Sunday, February 26, 2012

LUXE BOX: February 2012

so here's the last box of the month! according to Canada Post, it was delivered on the 22nd .
it arrived in the cardboard box in its regular size (instead of last month's extra large edition). but wait a second - this month's box is an eye-popping red instead of the usual sleek black! Loose Button partnered up with FLARE magazine to create this limited edition box.

FLARE's March 2012 magazine cover is featured on the front of the sample list card. aside from the greeting card, there is also an offer for a FLARE subscription where you can also get a Nicole by OPI nail polish for free as well as another offer for $25 off a minimum purchase of $75 on - haven't heard of this website before. sorry for the glare :)

Loose Button's samples of the month:

1) DKNY pureDKNY Verbena - cute bottle but i dislike not being able to spray it on! on the card, Flare's tip is to "spritz" it behind your knees or stomach so that it lasts longer which is a great tip since i was usually told pulse points were the way to go, BUT how do i go about this "spritz"-ing business?
the perfume is very floral - maybe i inhaled too much but i got slightly dizzy. i felt that the scent was a bit strong because once i got into a car (with the heater on since it was snowing), i was a little overwhelmed with the smell - again, the dizziness. and i had only dabbed it on!
size: 7 mL
retail value: $80 (50 mL); $105 (100 mL)

2) Cargo Lash Activator in Black - can't say much since i haven't been able to test it just yet. along with having quite a few mascaras (still unopened!), i also have many lash primers. i'd definitely use it in the future though since i am on the quest to overcome invisible eyelashes (slight exaggeration; very slight).
size: unknown - typical mascara sample size
retail value:  $35 (11 mL)

3) Redken Color Extend - i think Loose Button decided to give us 3 sets of these shampoo and conditioner samples to make them "deluxe sized". each one is like the sample you would've gotten from the mail/magazine. i am unsure why i keep getting sent shampoo for color-treated hair. i don't recall selecting that option... so i cannot really give you readers a review on it's ability to, well, extend color (hehe).
the smell was light and flowery. the packaging was the worst thing you could encounter in your shower. DO NOT ATTEMPT in the shower. it is impossible. i tried wiping my hands on a towel and still that was difficult. blargh! my hair is nice and soft now though. my hair reaches the middle of my back and i used about half the package.
btw, i thought the "Luxe Tip" for this was silly - i thought we were supposed to rub some in our eyes first? :)
size: 10 mL each x 6 = 60 mL
retail value: shampoo $15 (300 mL); conditioner $17 (250 mL)     -- guess, i don't buy salon shampoos/conditioners much since i did not know there was a price difference between the two.

4) Dermalogica Microfoliant - hmmm i don't think i've ever tried a beauty product that was rice-based. it even sort of smells like it. it did not feel like it was scratching my skin at all and now my skin feels really soft.

the top right image is when i just sprinkled the white powder onto my wet hands and the bottom right is when i had mixed in a little more water to create the paste. i will keep using this since it does not feel harsh like other exfoliating products and i've heard plenty of people have fallen in love with this product.
size: 13 g
retail value: $72 (75 g)     -- wowee, our sample cost almost $12.50!

so i am content with the box. it's a little depressing when you check out other people's blogs and find that they got different things like... NAIL POLISH! :( why not meeeeee. i've been hoping for one since i signed up for these boxes back in November but no such luck yet! i would've also very much enjoyed the Benefit Sunbeam some people received.
it's funny how once i decided to set up my mail account on my iPhone so i can be alerted the second Loose Button sends out those emails where you can reserve a product, the company chooses not to do it this month. oh well, better luck next month? :)
(sorry i forgot to take a photo of all the products before i used one of the Redken samples!)
stay tuned for an updated comparison of Topbox, Glymm and Loose Button. AND an arts and crafts special on what i did with my Luxe Boxes :) hooray for Reusing!


  1. Great review! I also received the Dermalogical and love it - it is so expensive but this is a pretty good sized sample we got. Too bad about the perfume - is it musky at all? I find musky, deeper florals to be somewhat overpowering.

  2. I felt the same when I opened the pure DKNY...just opening the lid I got some of the scent on me and that was overwhelming. I found as the scent faded though, the better it smelled though. Maybe the secret is to only try to apply like 0.025 ml of it at a time...haha.


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