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LUXE BOX: January 2012

so i received my Luxe Box from Loose Button on January 30, which is a bit later than usual BUT i was definitely more than pleased when i found such a big box waiting for me when i got home. i was getting a bit impatient this month so i did start peeking at other people's blogs so i already knew there were two boxes this month but i was still squealing when i opened it. the extra box this month was labelled "Bath and Body" and was slightly smaller than the normal black box.

so the first normal black box - again, i love the sticker on the tissue paper. other than the sample list, there were a number of advertisements and coupons.

Box 1 (January's Luxe Box):

1) Pür Minerals foundation in "Blush Medium" - i think Loose Button knew exactly what i needed this month - i was running out of powder foundation and tada! i was sent a full-sized one! i am also impressed that this has SPF 15. it is important to use sun protection even when it is not sunny. i have combination skin and there is often a slight redness on the skin between my cheekbones and nose. if i apply just this foundation, my skin looks better but it doesn't cover all the redness. i think it will be better if i used a liquid foundation first and then touch up with some powder foundation.
size: 4.3 g (full size!)   note: this is the net weight; on the card it says 8 g
retail value: $31

2) Olay Regenerist wrinkle complex - i am throwing this in with all the other wrinkle products i have now... i know it is beneficial to start using anti-aging products early, but i do not currently have wrinkles. cross your fingers! but wait a sec... this sample costs almost $30? is that right? i'll definitely pass it on to someone else who can make use of it.
size: 7 mL
retail value: $60 (15 mL)

3) Loose Button's MyScent - there's a cute little drawstring pouch with a note saying that i was selected to participate in this program called MyScent (selected? it seems like everyone else was selected as well).

there were 6 perfume samples, 1 of which i have also received in December's box. all of them except for Prada's Infusion d'Iris had a cap on the sample where you can spray on the perfume (as opposed to just dabbing it on). i haven't been able to try all of them yet but here are some quick notes.

i: Prada's Candy
size: 1.5 mL
retail value: $96 (50 mL)
ii: Prada's Infusion d'Iris - smells fresh and flowery
size: 1.5 mL
retail value: $95 (50 mL)
iii: Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps - very sweet smelling and floral - similar to potpourri
size: 1.2 mL
retail value: $72 (50 mL)
iv: Nina Ricci's Nina  - mm smells sweet and fruity like the apple on the cover
size: 1.2 mL
retail value: $65 (50 mL)
v: Paco Rabanne's Black XS for Her - floral but not too sweet smelling - it's a deeper smell (?? that doesn't make much sense...)
size: 1.2 mL
retail value: $65 (50 mL)
vi: Paco Rabanne's Lady Million
size: 1.2 mL
retail value: $80 (50 mL)

4) NYX lip gloss in "110 Cosmo" - last year i was obsessed with getting NYX lipstick and ended up getting 9 of their round lipsticks on eBay. i've been meaning to try other products by NYX so i was happy i was sent a lip gloss but was initially turned off by how much sparkle there is. seriously, they were not kidding when they called it "Mega Shine Lip Gloss". i also did not think this copper color would work on me. once i tried it though, it wasn't as bad as i thought. it has a sponge applicator and smells yummy, like cherries.
size: 11 mL (full size!)   note: huh? on the gloss itself, net weight = 15 mL... doesn't make sense
retail value: $8

5) Seattle's Best Coffee in "Level 3" - this was a bonus item which is nice, but i do not drink coffee. i prefer my green tea lattes, ice cappuccinos and french vanillas. but i do know plenty of people who would enjoy this!
size: 56 g
retail value: $9.99 (340 g)

Box 2 (Complimentary Bath and Body Box):
this white box contained 2 products, an info card on the razor and a coupon for bonus points at Shoppers if you buy a Fekkai hair product.
6) Schick razor - so this is the second product that Loose Button knew i needed. my other razor was getting dull and so this was perfect timing. apparently i will be one of the first ones in North America to try this razor. it has 5 blades and looks like it does not require shaving gel since there is a serum on the razor that works in the shower.
size: 1 razor & 1 cartridge
retail value: $13.99

7) Fekkai shampoo and conditioner - Fekkai has some pretty expensive hair products so it is nice that we get a sample. my hair is pretty long, probably reaching midway down my back, so i don't think i can get 2 uses out of this.
size: 9 mL each
retail value: ~$25 US for 237 mL (according to the Fekkai website that does not ship to Canada)

phew!! that was a lot of products! even though there was no Loose Button chocolate coin to be found, i am very pleased with my Luxe Box this month! a great variety of products and ones that will be quite useful for me. just look at all this stuff!

one thing i was a little sad about is that Loose Button has a feature where you can reserve a product in your box. however, they always reach the reservation limit so quickly!! this month they offered Donna Karan cleansing lotion, Benefit cream eyeshadow & liner, Benefit blush (POWda WOWza) and Curly Hair Solution control for frizzy hair. i would have most definitely loved either of the two products from Benefit!! but sadly, i checked my email 2 hours after they sent out a notice and i was already too late. i guess i should hook it up to my iPhone so i don't miss my chance next month!
ps. yay - as of now, i am all caught up on posting about my subscription boxes! whee!! i recently heard about this great promo from Julep and i am so very tempted. it won't hurt to try it for a month right? :)


  1. Great post! Love your blog sweety, I am now following it :) I'm subscribed to all the boxes as well including Julep, if you want to see my Julep review check out my blog

  2. Can't wait to start getting luxebox next month - so jealous you guys got 2 boxes in Jan! Have you received your february one yet?

    1. nope! doubt i will be for quite some time. they tend to arrive last out of all my subscription boxes. as for the 2 boxes thing, the company sent out a survey asking if we would actually pay for a 2nd box so it might become a thing we can add on or something?


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