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IPSY GLAM BAG: December 2012

my December ipsy arrived in my mailbox on December 21 (last Friday). it came in a silver pouch that is much wider than the other makeup bags i have gotten. the interior had a pink lining with "ipsy" written all over it.
i oohed and ahhed over every single item i pulled out of this pouch. so far, ipsy has taken the first place honor this month (i have yet to receive Glossybox and BB5).

December's wicked items (entitled "Haute Holiday"; scroll all the way down for swatches):

1) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Zero"
"Creamy, forever-lasting, award-winning and waterproof, 24/7 pencils delight you with lush tropical hues, deep metallics, and unusually vibrant neutrals. The best Eye Pencil ever, ever, ever! Never before has a pencil this creamy and brilliant been waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that WILL NOT budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics and unusually vibrant neutrals."

ooooh i have heard how amazing these UD pencils are and i am very glad to get a black one! "Zero" is a black that goes on quite dark which i really like. it feels very creamy - no tugging whatsoever. i am amazed by how well this eyeliner stays on your waterline! in fact, it is actually quite difficult to remove, even with makeup remover - it's the only time i get raccoon eyes with this eye pencil.
promotion: free gift (deluxe bag with samples) with $25 purchase not valid for Canadians
size: 0.8 g
retail value: US$19 (1.2 g) according to

2) NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pearl Eye Shadow in "LP05 Charcoal Pearl"
"It’s not hard to sparkle with one of NYX’s ultra-shimmering loose shadow powders that can be used on eyes, cheeks, even lips. These finely-milled mineral eye shadows are high-impact, long-lasting and a little addictive! Just the sparkle you need this holiday!"

i've only really tried NYX lip products and i am just starting my pigment collection so this is great! except i don't know how i feel about this color... it looks sorta boring, doesn't it? the swatch i did below was actually not impressive since i found it difficult to get the product out. i held my finger over the top and flipped it upside down and shook it a bit. it took a few tries to even get the swatch below (very little product comes out each time) and i am not really impressed with the pigmentation.
these NYX loose eye shadows come in 30 different colors.
promotion: 30% off Loose Pearl Eye Shadows again, not valid in Canada...
size: 5 mL (full size!)
retail value: US$3 according to

3) Mai Couture Highlighter Papier in "St. Barts"
"Add radiance to desired areas of your face and body. The shimmering highlighter paper from Mai Couture will illuminate any dullness for a glowing complexion.
How to use: Lightly press and sweep paper to desired areas of face and body.
Paraben and talc-free."

HOLY GUACAMOLE... let me count the sheets: one, two, THREE, FOUR.. 25?! this is unheard of!! how did ipsy ever manage to get us a sample half the size of the full version but Glymm could only get us a measly 2 sheets at a time?! 
"St. Barts" shows up really subtly on my skin - mostly you just see the shimmers. maybe a lighter color would allow me to actually use it for highlighting purposes. i did not feel like i needed a whole sheet each time so i only used half of one.
i think the idea is unique and i like how compact it is but i don't think i ever feel an immense need to highlight on the go... still it's great for touch ups throughout the day (if there was a lighter color available for me).
so shimmery!!

promotion: 20% off purchase these codes aren't very useful for Canadians!! boo!
size: 25 sheets
retail value: US$28 (50 sheets) according to

4) Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss in "Hot Mess" 
"The perfect holiday “true red” lip gloss that goes on sheer! Layer for a more opaque look. This formula instantly creates the look of fuller more voluptuous lips with luminous shine. This maximum-shine, moisturizing gloss will be perfect for any haute holiday party. The applicator features a soft sponged tip that picks up a generous amount of gloss."
the red was a tad scary at first but i understood that it was for the holidays. good news is that it applies sheerer than in the tube. i absolutely love this! i really enjoy the pigmentation of lipsticks but i like applying lipglosses better. i find that "Hot Mess" delivers in being bright but wearable at the same time. it loses the glossiness feel after an hour but still feels slightly tacky when you press your lips together. the color lasts an astounding length of time - i tested it for like 7 hours! i am not a huge fan of the scent though - it is undetectable unless you take a whiff straight from the tube. aside from "Hot Mess", there are 6 other shades available.
promotion: 30% off purchase the code is apparently valid in US and Canada...until they fool you into trying to check out and you find that the only option for "Country" is the United States. what trickery! 
size: 3 g (full size!)
retail value: $14 according to

5) Mirabella Prime For Face and Eyes
"Prime for Face and Eyes weightless, oil-free formula glides onto help promote long-wearing makeup. Vitamin E works as an antioxidant to smooth out lines as it moisturizes and protects skin. Prime provides a silky feel to the skin as it aids in repairing cellular damage. Application: Use a small amount and lightly pat into skin."

this primer feels smooth and velvety. be careful when you first use it since the product continues to ooze out so quickly grab what you need and close the cap. the primer worked wonders for me - i used it with my new MUA palette (review later! :)) and it made my eyeshadow last all day and look just as bright as it did when i first applied it.
promotion: 30% off purchase who would of thought that this wouldn't work either?
size: 12.85 g (full size!) 
retail value: US$29 according to

swatches of all the products:
two days later, the eye pencil and the lip gloss swatch still have a mark on my skin!!

- - - - -

so that is a ton of fantastic products in this month's bag! and not to mention, THREE products were full sized! ipsy takes the cake in being the most makeup-oriented subscription service out there. thanks for such a wonderful bag! in the new year, i will be reconsidering my beauty box subscriptions but ipsy is one that i am confident in keeping.
what are your thoughts on this bag? happy holidays!


  1. Wow! The contents are really amazing! I hope beauty boxes here in the Philippines become more makeup-oriented. Thanks for sharing those products! The highlighter paper looks really interesting!

    1. i love that aspect of this bag!! so many useful items :)
      the highlight paper is definitely intriguing since i haven't seen any other company do this

  2. When I did my swatches, the exact same thing happened to me! the eyeliner and lipgloss are really really hard to get off!

    1. haha it's the third day and i can still see it!!! i should just use makeup remover on my arm haha

  3. Ipsy definately seems like the best deal. What a joke though that those discounts don't apply to Canadians :(

    1. yeah it is totally ridiculous that not a single one applies for Canadians!

  4. The US subs are taking over! LOL I loved my Ipsy bag as well and BB5 also did a great job this month. I have been underwhelmed with Topbox, Glymm, and I'm pretty sure I will be unimpressed by Dec. GlossyBox which will be on time for January delivery......

    1. lol they are! i havent gotten my BB5 yet so i cant say anything about it yet... my GB should be here Monday. i want it this year!

  5. I too was super surprised when I saw that we received an entire booklet of the Mai Couture sheets! I think Michelle Phan has some pull ;-)


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