Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WANTABLE: June 2013 [jewelry box]

last June box post!
this one's about my second box from Wantable. after my free May box, i decided to take another risk and pay (almost full) price for another jewelry box.

the June Jewelry box cost breakdown was:
Box                                                 $ 40.00
- Subscription Discount            (8.00)
+ Handling, Tax & Duty              9.46
Total                              = $ 41.46

June's Jewelry box is slightly different in that it includes accessories like sunglasses, headbands and scarves. it features Lara Eurdolian, an 'accessories expert'. i edited my preferences on June 20 and that was the same day my order was confirmed so i am not sure if my new answers were taken into account...

the answers i changed/added were (you can see my change in preferences after my reaction to my May box):
  • type of accessories - sunglasses -- like; headbands -- like; scarves -- dislike
  • type of materials - multi-tone -- changed from love to like 
  • type of bracelets - bangle -- changed from like to love
  • type of earrings - hoops -- changed from like to dislike
  • scale of earrings - statement -- changed from love to like
in summary:

the box was shipped June 27 and landed in my mailbox on July 8. the contents of my box?

1) Sunny Sunglasses (2792)
nothing super crazy here. sunglasses usually look too big on me and my nose is never high enough to have it sit properly on my face. i don't think they look horrible on me - but someone did compare me to a bug when i wore these floating down the river.
the quality is alright with these sunglasses. doesn't feel flimsy so that's good. and it comes in a black drawstring pouch. UV 400 means that up to 400 nm wavelengths are filtered or reflected (see wiki). i will be putting 'Sunglasses' on my dislike list since i just wanted to try it once and see what i get.
retail value: $15.00

2) Maggie Bracelet
my least favorite item in the box... only because this is just not my style. at first, i really really disliked it but when i look at the pictures, it's not that bad. i just don't like how big and extravagant it looks on my wrist. the bracelet is adjustable in a sense since you can squeeze it around your wrist but i couldn't get mine tighter than this.
retail value: $26.00

3) Láska Necklace
these, more specifically the earrings, are my favorites from the box. i don't absolutely love them but they are cute - i like how these two pieces go together. i am not sure if i am actually supposed to get both of them since only the necklace is listed on the sheet. the necklace is cute but if only it was longer in length! i also found it difficult to match the necklace with any office attire so i have to save it for the weekends. the earrings on the other hand, are very easy to wear - very simple, very pretty.
retail value: $24.00

4) Beatriz Earring
hmmm so these earrings are just okay. they look a little too 'thick' for my liking.
retail value: $20.00

total retail value = $85.00

$85... not very believable in my books. i also wouldn't have actually forked over $41 for these items. i hope some of the cost was not for the new, fancier packaging. even though it looks good all packed individually and with a background sheet, it is a waste of paper/packaging.
i am pleasantly surprised that none of these items have caused any irritation. i thought it might be cheapie jewelry at first but it is not too shabby (definitely not worth $85, mind you).

i would like to say that i would probably have not gotten another box after this, but i forgot to skip... so stay tuned for another review (... and another - i am rather forgetful).


  1. Great review!! :D
    I found your blog on a really old blog hop (hehe) and am now following! :D


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