Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REVIEW: Mink Eyelash Extensions - Week 2

soo a quick update on my lashes situation.
i apologize for not taking more pictures this week. please check out my first week here. by the 7th day, my lashes are completely different from a week ago. as i mentioned earlier, the extensions near the inner corner have fallen out which you can see in the pictures. (sorry for the color on my eyelids - it is so difficult to take off makeup since i have to be so gentle!) my eyelash extensions have also decided to turn in different directions. they've become a little tangled and requires some brushing to separate them.

i also posted a picture from the 9th day. i was driving when i noticed something was blurring my vision. once i parked, i found that one of my eyelashes have gone limp. BUT the thing is, it was still stuck onto the middle of my real eyelash - not the base, but the middle. so it just hangs there. sadly, this was the beginning of a common occurrence. as you can see, the extensions have also started to lose their curl.

so again, trying to keep count of eyelashes lost:
Day 8 (March 31): lost 1 in the afternoon
Day 9 (April 1): lost 1 in the morning, 1 in afternoon
Day 10 (April 2): lost 1 in the morning
Day 13 (April 5): lost 1 at night
i also found a few lying around my pillow.. i probably lose the majority of them during my sleep.

today, i must say i am not happy with my lashes. my left eye has lost almost every single eyelash extension (probably like 2 left - which does NOT look good) while my right eye still looks decent. i went out the other night and i had to put falsies on but only on my left eye just so it can balance out a bit. the falsies were much curlier than the extensions so it didn't work out too well. i am seriously thinking of using oil-based products on my left eye to completely get rid of the extensions that are left just so i can start using mascara. stay tuned for week 3 results!

i want to take the time now to mention something super exciting!
Steph Shoeaddict from Budget Fashionista held a birthday giveaway near the end of March and i won! so stoked to win a JustFab gift card - i have been building up quite a list of items i wanted to get for my first purchase so i am definitely very very excited. i never win giveaways (or anything really) so whoohoo! thank you so much Steph and happy belated birthday! she has some great shoes so check her out :)


  1. I appreciate the great review...I've been mulling over whether I want to get extensions or not!!

    A bit disappointing to lose most of your extensions in 2 weeks on your one eye :( Is the curl on your right eye gone now? That's one thing holding me back from extensions since my Asian lashes do the same as yours (naturally sticking staight) and not being able to use a non-heated eyelash curler is a bummer!!

    Thanks for posting the review...definitely will help me make a more informed decision :)

    1. thanks for reading!
      honestly, i was super excited to get them and it has just been a hassle since.
      there is some curl left on my right eye, but some of them have also twisted somehow and curl downwards instead. it's very strange!
      haha i'll be posting another week. let me know when you decide what to do :)

  2. maybe you wannat try Realash.It really help grwing my lashes in few weeks after apply :)

  3. I was so sad reading you had a bad experience ! I am a certified lash artist who actually specializes in asian and hooded eyes ! The lash artist may not have been experienced with this. Sometimes with straight lashes, if the artist is not very experienced they will often place the extension in the wrong place on your natural lash. The other important thing to keep in mind is the curl . most places use a standard b, c and d curl on their clients. Asian eyes require a special curl known as L CURL, LPLUS CURL, AND LD CURL. the base of the extensions are flat and ensure a proper curl and proper adhesion for longer lasting lashes. I have clients who come in for fills after 5 weeks and they will have the majority of their lashes still!

    1. My curl is almost straight. I have naturally nice curled lashes... is there a way to curl them back? The extensions?


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