Tuesday, April 17, 2012

REVIEW: Mink Eyelash Extensions - Week 3

so here we are at week 3 with the eyelash extensions. i'd have to say it wasn't a very good week.
if you'd like, you can compare them with week 1 and week 2.
i have no idea why but my left eye is almost completely bare as compared to my right eye. it looks quite strange..

if you look at the top right picture, you can see an eyelash that is just barely hanging there - it isn't glued down at the base.
so by Day 20, i was down to 2 extensions on the left eye. i decided then that it was much better to have my normal eyelashes and wear mascara instead of having two random eyelashes that stuck out like a sore thumb.
sooo to achieve this i began using mascara (which was not recommended - sohni skin & hair studio suggested their mascara specifically made for eyelash extensions). those 2 extensions remained stubborn for a couple days and i still have 1 of them today (which looks completely ridiculous - you will see pictures soon).
i recall the lady who applied my eyelash extensions spending less time on my left eye since she did that after my right eye (perhaps it was getting tedious) AND the fact that my right eye had more time for the glue to settle in than the left one. i guess these factors made a huge difference.

here is a quick comparison with before and Day 15 (sorry i forgot to take one for Day 20!). my left eye extensions seem to prefer curling downward than curling up :(
again, trying to keep a record of eyelashes lost:
Day 15 (April 7) - lost 1 in the morning
Day 16 (April 8) - 1 in the afternoon
Day 19 (April 11) - lost 1 at night
Day 20 (April 12) - lost 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon

one thing i noticed recently was that when i wore my glasses and i pushed them back up when they began to slip on my nose, i'd occasionally hit my eyelash extensions in such a way that they'd press into my eyeball - there'd be a painful moment where i'd have to squeeze my eyes shut until my eyes watered and the pain went away. maybe it's just me or how my glasses sit on my nose or something but it wasn't a pleasant feeling.
so i guess we are nearing the end of the eyelash extensions! week 4 coming up!
(oh and my Topbox should be delivered shortly!!)

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