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LUXE BOX: March 2012

hi all!
so it is nearing the end of March and i (as well as plenty of others) have not received our Glossyboxes yet. i heard that the Alberta ones were shipped on Monday so hopefully i will get it by this Friday! 
i did receive a box Monday and it was the Luxe Box! finally! as i was walking to my community mailbox, i realized that i usually find them on my doorstep so i ran back. it was not there so i proceeded to the mailbox once again. oddly enough, it was in my mailbox but the Canada Post shipping notification did not state "Do Not Safe Drop". 
it also happens to be Loose Button's first birthday and as a special gift, they used a seeded card that can also be used to grow a plant. you pretty much put the card in some soil and water it. i have no idea what kind of plant it would become. very neat idea!

the March edition contains:

1) Vera Wang Lovestruck - seeing that it was a longer perfume box, i was expecting a rollerball but it is just a bigger vial. i find that this made it even more difficult to use. it was inevitable that while attempting to open it, i will get the perfume all over my fingers. i do like the perfume though - it is a floral scent that is not overpowering.
size: 4 mL
retail value: $54 (50 mL)

2) Cargo Eye Shadow Single in "Sardinia" - actually, it wasn't a single - it was a duo. and there was no color labelled anywhere so i had to Google it (which didn't work) and use Google Images. apparently it is a part of the Spring 2012 collection which may be why it was so difficult to find more information about this product. by the way, does anyone know why Sephora stopped carrying Cargo products on their website? 

anyway, i wore it today without eyeshadow primer and after 13 hours, it still prevails! less so of the pink but still impressive since i have monolids. it goes on silky and is very pigmented. i really like the color - it's definitely something i'd wear everyday. i went digging in my box of eyeshadows since i recall getting a similar color combination from Clinique. the one on the left is my swatch from Cargo's "Sardinia" and the one on the right is Clinique's "104 Strawberry Fudge". 
size: 3 g (full size!)
retail value: $16

3) OPI Top Coat - it seems that the one i got was a tad different from other people's in that mine says "RapiDry". i don't mind! i tend to smudge my nails really quickly so this helps. it's funny how i mentioned the desire for nail polish in these beauty boxes last month and ta da! Topbox, Glymm and now Loose Button all send nail polish. maybe Glossybox too? 
-- update April 2, 2012 - since using this top coat six days ago, my nails still have not chipped! there are some edges visible due to daily wear but this is the longest that a nail color has lasted for me. they still look good but i'm getting a little tired of the color, haha. first time that's happened! -- 
size: 3.75 mL
retail value: $15 (15 mL)

4) CHI Silk Fusion - i wasn't entirely sure how to use this product so i searched online. many people suggested using it when your hair is damp. my hair immediately felt softer with just a tiny amount of this clear liquid. it reminds me of another product i own - Biosilk's Silk Therapy. on the sample it says "for hair & skin" but i do not know how one would use it for the skin... do you just rub it in for silky hands? 
size: 15 mL
retail value: $33 (180 mL)

overall, this month's box is pretty good. the products may seem small, but i really like my eyeshadow - which was reserved through Loose Button's "First in Line" program by the way! we were sent an email notification ahead of time (which is new) and so i was online once the program opened. and of course, the server crashes. i probably was able to get through around 20 minutes later. i guess i wasn't helping the situation by having two different browsers opened and refreshing constantly. :) (i also tried on my iPhone...)
i will also make use of all the other products. i do not have many nail polish top coats so yay. i'm a little tired of receiving perfume samples but at least i haven't gotten this one yet (it is a larger sample AND a contender for an important perfume award). as for the CHI product, i will continue to use it to see the long-term benefits many people have been gushing about.

happy birthday Loose Button!


  1. Great eyeshadow colour! I couldn't decide between that or the glitter liner, but chose the liner because it was a new-to-me product. Still, I wish we could have gotten both :)

    I only use the CHI in my hair, have no idea about using it on skin. Wouldn't it be really oily?

    1. i was eyeing the glitter liner too but wasn't entirely sure i'd use it often so i guess i went with the safer option. i looked at your post though and it looks really fun! have you gone out with it yet? i'm curious as to whether it feels sticky or lasts long.

      and yes i think it will be really oily if you used CHI on your skin too - the feeling that you have a sticky film on your hands after you applied mousse/gel to your hair.

  2. Are you going to plant the seeds/card? lol I'm kind of curious....

    1. i'm intrigued but i am not great at taking care of plants! the only time i've planted something was back in elementary when you brought home a little tree or grew flowers for mother's day or something. haha

  3. Nice box! I have received the December and January boxes in addition to March and I liked the other two better. I'm sad I didn't get the Cargo eyeshadow, but I got one in my March Topbox so c'est la vie!
    I'm holding a giveaway though, one lucky Canadian will win a May 2012 Luxebox!

    1. hi shayna!
      what colors was Topbox sending out? i'm glad i didn't receive two then! thanks for dropping by :) i'll check out your giveaway

  4. Heather,
    I totally thought I was going to get this box, but my fist box will actually be lol. There's a couple things here I would have like to try!
    Anyways, here is my referral link (and if you choose to use it, thank you!) for Beauty Box 5! :)

    1. hey,
      i checked out some reviews on march's beauty box 5. what do you think? some people received a Becca Eye Tint which would've probably been my favorite product from the bunch. the pur-lisse product also looks interesting :)

    2. Well, I was slightly disappointed in my first box. But, not enough to not give them more of a try. I was disappointed that I got the Weleda creams, comodynes tanning towelette and the soy nail polish remover. I wasn't disappointed in getting these products per se..but just that they were in last months box and others got some the eye tint which I would have liked. I did get a liner though and the pur-lisse looks interesting too! So, we'll see. :) I'll be posting my pics today.
      The box also didn't contain an info card and it's actually about half the size of a glossybox!


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