Saturday, September 07, 2013

BEAUTY BOX 5: June 2013

i realized it has been exactly one whole MONTH since i last posted. that makes me a really horrible blogger. i am well behind on all my beauty boxes but i feel the need to still post this June box...

then i'll have some more goodies for you! i went on a 9-day road trip to Vancouver and Seattle so i picked up a few things. not that many since i still have like 5 (maybe more) beauty boxes sitting unopened in a corner of my room. i know, horrible blogger!!

the trip was the longest one i took this summer. i hadn't been to Vancouver for a few years now so it was fun to visit again. ate oysters at Rodney's, discovered awesome bubble tea at Bubble Queen, walked along English Bay, biked through Stanley Park, went to the Richmond Night Market, shopped at Daiso (first time! and ended up visiting like 3 Daiso locations including the ones in Seattle).
it was also my first time driving across the border to the states. we did some shopping at the outlet mall, visited Pike Place (fish market), checked out the gum wall (gross!), Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass (so pretty!), ate at Crab Pot... plenty of eating actually.
before this road trip, me and the boyfriend also went out for a weekend get-together at his uncle's farm. we got to shoot some arrows which is tough but really fun!
also did a couple of runs this summer - the Zombie Survival Run as well as the Color Me Rad one.
plus a friend's wedding as well as the Bruno Mars concert in Edmonton.
all in all, it's been a great summer! we've had a few days this week with almost 30 degree weather so i hope it lasts a little while longer :)

- - - - - - -

okay let's do this! i *almost* have June out of the way!

1) Coolway Cool Cleanse Shampoo & Hydrate Conditioner - with this shampoo and conditioner set, i am now able to enjoy the whole Coolway system together!
size: 30 mL each x 2
retail value: $25 (254 mL)
promotion: 20% off sitewide before 7/15/2013 [expired]

2) Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer - i've never really used body bronzer before... especially a liquid one like this. i find that it is too much of a hassle, even with the gradual tan body lotions - the 5-10 minutes i'd have to wait for it to dry before putting on clothes seems like forever!
size: 8 mL x 2
retail value: $49 (180 mL)
promotion: 15% off sitewide before 7/15/2013 [expired]

3) Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "No Regrets" - more Brazen Cosmetics! i am still not a fan of the packaging for loose eyeshadows since they tend to get messy everytime i unscrew the lid, even if i do the tapping thing before i open it.

"No Regrets" is more a antique-y metallic-y gold like the bottom left swatch and less yellowy than shown in the bottom right picture.
size: N/A
retail value: $7.99 (5 g)

4) Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen - mmm actually smells quite nice for a sunscreen. still has that sunscreen scent but slightly fruity at the same time. SPF 30!

size: 14 g
retail value: $9.99 (85 g)
promotion: $1.00 off any Aveeno sun care product - expires March 31, 2014 with coupon

this box was one of those meh boxes for sure. nothing i was super excited about. i hope the other boxes that are started to become a tower aren't as underwhelming!
i hope you all had a lovely summer! thanks for sticking with me :)


  1. You came to Vancouver?! I could have said hi! In glad you had a good time here. The weather has been wonderful for the summer!

    1. aww we totally could've said hi!
      it was pretty nice when i was there - but i'd forgotten how strong the sun can be until i came back to calgary to 30 degree weather.

      i should've asked you your favorite spots in Van! maybe next time :)


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