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GLOSSYBOX: March 2013

got my Glossybox on Tuesday and i am happy with it.
say what now??

check out the The Metropolitan Chic Glossybox (V1 or V3 depending on which Tresemme product you get):

1) ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint in "Rosy Red" - i was quite excited about this product - it looks so fancy! i have one other product similar in function to this: the Benefit Benetint. the ModelCo one comes in a squeezable tube and blends out easily. it does not stain as well as the Benetint though. for both, i found it pretty useless on my lips - i'd have to use an excessive amount of the product to get it to actually show on my lips. on my cheeks however, i only need to dab the tiniest amount. the box says not to rub it in so i try my best to just dab it on - still, the majority of the tint remains on my fingers rather than on my cheeks. this product will be great to throw in my purse since i don't like carrying a powder blush around. 
size: 10 mL (full size!)
retail value: $24 

2) Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer in "Fair to Medium" - i've used moisturizers like this before but haven't exactly observed a difference. perhaps it's because i don't like to use them - waiting for the product to dry seems like such a hassle (cue: ain't nobody got time for that!). this moisturizer claims to make you one full shade darker within 3 days. guess i could start using it now since we still have snow on the ground and the sun won't be coming out anytime soon...

i am glad that Glossybox took my skin tone into consideration! the 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer also comes in "Medium to Tan". the product says "No Odour" and instead smells like perfume. 
size: 120 mL (full size!)
retail value: $12.99

3) L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum - i'd say the sound that came out of my mouth when i saw this can be described as a squeal.
i've been wanting to try a dark spot corrector FOREVER and i just couldn't decide which one to invest my money in since they can be quite pricey. i am very delighted that i get to try this one out and am especially glad that it is a serum since they are more effective than creams. i have a few sun spots on my cheeks near my nose so i will be using this serum completely and will post before and after pics!

the first actual pump didn't seem enough so i did 2 - which was a mistake because then i had way too much. i learned that you can actually control the amount the pump distributes. also handy is that the pump can be twisted and locked. the serum has a nice scent and isn't overly oily. 
but when i rubbed my face where i had applied the product, i felt little balls pilling underneath my fingers - not sure if it was just the product or my actual skin. i tried using less product and there is less of it but it's still there. anyone else have this happen?

the product says that it is clinically proven and that i should see great results within 12 weeks so i am crossing my fingers!
size: 30 mL (full size!)
retail value: $29.99

4) TRESsemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment - this makes it full-sized product number 4. this treatment reminds me of my Joico K-Pak Restorative Treatment which i absolutely love. i got it back in July and i'm still savoring it. 
i can use this conditioning treatment in place of my regular conditioner and it is supposed to repair up to 2 years of damage after 5 uses - howwwwww do they calculate that? hahaha - such claims should always be taken lightly. i must say though, that i definitely noticed a difference in my hair after using this - it feels lighter and softer and looks shinier. love!
size: 177 mL
retail value: $5.99

5) Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Platinum Tiara" - the color is described by BM as a "rich, sparkly grey" and is a part of their "Starry Eyed Glamour Collection". although i prefer my greys to be darker than this, it is actually quite pretty. it applies very sheer but the color is buildable. it is also very, very shimmery and i love the name. in fact, many of the other colors on their website are gorgeous. their eyeshadows are 100% mineral. if you are interested in purchasing their products, shipping to Canada costs ~$7.00.

if you noticed that there is mention of a Kimberley all over the website, it is because they are referring to Kimberley Wyatt who is one of the co-founders of Beautiful Movements and previously part of the Pussycat Dolls.
size: 1 g
retail value:  £7.00/$10.93 (2 g)

so those are the reasons why i am delighted with March's Glossybox! as expected, the majority of the Glossybox was full sized but also of a drugstore brand. still, i am very excited to try out the L'Oreal Dark Spot Corrector Serum. i guess if dark spots and sun spots were not a concern of yours, you would not be as pleased as i was. i can even go as far as say that this is one of my favorite Glossyboxes ever.
what did you think of your Glossybox? i've only seen one other blogger post about it so maybe some people haven't gotten theirs yet or is it because many unsubscribed?


  1. LOL, mine is at the post office and I just haven't had time to go since I've been working so much! I'm glad you liked last month's GB because I think I'd like it too. I've been wanting to try L'Oreal's Youth Code as well too!

    1. i had to lay off the Youth Code and the Cheek/Lip tint because one of these items made the skin of my cheeks peel.
      not sure if that was intended! guess i will figure it out...

  2. its posts like these that make me think of going back! hehe

    1. hehe! they do switch it up a few times but it is rare...


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