Friday, April 26, 2013

REVIEW: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in "Rosy Nude"

oh hello there :) 
i got a quick lippie post for you today. 

while i was on the search for some nude colors that will actually look good on me rather than make me look deathly ill, i picked up my second Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick (3.7 g)
"065 Rosy Nude" was recommended by some darker-skinned vloggers. i am actually pretty light-skinned but since the other nudes that people were recommending were just not working out, i figured that it was time i try a warmer shade of nude.
Revlon remains one of my favorite drugstore lipstick brands. look how pretty the packaging is with the sleek quilt pattern on the side and the colored top.
Revlon does not disappoint with the pigmentation or formula either. the ColorBurst line features lipsticks that are rich in color, lightweight and moisturizing at the same time.
"Rosy Nude" comes off a bit too red-brown for my taste - sort of like a rusty brown color. even though it is darker than i would've preferred, i actually like keeping this in my coat pocket for convenience. ColorBurst lipsticks are so easy to apply that i can use throw it on as i am walking to work. i use it like i use lip balm and the color payoff is a great bonus.
since it is so light on the lips, it does disappear rather quickly and i'd feel it wear off within the hour.

again, i love the lipstick itself but it seems that i am not having any luck with the colors i am choosing.
Revlon Colorburst lipsticks can be found at any drugstore for approximately $5.99.
check out my review and swatch of this lipstick in the shade "075 Peach" here.

quick note about a very generous offer from
they are offering those of you that were subscribed to Glymm in the last four months and who had to endure the horrible drama that ensued, a box of nail goodies worth $25 for FREE. this Anti-Glymm Box Box even allows you to pick a nail color, given 3 options :). all you have to do is email them (click on the link for info) with proof of your Glymm membership and they will email you back a code. if you decide to spend at least $25 on other things on the website, shipping is free but if you want just the box, it will cost you $3.
there is a crazzzzyyyy Deborah Lippmann sale right now. need i say more?


  1. Love this, I need to check it out asap!

  2. did you get the anti-Glymm box? I totally did!

    1. oh maaaaan i cant believe i let procrastination get the best of me on this one.
      i totally made a mistake, thinking that the deal was over on mother's day when it was actually like 3 days before that. oops!!!
      so sad i missed out! i hope you post about yours so i can continue kicking myself for that haha


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