Thursday, March 15, 2012

TOPBOX: March 2012

eeeeeee! it's here!!!!!!
it was actually delivered yesterday but i couldn't open it til today. Topbox had this thing on Facebook where they tried to get people to refrain from posting about their boxes before a certain date but i was very anxious and had to peek at some comments. i just read the comments (didn't look at the actual products received) and many people were very happy. and so i was even more excited to open this box - and honestly, i was not disappointed!

upon opening this box, there is a little note saying that there is a bonus sample to the usual 4! the lower frame shows what it looks like at first glance (after the tissue paper). (oh yeah, i have new bed sheets! lol).

YES! Topbox has finally answered the call for nail polish!! i know people would've preferred higher-end nail polish brands, but i was just happy receiving nail polish! and they are in such cute little bottles! ok ok i will hold off talking about these for a bit...
the list of samples is different from previously - it is a card with the products listed back to back instead of a card.

samples of the month:
1) Make Up For Ever Sens' Eyes - this is an eye makeup remover that is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. it is a light blue-green color and does not have a scent. i haven't had a chance to use this yet since i was so eager to post about this box and today was also a makeup-free day - which is not common at all. since i do wear makeup regularly, i will definitely make use of this! i am happy with the size too!
size: 25 mL
retail value: $28 (100 mL)

2) Redken Color Extend - yes this sounds familiar because it was in last month's Luxe Box! however the packaging is slighly different. click here to see the post. on the one i just received, it says "new: interlock protein network" where as last month's said "new: fade resist complex". i don't really understand what either means but okay, great - more hair samples geared towards colored hair... there were also 2 packets of these.
size: 10 mL each x 4 = 40 mL
retail value: shampoo $15 (300 mL); conditioner $17 (250 mL)

3) mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain  in "Frilly FrouFrou" - this comes personalized according to the customer. mine is a sheer peachy pink color.

i've seen magazine ads for mark. but since you can only order through Avon, i thought that was a bit of a hassle. so i am glad to be able to try their products (2 in this month's box!). the applicator is a brush and product comes out after about 30 clicks on this pen-like lip stain. i am not a fan of this because i have already accidentally clicked it twice while trying to put the lid back on. wasting product :( as for staying power, it has lasted me the last two hours i've worn it. it doesn't feel too sticky and feels pretty smooth on my lips.
size: 1.5 g (full-size!)
retail value: $12

4) mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers in "Violet Daze" and "Tickled Pink" - okay, so again YAY for nail polishes! "Violet Daze" is a sparkly deep purple while "Tickled Pink" is a very light baby pink. i like both of these colors but more so the pink - i've been wanting a nice light pink.

i'm not sure why my phone makes "Violet Daze" seem more blue than it is! i apologize!! "Violet Daze" took 2 coats and "Tickled Pink" took 3 coats. excuse the imperfections - either i am extra clumsy since i wanted them to look good for pictures or that it takes a while to dry and i can't help smudging. there is a huge dent on my pointer finger while wearing the purple color.

application was alright, to be honest, i am not very good at painting my nails. or maintaining my cuticles either. i am a little lost on nail care actually. so again, sorry for the horrid pictures. i just wanted to give you some quick swatches.
just a note on "Violet Daze" - when you take it off, it leaves a slightly bluish tinge.
size: 2.7 mL each x 2 = 5.4 mL (full-size! as in these nail polishes are intended to be sold in mini versions)
retail value: $8

5) Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (bonus) - this product comes from the UK and has 7 sheets. 7!! instead of a lousy one-use only sample previously received from another box. will update you on this once i use it :) it appears to have all the benefits of the MUFE one mentioned earlier. i am glad that it is non-oily! i wonder if the MUFE one is greasy...
size: 7 wipes
retail value: $10.99 (25 wipes)

i am quite happy with this box! i can make use of everything here so definitely great value. it was also nice that there was a variety of items in this box. no hand creams and no perfume samples! quick delivery too! i am happy happy happy.

expecting my Glymm box soon! stay tuned.


  1. I got the same Frilly FrouFrou! Instead of the MUFE makeup remover, I got a cargo eyeshadow, not bad colour.

    And I'm curious what you'll get in your Glymm box - I've read some reviews, and it seems to be mixed feelings.

    1. Oh check out my blog, I did my review on my glymm box :)

    2. what color was your cargo eyeshadow? i'm glad i didn't get that actually since i reserved that for the First in Line program with Loose Button..

  2. Oooh I get the same thing happen to me when taking pictures, all my purple polishes look blue! haha, this box looks good :)

  3. oh my goshh.... this just made me even more excited/impatient to receive my first box in MAY. :(
    I love everything you got!!

    Chic and Unique

    1. it definitely was a good box this month! ahh may. seems a bit far but that's only one more unboxing you'll have to suffer through :(

  4. Oh Helen, I'm soooo soooo jealous!!!!! I'm still on the waiting list for this one!! WAHHH!!!

    But, if you're interested (and I see you love nail polish like I do!) check out my blog post today....EEEK! ;)

    PS: Did you get in on BB5?

    1. ack! it would kill me too if i was on the waiting list!
      so glad i found out about them early :)

      but about the BB5 - i remembered at like 12:30 am! somebody commented on their fb that they were already too late so i was sad! can't believe i forgot about it. oh well i guess i will have to wait on your unboxing!

  5. Ok, I'm still having problems... and I'm like the only one. I'll send you a link asap for the next month, ok?

    Did you check out the julep one for nailpolish? 1 cent!!!


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