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SPOTLIGHT: Coral Lips featuring Revlon (ColorBurst and Super Lustrous)

i'm baaaaaaaaaack! sorry for not posting regularly but it is the holiday season! and yes, i am one of those people that still had shopping to do on Christmas Eve.
i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas (and Boxing Day!). i was completely exhausted from all that shopping. this year was the first time i've ever attempted a Best Buy trip when they opened their doors at the wee hour of 6 AM.

getting out of bed is one of my biggest challenges so i made it there at 6:10 AM - which i felt like i totally deserved a pat on the back for. feeling tired, cold and hungry, i found out they were already sold of the camera i was hoping to lay my hands on. guess i should've known - there was a ridiculous amount of cars in the parking lot and i've heard stories of people lining up at 5 or earlier!
so i headed over to Visions instead since they were also selling the same camera but with the Wi-Fi feature and at a slightly higher price. to my dismay, Visions was also sold out by then... BUT they earn an A+ in my book since they are able to order it for me at the same price. hooray! now i just have to wait for their call. guess i know next year i won't have to wake up at such a ridiculous hour to shop!

- - - - -

so back to the subject of this post... this actually has been delayed way too long. i remember mentioning that i picked up a handful of new lippies for my coral collection from London Drugs when they had a $3.99 Revlon lip products sale (it was seriously 6 months ago). i figured i'd finally squeeze this post in before 2013 since "Tangerine Tango" is the color of the year.

if you love corals as much as i do, then keep on reading! i am reviewing 5 coral shades, all of which are from either the Super Lustrous or ColorBurst collection but in different formats or finishes. here we go!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "677 Siren" - Creme (4.2 g)

let's start with the brightest color of the bunch - "Siren", an orange-red shade! the name is definitely very well-suited since it is a riskier color. the lipstick comes in a round tube, with a gold "Revlon" band around the middle. the top of the tube is clear so you can see the lipstick inside. the lipstick applies smoothly and evenly. after 5 hours of wear, the color is still vivid but my lips are a tad dry. the cracks and lines on my lips are very visible, as they normally are with bold colors such as this one. i'd make sure my lips are not peeling before using this one!

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in "075 Peach" (3.7 g)

this lipstick is very soft, just like the ColorBurst Lip Butters. the packaging of this lipstick is a rectangular quilted black tube with the color indication on the top. when you twist it up, you can also see "Revlon" etched on the lipstick. "Peach" is slightly shimmery and quite similar to "Smoked Peach" (scroll down for swatches!). the lipstick is very smooth and pigmented. the wear time is a little over 3 hours.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "170 Coral Reef" (5.9 mL)

"Coral Reef" was surprisingly pigmented. i love it when lipglosses have great color payoff! this made me purchase a second Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Nude Lustre" (which isn't as pigmented). this lipgloss is light and not overly sticky. i love that it also has SPF 15. the color is a very pretty coral that leans pink. after wearing the gloss for about 3 hours, i found that my lips still had the glossy feeling but the color had disappeared.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in "015 Tutti Frutti" (2.55 g)

the ColorBurst Lip Butters give you the buttery balm feeling while also giving your lips a nice touch of color. the Revlon website says that it gives you "sheer to medium" color - but with "Tutti Frutti", it is definitely not sheer. compared to the others in this review, it is the most orange shade. i really enjoy how effortless it is to put these ColorBurst Lip Butters on and achieve such a strong color. one issue i have with it is that the buttery aspect of the Lip Butter makes the color move around on my lips. it also tends to settle in the dry cracks. after applying the lip butter, there are times when the product won't go back down no matter how much you twist the tube. after 3 hours of wear, i feel that it is not as moisturizing as before and some of the color has faded.
the Lip Butters also come in the same quilted packaging as the ColorBurst Lipstick, but it is slightly transparent and the entire cap is in the same shade as the lip butter inside. the top of the lipstick is also transparent which makes it even easier to tell your lipsticks apart.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "013 Smoked Peach" - Matte (4.2 g)

the packaging of the matte version is similar to the creme ones of the Super Lustrous Lipstick line. instead of the gold band, it is silver and slightly larger in size. the tube is also a "matte" black instead of the shiny one of the cremes. the color looks very similar to "Peach" (ColorBurst) except it is slightly more pink. even though this is a matte, it goes on your lips easily. however, perfecting the application is difficult since it is hard to get even coverage. after some time, the color looks pretty dry on my lips.

- - - - -

here are the swatches side by side to show you the comparison:
natural light
with flash; in direct sunlight

all of them have great color payoff which is why i am such a fan of Revlon lippies. a few of the colors do look similar to one another in the swatches - such as "Siren" and "Tutti Frutti"; "Peach" and "Smoked Peach". however, they look different on my lips:

these lippies differ in finishes and lasting power. aside from the gloss, "Tutti Frutti" (ColorBurst Lip Butter) has the glossiest finish. "Smoked Peach" is obviously the driest one.
in terms of lasting power, i'd rank them from shortest to longest: "Coral Reef", "Tutti Frutti", "Smoked Peach", "Peach" and then "Siren".
all of the them are unscented except for the ColorBurst lipgloss (smells sweet) and the ColorBurst Lipstick which smells slightly chemical.
for each lip product line mentioned above, there are plenty of other colors to choose from. the Super Lustrous Lipsticks has the most extensive range - i counted 58 color options on their website (not including the mattes)!
current prices for all the Revlon lip products mentioned above are $5.99 on (did you notice how they vary in sizes though? ColorBurst Lip Butters have the least amount of product in them).

if i were to pick a fave - i'd pick two! "Coral Reef" is absolutely lovely - i love the soft coral shade. i also quite like "Peach". it's a nice everyday color that requires little effort to apply. "Siren" is really pretty when you want the focus to be on your lips.
as much as i like Revlon lip butters, "Tutti Frutti" is just a tad too orange for me. plus, it requires extra effort to get even coverage.
my least favorite would have to be "Smoked Peach" due to its frosty sheen. you can see every single line on my lips! it looks gorgeous on other people though.

so thank you for reading this post! do you have any more corals to recommend me? i still have quite a few in my collection to review but that can come later... i don't think i will be getting any lipsticks in 2013's Color of the Year (it's emerald!).


  1. i think siren and tutti frutti are my favourites ! they are gorgeous :)x

  2. Was it by chance the Go Pro camera that you were looking for?

    I just picked up a Lip Butter the other day and waiting to test it out. I've heard so many great things!

    1. oo Go Pro? no im nowhere near that level ;)
      baby steps from my phone camera! haha
      which Lip Butter did you pick up? i have two other colors i have yet to swatch haha

  3. Oh these look gorgeous on you hun!I'm not that big on lipsticks yet but im getting there! :) xx

    1. thank you mandy! i did not own many lipsticks until like a year or two ago... now my stash is out of control!

  4. These are so pretty! I have a revlon lipstick called hot coral and I love it :)

  5. I can't believe you were up that early, you crazy girl you! I'm glad it was all worth it though!

    I have Tutti Frutti as well and it looks too orange on me as looked pretty good on Jen from frmheadtotoe and when I took it home, it just wasn't the same...

    1. haha i know! i kept thinking that people were so crazy to wake up that early but i was one of them...
      Jen's pictures persuaded me to get that color too! haha

  6. Love the swatches! Colorburst is definitely my favorite!


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