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GLYMM BOX: January 2012

hi everybody!
i am very glad that you have taken the time to visit my blog. i've had an *extreme* increase in page views since my last post (as in now there are readers other than myself!)  and it's makes me feel so excited! special hello to my 2 followers!! even though no one has commented yet, i really appreciate your time. :)
anyways, today's post will be about my recent box from Glymm, received on Chinese New Year (January 23). it arrived in the pink cardboard box with a "fragile" sticker on top - which is odd since there are no (spoiler alert) jelly beans in this one... :( sad sad sad!!
untying the ribbon you'll find the samples list behind the picture of the lady who sort of creeps me out by her stare... is it just me? you will also find a card telling you to visit and another with a coupon code for a free lip shine with an online purchase. however, i heard these RMS Beauty lip shines sold out very quickly.

inside the box:
1) Kaia Naturals facial cleansing cloths - hmm.. apparently there are 4 uses for this cloth, so i guess they figured it will be okay if we only try it once? i prefer to use makeup remover (has to be oil-free though). some of the cleansing cloths i've used in the past didn't take my makeup off without me having to rub my eyes a few times, and then it will get in my eyes and it will sting. sometimes i will also lose an eyelash!! (a very sad time indeed since i have so few). hopefully it will not be the case with this one.
size: 1 cloth
retail value: $17.99 (30 cloths)

2) Vasanti Cosmetics face rejuvenator - i just tried this so i can't say if it has had an rejuvenating effects yet. it is a white liquid and when you rub it on your face, you can feel a little bit of the crystals that is in the formula.
size: 12 g
retail value: $34 (120 mL)

3) Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel - hooray! this item was probably what i was most excited about. this brand is known for developing many products aimed towards providing you with well-groomed brows. i've wanted to try Anastasia products for a while now. anndddd i've never used a brow gel before. it definitely makes a difference though. it made me realize i need to do a little clean up around my eyebrows since this gel sets it in shape all day. it felt a little odd at first cause i can feel that there is product on my eyebrows. but at the same time it doesn't feel stiff... just strange. guess i will get used to it soon. by the way, it goes on clear.
size: 2.5 mL
retail value: $21 (~ 8.28 mL)

4) Burt's Bees body lotion - i received 2 of these samples of lotion which is good since i will be able to get a few uses out of it. however i haven't gotten around to trying these since i've already received a few lotion samples from my previous boxes. i've heard good things about the brand and its lip balm before so hopefully it is just as good.
update: just used this - me and my sister used one entire sample on our legs and arms. i am not a fan of the smell at all. i don't really know how to describe it - but it's a bit overpowering and smells musky with a hint of honey... other than that, it is quite moisturizing.
size: 7 mL each x 2 = 14 mL total
retail value: $12.99 (170 mL)

5) Cargo Cosmetics eye pencil in "Black" - i've noticed that sometimes people receive different products or different colors of products in their boxes, so i was glad that when i looked at the back of the eye pencil box, the label said "black". eyeliner ranks pretty high on my beauty must-have list. i feel naked when i am not wearing eyeliner. when i took the cap off, my first impression was that it looked like it was one of those eyeliners that will tug on your eyes. in my experience, all eyeliners that need to be sharpen will do that to you. i was wrong - it actually glides on pretty easily. but i still wish it was one of those self-sharpening pencils where you just twist the bottom - they make life easier.
size: 1.1 g (full size!)   *side note: on the card it says 2 g but that's including packaging
retail value: $16

overall, i'm happy with my Glymm box. the two most impressive products were the brow gel and eye pencil. i definitely will be putting those two in use. i am very glad i was once again introduced to a brand that i've been meaning to try by means of these sample boxes. can't wait to get my boxes next month!
also, it has been said that there has been instances where the jelly beans jar broke while in transit which could lead to damages to the other products or possibly harm the consumer, so Glymm has decided to stop sending jelly beans. they are working on a substitute! those jelly beans will be missed though - i've only received them once but they were so pretty (and delicious i'm guessing? i don't want to eat them now that they may be the last ones i get from Glymm...)
thanks! please let me know of any thoughts or feedback you might have :) have a good day!


  1. hello! :)
    Based on what I've read so far, I'd say this Glymm and this month's Topbox are probably my faves. I have to wait until either Feb or March for my first Topbox though :( Dissapointed 'cause I'm wondering if they'll have it kinda valentine's themed at all?

    1. hi there! so do you also subscribe to Glymm and Loose Button? that's too bad that you have to wait for your Topbox - at least it's not til June (which i heard is where the wait list is sitting at right now)! i'm not sure if it will be themed though, since i was thinking the same thing in December but the closest thing i got was the red and white jellybeans from Glymm. it'd be fun if they did do a theme though!

  2. Awesome review! It's crazy how much your views go up when you post about subscription box's eh? haha you're definitly right when you say an extreme increase. I'm sad I missed this month's Glymm box, but can't wait for the Vday edition, hope they send some sort of sweet or candy =D

    Check out my blog:

    1. hi there! thanks for following! at least you didn't miss out on any candy this month from Glymm - there was none! maybe they'd make up for it in the February box? :) i wouldn't mind. also nice blog! have you received those shoes from shoedazzle yet? i've been quite tempted by them as well but i haven't bought anything yet. let me know about your experience!

  3. Just seeing this now, sorry! As you already know I received them haha, they are my first pair and I'm so impressed. YAY!
    Also I heard Glymm isn't putting the candy in the boxes anymore because many of the glass bottles were shattering and ruining other products. Such a shame, they were so cute!! :(

  4. Hi! Found your blog when I was looking up TopBox unboxings/reviews :)

    Curious to what you thought about the Kaia cloths? I was skeptical at first but found it to be really nice on my skin and not oily, plus it removed everrrrything. Only item from any of the beauty boxes that I've bought full size of :P

    1. hi! thanks for following :)
      i actually haven't used that yet. i've heard fantastic things about it and i guess i feel like i need to save it for a night when i am wearing a ton of makeup or something so i can really test it out.
      i have yet to purchase something full size. it seems that i keep getting samples so i am not really running out of anything just yet (especially hand creams - i'm set for the year!)

  5. As far as beauty boxes go, I am signed up for the Glymm box, I am a big fan of it . The anti-aging will sit will all the other anti-aging creams I have, I will try it, but like most other ones they aren't really what I am looking for but I can see how it might be too strong or sweet for some people.


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