Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TOPBOX: June 2013

i have decided to make a change: i am going to write TWO posts within a week.
say whaaaaaat?

yes yes - i have fallen well behind my usual snail pace and have now achieved banana slug status (wiki says they are the slowest mollusk in the world - averaging speeds of 0.000023 m/s). plus, it was my birthday two days ago and i want to make this change :)

let's quickly go through my June Topbox!

1) Belvada Cosmetics Mini Eyelash Curler
i am not sure how excited i am about this eyelash curler. yay for being the first eyelash curler i've gotten in a box but nay to the plastic and the compact design which makes it hard for me to grab hold of my tiny stubborn eyelashes. the small size makes it really easy to throw in a purse but it's nowhere near as effective as my Shiseido curler.
size: 1 mini eyelash curler (full size!)
retail value: $5.99

2) Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Plush Gloss in "Sugarbomb"
February's Topbox featured Benefit so i have tried my hand at another one of their glosses prior to this. "Sugarbomb" is described as a 'shimmering pinky nude' by Benefit. both "Dandelion" and "Sugarbomb" are very shimmery and apply clear on my lips. they are not sticky and smell yummy.
size: 6.5 mL
retail value: $19 (15 mL)

3) Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Fairy Lashes Mascara in "Flutter"
'Fairy Lashes'... sounds light and pretty! i'd love to put it to a test but i am still working through my Pandora's Eyes Mascara (which has a clear tube so i can see that i am nowhere near finishing it anytime soon).
size: 8 mL (full size!)
retail value: $24

4) Pari Beauty Colour Cubes in "# 04 & 19"
i find these loose powders to be a bit messy but these colors are ah-mazing. so gorgeous! i have absolutely nothing like the rosy pink color (which i will assume is #19 since there is no other indication). it makes you question how you can use it without looking like you have an infected eye but it definitely works! what i do is i use the soft yellow (#04) on the inner corner, a black or something dark in the crease area and lightly tap the rose pink on top of that. tada! a beautiful sunset on your eye!
haha but seriously, here are some swatches:
both are shimmery and are not super pigmented but it is buildable. #19 looks more like a peachy color when swatched. #04 is finer than #19 and applies very smoothly. the powders come in a plastic stackable container.

size: 2 stack
retail value: $30 (5 stack, 7 g); $35 (8 stack, 11 g)

so since my July Topbox arrived yesterday... this is all probably old news! all items were makeup-related so that's always a hit with me. my stubborn eyelashes renders this eyelash curler quite useless; lipglosses - have a ton but Benefit is a nice brand to try. all in all, quite content with the contents! onward to the next box/bag!
thanks for continuing to read my blog! <3 it has been super busy with the Calgary Stampede and the flooding and everything so i appreciate your continued support! i will be heading to Edmonton this weekend to see Bruno Mars but i will update again soon after!


  1. Sugarbomb looks lovely! I was given an eye lash curler similar to that and I hated it haha, so I hope you have better luck with it!

    1. nope! not a fan of it either! doesn't do much for curling really haha

  2. omg mini eyelash curlers are like THE BEST! I can't use any of those expensive metal eyelash curlers because they don't fit my eye. I love that the mini eyelash curlers don't have edges, so I can get them really close to the outer edges...wantt haha

  3. Gasp, I wanted those loose powders! Look at those colours!


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