Friday, June 28, 2013

BEAUTY BOX 5: May 2013

oh maaaaaaaan. i am terrible! my attention span is really short these days - there's just so much to do! even though today was my first day at work since last week - which meant i had plenty of time to blog...

these days, much of Alberta is dealing with the aftermath of flooding. i never really thought that could happen here in Calgary. there was a flood in 2005 but i was completely unaware of it back then. Calgary goes through really random changes in weather (we get the occasional snow/hailstorm in May or June). and this June has brought in a lot of rain. and i mean, a LOT. of course, we had a leak in our roof (make that 2). 

last Thursday was very normal. i stood on the side of the street downtown where i work, waiting for my ride. but that changed within a few hours. i was not able to return to work until today - a week later - which i didn't really mind of course since i was able to work from home. but wow. so many pictures of disaster on Instagram and Facebook... stories of people forced to evacuate... people panicking and hoarding water and filling up their bathtubs... vendors jacking up the price of a bag of ice to $20...

really makes you feel rather small when Mother Nature can be so powerful. 
i hope those that have been affected by the floods are all healthy and safe. 

back to the err.. May BB5 (where did June go??):

1) Brazen Cosmetics Ultra Glaze Lip Gloss in "Centerfold"
This creamy formula will deliver a long lasting wear that will have you hooked! Apply alone for a slight hint of color or layer over lipstick for a bolder look.

- not Ferro Cosmetics as shown in the card above -
BB5 does not shy away from featuring the same companies again and again - which could be a good or bad thing.
Brazen has been on a 3-month streak with BB5 but this time around it is a lip gloss instead of a shadow.
i was a little turned off by the metallic-y copper color initially. it also slipped my mind that this was a gloss so i was thrown off by how gooey it is :)
still, the color isn't half bad. not a fan of applying lip products with my finger though - especially something that is sticky.
size: N/A
retail value: $8.99

2) Jean Pierre Self Tan Wipe - Jean Pierre is featured once again but i have not used self-tanning wipes before. i know there is two wipes but how much does one wipe cover? i don't want to be tanned only on one side of my body...
size: 1 wipe x 2
retail value: $8.99 (10 towelettes)

3) ModelCo Eyeliner in "01 Black" - again, a repeat brand. i thought i had an eyeliner from ModelCo already but i think i am just confusing myself with their lip pencils.
size: 1.2 g (full size!)
retail value: $18

4) Coolway Transform Styling Spray - Coolway has interesting hair products and are quite specific with their instructions on how to use the products. this one in particular lists the number of sprays you will need for your length of hair. my very long hair would require about 50 sprays. either this is quite ridiculous or i have been completely underestimating the amount of hair product to use in my hair...
this styling spray has the same sweet sugary scent as the other Coolway products but also smells like nail polish at the same time.
size: 100 mL
retail value: $24.95 (200 mL)

5) La Fresh Antiperspirant Wipes for Women - another 3-month streaker. La Fresh, how do you keep coming out with so many different types of wipes?! this is the first antiperspirant wipe i've seen (why only for women?). the weather is improving and getting crazy hot at times so i will likely carry these just in case.

size: 1 wipe x 2
retail value: $19.90 (48 packets)

summary? too much repetition. i am already getting a little bored with the whole beauty box subscription thing but now i seem to be getting the same brands again and again. and too many wipes! i thought everyone was impressed when BB5 took a step away from all the one-use sachets but it appears to be back again.


  1. the brazen lipgloss is unexpectedly pretty ... I would never think to like a bronze gloss (:

  2. Glad to hear you're ok though in the aftermath of the flooding!

    1. thank you Jayne! our home was unaffected but there's plenty of damage in the downtown area

  3. Hello Helen :)
    I agree with you that the same brands always seem to come back in beauty boxes. I myself got a bit a tired of them (and overwhelmed with products), so I canceled all of them. I only have the luxe box left due to credit.

    I wouldn't trust self tan on a wipe either, since they never seem moist enough, and as they dry up, they would probably apply a different amount of color on your skin...

    1. good for you! i am losing track of my products and should really cancel some :/

      the tan wipe does seem odd!

  4. Hope everything is okay with you & all involved.

    I am not feeling this box.. though I do like Brazen lipgloss(s)

    1. thank you for your comment!
      the Brazen lipgloss is surprisingly a nice shade!

  5. Replies
    1. GEN! i appreciate your concern!! i feel so horrible about my non-responsiveness... must go reply to email stat!


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