Monday, December 03, 2012

REVIEW: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in "Just Peachy"

i mentioned in my last review on the Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" palette that i wanted to try their Mega Last Lip Color and so here it is!

i picked this up on my L.A. trip. even though these are relatively inexpensive here ($3.99 at Superstore), they are even cheaper in the U.S. (i know, shocking right?). i got it for a mere $1.49  at Walgreens.

i bought "903C Just Peachy" because i was still on the hunt for a nice coral. "Just Peachy" looks warm pinky-coral. i thought it looked like a wearable color even though the label itself was more orange.

when swatched on my arm, it looks like such a gorgeous color! but applied on my lips... not the same story.
top to bottom: natural light; artificial light

it goes on lighter and sort of looks milky on my lips - not a good look with my skin tone (especially if i zoomed out, it would be obvious that my lips are too light). when you first apply it, it doesn't glide on very easily but afterwards, it feels very creamy on the lips. the color doesn't apply evenly and pressing your lips together will not help since the color will only continue to move around on your lips. adding another layer will not solve this problem since the formula is just too creamy. the trick is to dab the product on. you can tell i missed a couple spots along my lower lip line. it also looks messy on me because my lips are pigmented so there is a stark contrast when i'm talking and you can see my natural lip color.

i found out later that this Mega Last Lip Color has a "semi-matte, creme finish" which i completely understand now (slightly dry but creamy at the same time... a bit of a hassle to apply...).

Wet n Wild claims that this lipstick lasts 4 hours:
two hours after application, my lips look exactly the same.
four hours after application and after eating butter chicken, the lip color still remained on my lips. another time, i had grilled cheese and still the color was resistant against that.
so my experience is that it lasts even longer than four hours!
the lipstick is also unscented.

i liked how it was long-lasting and pigmented; it's just that the color didn't really work on me. i am open to trying other shades though - what would you recommend?


  1. the color looks very pretty on you!
    if this can survive after eating butter chicken, it definitely is a long lasting lipstick!!
    i also like that they didn't claim for ridiculous numbers like "12 hrs". ;)

    1. thanks Lena :)
      i like that the number isnt ridiculous either! haha it seems that many makeup companies are trying to outdo each other with that hey?

  2. Hmmm, it definitely looks different on your lips compared to what it looks like in the packaging...

    You put lip products through some tough foods madam! I would just eat bacon all day...

    1. yes it's strange how it looks different on.
      and LOL i love eating!
      and mmm bacon... we are having a seafood party around Christmas time and i can't wait for some bacon-wrapped scallops (the scallops are gonna be the massive ones from Costco!)


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