screen Siren"; "Big & Bare"; "Angelic"

then i tried on the fourth one: BAM! color! this is seriously the strongest red i have ever tried. it made my lips stand out so much, my face looked unbalanced. these swatches was the first time i ever tried "Screen Siren". to me, it is definitely a color you wear on a night out. "Big & Bare" turned out to be okay - i have to layer it in order to see some color. as for "Angelic", it seems a little too pale and a tad too sparkly for my taste.
a special mention on "Screen Siren": it was a bit much for me so i decided to blot it on some tissue and i found a much more wearable color (pic on the right). look how much color came off on that tissue and there's still red on my lips. i also liked that it was less shiny after blotting.
anyways, i'm satisfied with these purchases. i am happy that i got to try so many of the colors for a low price. i don't think i'd be buying these specifically again, since i do not like the stickiness issue and i am not in love with any of the colors. i use the three pink ones and the nude color pretty often though. as for the lip plumping factor? i am not sure if it has had any effect and i don't mind. i did not buy them for this purpose since i think my lips are pretty big as it is. however, for those of you who are wondering, it does have a tingling sensation when you first apply it but it goes away after a while. has the lip plumping action worked for any of you?
thanks for reading! :) stay tuned because my Topbox should be arriving sometime next week! (too bad that i receive my Glossybox in March cause i heard some already got theirs!)


  1. Wow! That is an amazing deal. I love La Lip Jolie!! & I can't believe how pigmented screen siren is! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Yes wowo.. another amazing deal :)


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