Monday, April 23, 2012

REVIEW: Cargo Swimmables Waterproof Pencil Kit

hello dears!
i recently picked up another great find at Winners (more specifically, the Stephen Avenue location in Calgary). it was a set of waterproof eye pencils. when i first saw them, i was a little iffy since i have purchased colored liners in the past and have not used them regularly. however, once i left the store and went online to read reviews, i decided i needed to add it to my makeup collection. i checked two other Winners but had to retrace my steps to the Stephen Avenue one - thank goodness because they only had 2 left.
i think my problem with colored eyeliners before was that they didn't stay on very long or the color didn't show up well - both of these problems are nonexistent with this Cargo kit.
the eyeliners were packaged in this cute box with a post office theme. there were 4 pencils, each 0.8 g.

i bought these for only $8.99! i can't find this specific set on the Cargo website but they do carry another set of shades for $19 US.

the colors included  in mine are:
top to bottom // left to right: Purple, Teal, Gold, Royal Blue

here is a swatch on my arm: (sorry for the weird indent near the Gold!! i had to roll up my sleeves)

these glide on SO easily - there is no tugging whatsoever. and the colors are just so vibrant.
since these are waterproof, i decided to do some tests to see how well they live up to this:

attempt #1: i submerged my arm underwater for a minute - i know it might be different depending on whether you are in sea water or chlorine water (and of course, the length of time but i got bored).

so after i took my arm out and wiped away the water, the colors are still pretty clear.

attempt #2: i used some tissue to try to rub it off - not only once but twice.

the colors hardly budged! very little product came off on the tissue. i think the one that faded the most would be the Teal or perhaps Gold.

so all in all, i find this a very good product. i use it only on my bottom waterline and it lasts all day for me. at first, i didn't know if i'd like all the colors but after trying each one, i really like the pop of color - some more subtle than others (like Teal) but pretty nonetheless. i really recommend this set to anyone looking for some fun summer eyeliners or waterproof ones.
what do you think? do you guys wear colored eyeliners?
thanks for reading!


  1. Hi! Just started following you! Love your blog and find it very enjoyable to read! These look like some amazing eyeliners. Winners has such great finds!


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