Saturday, April 14, 2012

REVIEW: Fran Wilson MOODmatcher in "Green"

hi everyone!
i'm here with a very interesting product - i have never heard of this one in particular but i was very intrigued!
i've heard of other mood-related lip products before, like NYX'S Mood Lip Gloss and Too Faced's Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss. i was walking through London Drugs (which i hardly ever go to but you know, still on the search for a heated eyelash curler) and i saw this Fran Wilson MOODmatcher lipstick.

yes, it's green. that's why i was curious to see how it actually works. so i went online and did a little research and it seems that it is not widely known but those who do know about it, have used it for years and years.
there a range of colors available online - Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Brown and Black. each one changes to a different color family and depends on your body chemistry. for instance, the Green one will give you a dark pink color while Dark Blue changes into a purple. visit their website here to see the colors for your skin tone.

the lipstick is supposed to last 12-hours and will survive through eating and drinking. my London Drugs carried the Green color and it was only $3.49 before tax so i decided to give it a try.
it went on clear but changed color almost immediately. here are some swatches:
the first picture is of my bare lips and the second one was taken a minute after  i had applied the MOODmatcher lipstick. lastly, the third is what my lips looked like almost 10 minutes after.
the lipstick has a... well, lipstick scent to it - you know, not fruity or anything but just lipstick-y. haha. the formula didn't dry my lips out and was true to its word - it lasted a LONG time. more than 16 hours later, i still had a tint of color left. i find that this lipstick is similar to a lip stain. for me, lip stains tend to leave a deeper/brighter color on certain parts of my lips. i am not sure why, but it tends to be a deeper color near the center of my bottom lip. anyways, this lipstick has that effect many hours later when the glossiness wears away.
i found the color pretty bright when i first wore it but later towards the evening, it became a softer pink.

i decided to do a swatch on my arm to see if it would react differently to less pigmented skin. it actually became a nice coral color.

anyways, i enjoyed this lipstick - especially for such a low price, it lasts super long. if there were more colors available at London Drugs, i might try a couple more. it's fun! would you try it?


  1. Omg.. I haven't seen these in years.. Wow - this was the craze in the 80's - 90's.
    I had no idea they still made these..
    Blast from the past

    1. haha so i've heard! it's pretty awesome though - did you have many colors?

  2. I did not know these were still around- used these in Middle School,lol!
    I now have the Smashbox mood blush and their lip gloss- they all turn bright pink on me.

    I have also seen some company that makes mood nail polish!
    but have not bought any yet!

    1. thanks for reading!
      i looked into those smashbox ones! that's too bad it didn't work out. i've always wanted to try some mood nail polish but a more.. err prestigious brand, instead of the kiddie ones i see often hehe. let me know if you remember which company it was :)


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